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September 22, 2010

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) ran for president in 2008 against Obama and provided his long-form birth certificate upon request, unlike Obama, who has refused for two years

Dear Editor:  The following letter was sent to Sen. John McCain today:

Dear Senator McCain,

I will try to be brief.  I am a disabled vet (10 years Air Force, 10 years Navy), and I am intimately involved in the upcoming courts martial of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin. I am a very good friend of the conservative radio show host, Barry Farber, and I arranged for Barry to interview Col. Lakin and his attorney a week or so ago.

I am very distressed that NO ONE is coming to the aid of Lt. Col. Lakin since the Army judge in charge of the case, Col. Lind, has determined that Terry and his attorney are not going to be allowed his “military right” of discovery….clearly warning Col. Lakin last week in a pre-trial meeting that even ANY mention of  Obama’s eligibility documentation will not be tolerated. You may have your own opinion as to whether Terry was “smart” to fight Obama this way….and heaven knows…..the media won’t even touch this issue (which is a whole different pathetic kettle of fish)….but I am imploring you as a decorated retired military officer and hero to TAKE A STAND with the powers that be in the Pentagon that ANY military officer when faced with a courts martial HAS the right of discovery to defend himself.

Remember, Senator McCain….the explosive atmosphere that surrounded YOU when YOU had to produce all kinds of documentation and proof that despite being born in the Canal Zone, you were eligible to be President. I will NOT in this letter to you bother you with a whole lot of  “birther” rantings…but if you can’t see this whole thing has become such an amazing diabolical farce….and NOW…a decorated (Bronze Star recipient) Army surgeon who is NOT!!!! trying to get out of serving overseas….is simply asking  Obama to produce his much-sought-after LONG FORM Birth Certificate….and will face 4-7 years hard labor for it…because the administration refuses to disclose it……then I will be ashamed of you…..and God help us all if this is what our country has come to.

I am a patriot, a Christian and I have always had such faith in you to do the right thing because I believe your heart is in the right place……in my estimation, a very rare event in our nation’s capital.

Please reply and tell me you are willing to make a few phone calls….push a few buttons…whatever you folks do in Washington to get things done. The trial is in a few weeks…..Lt. Col. Lakin CANNOT go to jail for simply asking a question.

Thank you and God bless you.


Gordon Smith

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  1. In reading an article about some of our politicians I found: “This means that these people are liable and must be brought to justice as soon as possible.”

    I agree but it disturbs me that those writing such words fail to say “how” they think they should “be brought to justice.” I see but one peaceful way. It’s described in http://thecnc.org/Documents/Remedies.htm.

    Walter L. Myers

  2. There was some deal between the Republicans and Democrats, or the Republicans would have been on top of this in a heartbeat. With or without a long-form birth certificate, Obama is a dual citizen and is ineligible. I pray for LTC Terry Lakin every day.

  3. Well, as Bob1943 said, it is a puzzle to me too why RINO McCain won the primary instead of J.D. Hayworth, other than to say that he obviously bought his way in, and that the good folks in Arizona have been badly distracted by McCain’s friend and buddy Obama , and the so-called DOJ. We know that McCain isn’t smart, or else he would have retired while he was ahead, and be now helping J.D. Hayworth get elected, but now having stupidly bought his way in (while pretending to be a Republican), he is now going to be at the Epicentre when Obama is arrested for HIGH TREASON, of which McCain is clearly complicit, and will have a lot of explaining to do, and may very well go to jail himself.

    If he ever had what it takes he would immediately hand the reins over to Hayworth due to “his personal ailing brain power”, and throw all his efforts in support of Lt. Col. Lakin. Of course he won’t do that because that’s just not the Liberal-Democrat way of doing things “if you get what I mean”. So let the chips fall where they may, McCain has had many opportunities to do what is right, and has clearly chosen not to, and the evidence is crystal clear.

  4. John McPain and Sarah Palin, singly or jointly, could have easily stopped Obama by filing a quo warranto petition in the D.C. District Court. That would simply require Obama to answer the question, “By what right do you hold office?” They above all others had that path open to them, but of course neither had the wisdom or courage to take it.

  5. MCPain is a traitor to the constitution and a socialist. All siting Republicans (excepting Brown who wasn’t there at the time) are traitors since they welcomed and seated an unconstitutionally qualified usurper for President. All siting Republicans (including Brown) are socialists. Each and every one of them supports and promotes a welfare state. The difference between the socialists (Republicans) and Marxists (all siting Democrats) is one of degree in terms of dependency and one of ownership in terms of capital. But members of both are anathema to the Constitution and capitalism.

  6. Right you are Ken! (quote from Japanese game show in English) McPain is the RINO of all. He will do nothing to expose the liar-in-chief. His chameleon ability is rather nauseating. The right facts are still culminating. Timing is important. Do you think these exits of many of the cabinet members is coincidence? Soon, you will see more head for the door. The squish of truth is compressing the fraud to a diarrhea form. Meaning, the intestinal nerves are secreting so much ulcerous indigestion from fear, that the need to stay very close to the water closet in the daily routine.

    The text or tweet they dread is coming of full blown exposure is unbearable. Remember Watergate? Oh, that was a 3.4 tremor on the DC scandal scale compared to what’s soon to arrive in sotero-ville! The information will be the real transformation for this Republic.

  7. Fat chance hell will freeze over. That said, Lakin will see the documents he requests, most Americans believe they are lawfully constitutionally guaranteed proof of, granted when hell does freeze over. The same for McCain seeking to protect the constitution which he obviously thinks is flawed.

  8. I have such mixed emotions towards these types of letters! I used to stand up and cheer them on, “Yeah, right-on. Support that oath you took to defend the Constitution”, but know, a part of me feels like, “Give me a break. How many of these letters have been written, and how many have been ignored?” I think it’s pretty obvious that, although these attempts are extremely honorable, they have been futile! For those of us who served our Country and took this oath, and those of us who grew up believing that if you do the right thing and treat people as you would want to be treated, everything would work out for the best! Unfortunately, life isn’t fair, and as we mature we realize how true the statement, “power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely” really is. These fat cat politicians who have been living in opulence off the sweat and tears of the average citizen don’t give a flying hoot about the Constitution or their fellow man. They only care about themselves.

    Ask yourself this, “How come the only politicians that say they’re going to challenge Obama’s legitimacy are those who are “running” for office and not those who are actually “serving” in office?” You know the answer! They’re all up to their necks in corruption and have so many skeletons in their closet there’s no longer any room for Honor. I believe that the only statement from a Founding Father they believe is when Benjamin Franklin said, “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately”.

    When all is said and done, however, these letters need to be written. They must be written. Because for every letter that’s written, every website that covers this story, and every court case adjudicated is an indication of the Citizen army gaining its strength. It’s a shot across the bow to our federal government saying, “You’re out of bounds and if you don’t get your act together, we’ll get it together for you”, and that’s not a threat, that’s promise!

    For God and Country

    1. Tom, Just about everything you say makes me nauseous but is absolutely the truth. I sure wouldn’t want any of these jerks in my foxhole with me, but on second thought we wouldn’t have to worry about any of them running for office if you get my drift.

  9. I wouldn’t trust this cowardly RINO, John McLame to do a darn thing. Writing to Obama lite is a total waste of time. He’s had the best opportunities of anyone in politics to challenge the usurper’s eligibility and hasn’t so much as made a peep.
    He’ll ignore your letter just he’s ignored the countless others he’s received pertaining Obama’s eligibility. Before I realized what a gutless coward he is, I wrote him about O’s eligibility and he sure ignored me.
    Every member of Congress… all 535 of them… are complicit in this treasonous fraud that has been committed against the American people. Not a single one of them are going to have a hand in exposing Obama. To do so would be exposing themselves as well.
    Help from John McLame??? Don’t hold your breath. He’s too occupied with trying to get amnesty for 13,000,000 illegal aliens.

  10. I wrote Senator McCain a letter about my constitutional rights of freedom of religion,freedom to travel and liberty of life&happiness that was violated buy the state dept…No Reply..when i ask the State Dept. about it No reply..So Gordon don’t get your hopes up, these leaders are in office for there own selfish needs the don’t give a damn about Col. Lakin, you or I or any other Americans….

  11. Nice letter Gordon, but don’t hold your breath waiting for a response from McCain as he was complicit in allowing BHO to go unscathed during the election to expose BHO for the fraud he is.

    In my opinion, the outcome of Lt. Col. Lakin’s trial has already been determined many months ago. The Pentagon’s kangaroo-court-martial cannot allow discovery, just like every other Court has not allowed it thus far… other wise BHO’s cover will be blown. The outcome of his trial will attempt to provide even more damage control for the mess our political leaders have cooked up for the American people.

    I can imagine tens of thousands of active/retired military are following Lakin’s trial and waiting for the outcome. I also suspect the military panel (Lakin’s jury) will be “instructed” to recommend the charges be dropped against him… and he will serve the remaining of his contract and quietly retire. Otherwise, the story continues.

    There is a slight chance the military will make an example of Lakin to prevent future “discipline” problems but convicting him makes him a martyr to the oath he took when commissioned as an officer. If jailed for doing his primary job (deploying to Afghanistan is secondary), where does that leave all who have ever taken such an oath to protect and defend our Constitution?