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by Thomas Reiner, ©2023

(Sep. 12, 2023) — [This article was written on Monday, September 11, 2023. – Ed.]

Today is September 11, 2023, exactly twenty-two years since Allahu Akbar Airways flew into the American psyche.  In a sense, every day is September 11 and all Americans are New Yorkers on this day.  All except Joseph Robinette Biden, who is hiding out in Alaska cracking jokes, telling lies, emboldening Iran while displaying his anti-semitism.  Biden is falling further into his dementia hole.  We deserve better.

He is like a jigsaw puzzle of “The US Presidents” except that the pieces of the 46th President are missing and the solved puzzle has a gaping hole where Biden should be.  He is like the “Highlights for Children” page for finding hidden objects where he is nowhere to be found.  He is like “Where’s Waldo” which is satisfying and fun whereas “Where’s Biden” is a puzzle of peril for America due to his absence.  We deserve better.

Is he providing leadership and solace in New York where Americans were slaughtered?  No.  Is he commiserating with families at the Pentagon where soldiers were blown apart? Nope.  Is he at the solemn site of Shanksville where brave passengers sacrificed their lives?  No way, Jose.  Biden was hiding in the far reaches of Alaska, probably still trapped in his sleepy time coma that he publicly declared in Hanoi in the middle of a “press conference.”  We deserve better.

This Bizarro President has lost his sense of self and timing.  Two years ago, he used the excuse that America must arbitrarily be out of Afghanistan before the twentieth anniversary of 9/11.  He ordered the unannounced Bugout of Bagram Air Base in the middle of the night where the military abandoned American civilians trapped behind.  Our troops and civilians died as a result of his perfidy.  We deserve better.

We just found him and we wish we hadn’t!  Today on this 9/11, Biden cowering in Alaska, announced a $6 BILLION prisoner swap with Iran which is a mortal enemy of America, Israel and all Jewish people.  This disgrace of a President did this at the very beginning of the High Holy Days of the Jewish calendar.  He is either suffering from dementia or he is openly displaying his anti-semitism.  All Jewish people and Americans deserve better.

Who are the puppeteers hidin’ behind Hidin’ Biden?  We did not vote for them.  It is time for this shell of a human being and his ilk to permanently exit the stage.  He bows in supplication to his China masters.  He extorts millions from foreign countries for the benefit of his crime family. He has opened our southern border to an army of 5.8 million illegal aliens in the hope of making them future Democrat voters.  Benedict Arnold would have been tried for treason for much less.  He has hobbled America’s energy production which has produced record inflation rates in decades.  He is drawing us into a European war which could easily bloom into a global conflict.  Maybe Hidin’ Biden should remain hidden and receive much-needed medical attention.  America needs healing by his removal via Impeachment, the 25th Amendment or via Election.

America deserves better.

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  1. Yes indeed. No question the Prez in an old empty suit; actually more of a puppet of Obama’s inner circle of Communist advisors.
    Biden’s removal from running for president in 2024 will remove most of the hatred Americans hold and allow another media circus for America to deal with the Demon-crats.