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by Robert Quinn

This was Obama's "birth certificate" before his "long-form" was issued last month, nearly three years after questions arose about his constitutional eligibility to serve as president

(May 28, 2011) — When people challenged Barack Obama’s presidential eligibility, a “supposed” copy of his official Hawaiian Department of Health Certification of Live Birth was posted on the Daily KOS website to silence them. In truth, it was a pathetic copy of a Certification of Live Birth form (COLB), a limited document which, even if authentic, could only bestow a “naturalized citizenship” status at best. It could help one obtain a passport, social security number or even in seeking a license to drive a car….but not a NATION. Obama, a Constitutional scholar, knew this, yet allowed the deception to occur. A Presidential aspirant must produce a Certificate of Live Birth to satisfy the intent of the U.S. Constitution (Article II, Sec. 1). If Obama’s COLB matched the Hawaiian Health Department copy, as he previously claimed, it would make both documents “Certifications,” and neither one acceptable for Presidential aspirants.

A 1961 Certificate of Live Birth contained approximately 41 questions, including the names of the Birth Hospital, Physician, Witnesses and Birth Certificate number. Obama’s COLB had approximately 13 questions, did not include any of those above and, by blacking out the birth certificate number, he invalidated it, as it had clearly stated, “Any alteration invalidates this certificate.” Yet Obama, his staff, former Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and the Major Media outlets keep citing his COLB as proof of eligibility to this day! Realizing his attempt to deceive America with this document was failing, Obama immediately refused to allow any documents concerning his birth, schooling, etc. to be disclosed to anyone. More transparency like this and he would become invisible!

Obama spent over two million dollars in legal fees, causing untold plaintiff and Government expense, to prevent disclosure, yet had no concern for the consequences, which included human suffering. To put a face on this suffering, I refer to the ordeal of Army Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, a surgeon who, after a fruitless two years of requesting assurances of Obama’s eligibility from his military superiors and writing directly to Obama (no response), found his patience repaid first by silence, then a court-martial, loss of pay, dishonorable discharge and imprisonment. This was Obama’s “thank you” to one who faithfully served his Country for eighteen years, including in Afghanistan; a recipient of the Bronze Star and numerous other citations. The tragic ending to his faithful military career would have been averted if his Commander-in Chief(?) had simply produced a valid birth certificate….if one ever existed. Obama did find the time to fill out a form with names of basketball teams he favored in an upcoming tournament and to go on multiple vacations, including one to Hawaii at the same time Lt. Col. Lakin was “leaving” for Leavenworth, Kansas Penitentiary. How sad….one traveled in comfort while the other in custody, for daring to seek confirmation that the service and the salute which each serviceman and woman rendered to their de facto President was being accepted by someone entitled to command their allegiance. Lt. Col. Lakin, having spent years mending broken bodies, now found himself incapacitated, not by enemy action but by a man who repeatedly boasted of being “transparent” until his eligibility was questioned; one who now owns the “distinction” of being the only Commander-in-Chief who ever refused to produce a valid birth certificate. To continue his deception he deliberately destroyed another man’s career and freedom!

The Plot Thickens

A few months ago, Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie publicly stated he personally knew the Obama family, was certain of Obama’s eligibility and would prove it with a copy of the Health Department birth certificate. Only a few days later, he had to admit that nothing could be found to confirm Obama’s birth in Hawaii, nothing except a file containing some birth names, including the name of a Barack Obama; no “Certificate of Live Birth” or even a “Certification” of Live Birth (COLB). Would a lone notation of a name be acceptable proof of someone’s birth and eligibility? Possibly…if it were chiseled on a tablet during the Stone Age, but not in AD 1961.

The Governor’s fruitless search obviously contradicted Obama’s claim of having provided proof of his status. No problem–the White House simply announced that they have now received another document entitled “Certificate of Live Birth” from the Hawaiian Department of Health, bearing more details than previously disclosed. Where was this document for over two and one-half years while people were requesting it and having his COLB waved in their faces in response? Was it lost until the Governor stated that Hawaii had no record of it and then “providentially” found after he returned to his office, or was it, as more and more computer experts are declaring, another fraudulent document as was his Certification of Live Birth previously posted on the Daily KOS site? Also, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, former director of the Hawaiia Health Department, said that she personally saw Obama’s birth certificate (which the new Governor could not find) and that it was half-typed and half-handwritten, yet Obama’s recent posting on the Government website is completely typed.

“A lie has short legs and the truth quickly catches up to it.” (anon.)  Well, maybe not so quickly. Consider that Obama’s family was divided between two different birth hospitals, later reduced to one, not by either hospital but by Obama. One would think the birth hospital of the first black American President would proudly display some reference to this auspicious event, yet no Hawaiian hospital has done so. Racist hospitals?  I don’t believe so.


Here are some “distractions” (Obama’s word) which he won’t address. His vetting consisted primarily of his delayed  disclosure of an invalid “Certification of Live Birth;” his refusal to show the passport he used to enter wartime Pakistan in 1981; his school records kept hidden; why, in every lawsuit, his attorneys failed to offer a Certificate of Live Birth to confirm his natural-born status. That last document alone would have prevented many lawsuits from being filed….unless it was limited, fraudulent or non-existent; Globe Magazine offered to donate $100,000 to The United Negro College Fund if Obama revealed a valid Certificate of Live Birth. One year later Obama hasn’t even responded to their offer.

Personal Observations

When questioned as to his eligibility, Obama never answers a question directly. For example, when asked to allow his Certification of Live Birth to be examined by reputable experts, his response was “I can’t wear it on my forehead.” No one wished to view his forehead but to see his “birth certificate” copy up close.  At a recent meeting, Obama’s response for the millions now clamoring for that same certificate was: “I wish people would stop asking for it.”  They kept asking because he kept refusing to supply it. It is very obvious that he will do all in his power to prevent any disclosing of his records. One telephone call by him and Lt. Col. Lakin might still be serving his Country faithfully; also, all those challenging Obama’s credentials are referred to as “birthers” and never acknowledged as “Constitutional Defenders.” Does the word “Constitution” frighten Obama?

Notice, too, that the Major Media silently ignored the many lawsuits challenging his eligibility and never mentioned that virtually every suit dismissed was for “lack of standing,” not for the issue of eligibility itself. It also saddens me to hear some elected officials, Democrats and Republicans alike, dismiss the eligibility issue casually with remarks like “We have more important issues to consider.”  Our Constitution, though written in ink, was purchased in blood….the blood of our Founders who deliberately inserted a “natural-born” citizenship requirement for anyone seeking the Presidency to insure that the ideals for which they fought would be faithfully preserved for the future.  Obama mocks them by ignoring this requirement or blocks it by legal threats against those daring to challenge him in court. Will our Constitution be consigned to the dust heap of History as “more important” issues replace it? Thank God our forefathers didn’t have “more important” issues to consider than freedom when the first shots rang out!

On my email list of carnival barkers, sideshow performers and “sillies” (as Obama refers to those who dare question his eligibility), I have a Rhodes Scholar, hundreds of active and retired Military men and women from Privates to Generals and Admirals, lawyers involved in the eligibility issue, tea party members and, notably, many blacks such as Alan Keyes, Herman Cain, Lt. Col. Allen West (Ret.) who have been receiving copies of my letters for some time without rejection. When Lt. Col. Lakin was court-martialed, the presiding Judge would not allow him to request any of Obama’s records lest they “prove embarrassing to the President!”  A dedicated Officer’s future hung in the balance while millions more wanted to know if Obama was truly eligible to have sought the Presidency, yet the Court considered “embarrassment” more important than transparency and truth. I pray that the recipients of this letter add their voices to a call for vindication and restoration of Lt. Col. Lakin to the Army and the truth by Obama.

Many others are also challenging Obama’s eligibility on the basis of his father’s known foreign-born nationality as well as questioning Obama’s social security numbers, thus adding another dimension of concern. It makes one wonder who the carnival barkers, sideshow performers and “sillies” really are.

“The Only People Who Don’t Want to Disclose the Truth are Those with Something to Hide.’

These words were uttered by Obama and published by Newsday, a Long Island, NY newspaper on Aug. 22, 2010. If the shoe fits…. need I say more?


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  1. Great great letter! I was just thinking how envious I was of those on your email list. lol THIS is a matter of utmost importance and MUST be addressed if we’re ever to get out corrupt politicans (yes I know that MOST are corrupt). Unfortunately my Governor is knee deep in Tornado Damage in my state at the moment, along with Missouri’s Governor. However, I plan on writing to him about this matter and hope and pray he will listen and take heed.

  2. I think it may be time to stop thrashing ourselves because we allow the usurper to remain in office. Yes, he got into the office by means of fraud and corruption in our state election system, but now he’s surrounded by a very sophisticated palace guard, and none of us are going to penetrate that wall of defense, so forget about individual efforts.

    The only long term solution to the future fraudulent election process, the usurper in the white house, and the communist tyranny being imposed on us, must come from the state governments, which so far have made a feeble attempt – at best – at controlling the federal government they created.

    The American citizens are citizens of their home state first, and American citizens second. If we weren’t citizens of a state, we could not consider ourselves citizens of the United States.

    Our state governments are in place to protect and serve us. The feds are not there to do squat for us – all of their services are for the united states. If we want freedom and security from tyranny from the central government, the states are the ones who must provide it.

    I’m not nearly as upset with the feds as I am at the do-nothing state governments. I want to see one state, and I don’t care whether it is Texas or Arizona, or some other state, tell the feds to back down, and make it happen. This recent DHS threat of making Texas a ‘no fly zone’ if the TSA agents can’t grope whomever they please, whenever they please, is just bull crap, and must be stopped. We all know that truth.

    Does Ann Barnhardt have to say everything that should be said? Aren’t there any state governors or congressmen or senators with any cajones? What the hell happened to the America of John Wayne?

  3. So many have given their life fighting for this country.We disgrace their sacrifice by allowing Obama to remain in office.Why is anyone allowed to be in charge of our military who never even served in the military?You would think this position would require the person to have certain qualifications.I can’t understand how all these high ranking military officers can look in the mirror and not be ashamed at what they see.Have they no honor?Have they no courage?Have they no self respect?If they are too scared to speak up they should leave the military and go get a job at Walmart.Lt. Col.Lakin is a true military officer.He put everything on the line for his country.He is a true hero.Those who mock him wish they had his guts.The commander in chief of our military stood by and watched a hero go to jail to protect his own self interest..Now that is what i call a real leader.

    1. I believe what I am seeing, because I have seen it for 50 years and know there are not many of our leaders or politicians that have the guts to stand up to our de facto President of the United States, because they are only thinking of themselves and where they will end up, in prison or a graveyard. Freedom of Speech is taking on a new meaning, and Obama is pulling the strings, why do we let this situation continue. Leaders of our States, stand up and be accounted for. This reminds me of a herd of cattle being led to the edge of the cliff, will it ever stop?

  4. Great letter. Allow me to suggest that you send a copy to “The Washington [DC] Times” and “The Washington [DC] Examiner”.