Another Day on the Front Line (One-Act Play)

Another Day on the Front Line (One-Act Play)

“YOU ARE HEREBY RELIEVED” by OPOVV, ©2015 (Aug. 16, 2015) — ACT I The curtain rises to the music of Wagner’s “Die Walkore: Ride of the Valkyries.” The stage is set as a Forward Observation Post, on a hilltop, surrounded by sandbags camouflaged with the natural fauna and rocks set in a semi-circle with the open […]

An Open Letter to America

THE PATH OF DECEPTION by Robert Quinn (May 28, 2011) — When people challenged Barack Obama’s presidential eligibility, a “supposed” copy of his official Hawaiian Department of Health Certification of Live Birth was posted on the Daily KOS website to silence them. In truth, it was a pathetic copy of a Certification of Live Birth […]

Current Eagle Illegal

HAVE BILLIONS  BEEN STOLEN FROM THE U.S. TREASURY BY PROMINENT GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS? by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet   (May 1, 2011) — The basic axiom in solving a crime is to FOLLOW THE MONEY. The same goes for the government of the United States: it is, and has been, corrupt beyond belief.  The United States […]

An Open Letter to America

BARACK OBAMA…PRESIDENT OR PRETENDER? by Robert Quinn (Feb. 20, 2011) — Neil Abercrombie, Dem. Governor of Hawaii and long-time friend of Obama family members, said he would obtain Obama’s original Hawaiian Department of Health Birth Certificate (Certificate of Live Birth) to settle the Presidential issue for good. Two weeks later, he now says that no […]

Introduction: Anatomy of a Court-Martial

“VERDICT FIRST, THEN THE TRIAL” by Sharon Rondeau (Sept. 28, 2010) — Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick contacted The Post & Email out of his stated concern for Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, who is scheduled to be court-martialed next month as a result of his refusal to follow orders on the grounds that Barack Hussein Obama […]

The strange case of Judge David O. Carter

WHAT TURNED THIS DECORATED WAR HERO INTO A PUPPET FOR THE OBAMA REGIME? by David F. LaRocque (Aug. 22, 2010) — On August 11, 2010, an Appellants’ Opening Brief was filed with the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit by Dr. Orly Taitz, in the case Pamela Barnett, Alan Keyes, et al […]

Lt. Col. Lakin Arraignment scheduled for Aug. 6

American Patriot Foundation, Inc. 1101 Thirtieth Street, N.W., Suite 500 Washington, D.C. 20007 PRESS RELEASE ARMY REFERS CHARGES AGAINST LAKIN TO COURT MARTIAL ____________________________ Military Judge Appointed _____________________________________ Arraignment Set for Hearing on August 6, 2010 (Aug. 2, 2010) — Washington, D.C. — The Army has now referred charges against LTC Terrence Lakin for […]