Who’d of Thunk It?


by OPOVV, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

How many delegates actually supported reinserting mention of “God” and Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?

(Sep. 8, 2012) — Well, brush me over with a Tootsie Roll. Last night the Democrats, our very own Obots, voted on recognizing Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. It took three verbal votes to achieve the required two-thirds of the delegates supporting the motion.

OPOVV was, to say the least, pleasantly surprised that there was even a glimmer of support for Israel. The camera showed attendees holding “Arab American” signs, each and every one of them with a disappointed look of total rejection. Too bad.

But then today it was announced that the Armed Forces of the United States are to take part in an Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Military exercise, no doubt after being given our encrypted radios. Win some, lose some.

Getting back to Israel, I can see another vote being held, such as “Let’s vote on the truth: there is no Palestinian Authority Hogwash. Heck, there’s no Palestine. There is an Israel and because the Muslims that lived in Israel can’t get along with other human beings they’ve become the unwanted-unwashed terrorists living on the perimeter of Israel. No wonder Israel put up ‘The Wall’.

But let’s give credit when credit is due.  I’d like to offer a hand of friendship to those who worked on getting the resolution to the table, and to those who voted on the actual public acknowledgement of recognizing Israel as a viable country with Jerusalem as its capital. Well done.



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  1. meyerlm   Saturday, September 8, 2012 at 8:37 PM

    There is Nothing any more Dangerous than a “Tree-ed Coon!!”

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