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(Sep. 16, 2023) — [The Post & Email received the following by email on Saturday morning. Personal information has been redacted. – Ed.]


From: Robert Laity
Sent: Saturday, September 16, 2023 10:45 AM
To: info@ncchc.org; doc@dc.gov; eom@dc.gov; james.comer@mail.house.gov
Subject: Letter in defense of J6 Prisoners’ Civil Rights

Robert Green
Executive Director
American Correctional Association
206 North Washington Street, Ste. 200
Alexandria, Virginia, 22314                                September 16, 2023

Dear Director Green.

         It has come to my attention that there are problems at the District of Columbia Central Detention/Treatment Facility, colloquially known as “The D.C. Jail”. I understand that it is your organization that accredits the facility.

The Gateway Pundit recently reported a situation of “Cruel and unusual punishment. Covid lockdown, solitary confinement

Torture and abuse” of the January 6 prisoners.  These unconstitutional tactics include:

  1. Solitary confinement for (23) hours a day.
    and as long as for (20) months.
  • Covid lockdowns and involuntary covid testing
    Without informed consent.
  • Detention for an unconstitutional period of time
    Without trial.
  •  No Family visitation.
  • Denial of basic needs like haircuts, outside contact with fresh air, regular showers and religious services, inter alia.
  • Denial of access to Attorneys or access to measures needed to prepare for trial such as a private area to consult with and discuss their respective cases.

      These issues expose the dark spectre of abuse and deprivation of the civil rights of all the January 6 Prisoners of Unit C3A. In addition to violations of the Geneva Conventions.

These complaints illustrate an ongoing and sinister violation of the United States constitution as well as medical ethics.

       I believe, based on the foregoing that a re-examination of the facilities accreditation by each of its accreditation oversight organizations is in order.

I trust that you will take this letter very seriously and correct this travesty now!!!


         Robert C. Laity

Founder and President
Society for the Preservation of
our American Society

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  1. Today is Constitution Day. These abuses should not be occurring in the United States and must not be allowed to go on. The facility is a private prison contracted by the Government. It should lose its accreditations. It should also be managed only BY the Government. That would place it under the obligations of Federal Ethical Conduct standards and Constitutional requirements.