Report: Obama Regime Attempted to “Destabilize” Government of Macedonia

Report:  Obama Regime Attempted to “Destabilize” Government of Macedonia

JUDICIAL WATCH: MONEY CONTINUES TO FLOW TO SOROS-CONNECTED GROUPS TO INCREASE IMMIGRATION, FOMENT UNREST by Sharon Rondeau (Feb. 28, 2017) — A report from Judicial Watch dated February 28, 2017 states that an investigation the public-watchdog group conducted revealed that the Obama regime enlisted the assistance of billionaire George Soros to “destabilize the democratically elected, […]

It is High Time to Declare WAR on ISIS and its Supporters

It is High Time to Declare WAR on ISIS and its Supporters

WHEN WILL THE “JIHAD” STOP? by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2016 (Jul. 15, 2016) — ISIS murders have become regular dinner conversation these days and apart from the bloody horror we see on the 6:00 o’clock news.  The latest tragedy is in France – 84 dead as a deranged ISIS lunatic drove his truck into as many […]

Obama’s Visa Policies Increase Islamic Immigration to the U.S.A.

DIVERSITY AND RELIGIOUS VISAS INCREASE FROM ISLAMIC TERROR-SPONSORING NATIONS News Summary by Harry Hunter (Jan. 9, 2010) — If the hellish Islamic terrorist attack of 9-11-2001 taught us anything, it should have taught us that handing out visas to Islamic immigrants is dangerous to our health.  Pamela Geller has been studying that lesson at her website […]

Swiss amend constitution to outlaw Islamic Minarets

HAILED AS A STUNNINGLY COURAGEOUS BLOW TO THE ADVANCE OF FANATICISM THROUGHOUT EUROPE by John Charlton (Dec. 1, 2009) — Yesterday the hearty people of the Swiss Confederation, known popularly as Switzerland, voted overwhelmingly to amend the national constitution to outlaw, forever, the construction of Islamic towers of prayer throughout the entire coutry.  Such towers […]

Geert Wilders warns against Islam's advance over America

IN LANDMARK SPEECH AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, NYC — Oct. 21, 2009 This transcription of speeach c/o Atlas Shrugs —  MP3 Audio available (which also contains questions from the audience). Ladies and gentlemen, it is a privilege and a great honour for me to speak at this fine academic institution, which gave the world so many […]