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by Thomas Reiner, ©2023

(Nov. 16, 2023) — “The fountains of sacred rivers flow upwards”. –Euripides

Welcome to the New World Disorder.  Our world is so upside-down right now that even the phrase “Topsy-Turvy” has flipped.  From every direction, something is amiss, but what is most disturbing is that the fog enveloping America and Western civilization is planned.  The political reaction to the government-created China Virus accelerated populations to voluntarily and permanently suspend their Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and to kneel before the government…or else.  This passion play would be comical if it wasn’t the face of unfolding tragedy and despotism.  Wait and see what happens when we get digital money tracked by the government.  Why does America follow China’s lead?

Who couldn’t help but smirk at a solo driver operating a car fully masked?  Who knew that the names of birds as well as our Founding Fathers are now mostly racist?  Never forget the “mostly peaceful protests” that burned down many of our major cities and all police are bad and must be defunded.  Hamas good, Israel bad.  Ignorance is Strength.  Freedom is Slavery.

It is now fashionable to hate Jews again.  Is it any coincidence that a school walkout to celebrate Hamas occurred on the anniversary of Kristallnacht?  Many newly-minted Jew- Haters got their Kristallnacht holiday shopping done early to avoid the rush.  As the rivers flowed uphill, Hamas did not brutally murder or take hostage 1,400 innocent civilians on October 7, but Israel has been committing genocide of the “Palestinian” people. The proof is that from 1990 to 2022 the population of Palestine has increased from 1.98 million to 5.04 million people.  Israel is pretty incompetent in the genocide business.  The Sheeple bleat for a “cease-fire” exactly at the same time Hamas leaders called for a perpetual war for the extinction of Israel.  A cease-fire would be a Dunkirk for the Barbarians, allowing them to regroup.

A college education doesn’t have the same pizzazz it once possessed when students learned to question “authority.”  One is supposed to be a kind of stupid at this age, but this is ridiculous.  As the Buffalo Springfield song unintentionally opined, “Step out of line and the man will come to take you away.” You must fall in line for the Three-Minute Hate for the Jews and unbridled adoration for the Barbarism of Hamas or you will be wokened by force.

Whether it be the “sacred rivers” of Climate Change, China Virus or Cop Hatred, it is all a plan by Marxist infusion to instill fear and surrender.  Learn to question and to stand.  Support your local Conservative politicians who oppose DEI, Ranked Choice Voting, chicks with d**ks competing against women, and the mutilation of children.  Stop the FBI persecution of patriotic Americans who are GAGA for MAGA and simply exercising their political beliefs.  Be aware that the spew emanating from the corrupt Biden Administration is designed to weaken America and to strengthen China and Ukraine who have successfully bribed him and his family.

The greatest hope is that 300,000 people marched in Washington to support Israel.  We can make the sacred rivers flow downwards again.  Stand or kneel.  Your choice.

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  1. “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil,…..” Isaiah 5:21. That is profound about Kristallnacht. The Jews seem to have a suicide impulse and keep voting for the commie Democrats. Maybe this is what God meant by describing them as a stiff-necked people.