Political Suicide: Democrats Outshine Republicans Again

“SELFISH, UNRELIABLE LIARS” by Bob Russell, blogging at Conservative Daily News (Sep. 11, 2012) — You know, I thought the rules change vote debacle at the Republican Party convention in Tampa, Florida could not be topped for arrogance by the establishment elitists but I was wrong.  The Democrats managed to top that raw example of […]

Who’d of Thunk It?

HOW MANY DEMOCRATS KNEW THAT THEIR PLATFORM HAD BEEN CHANGED FROM THAT OF 2008? by OPOVV, ©2012, Presidential Candidate (Sep. 8, 2012) — Well, brush me over with a Tootsie Roll. Last night the Democrats, our very own Obots, voted on recognizing Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. It took three verbal votes to achieve the […]