by Sharon Rondeau

(Apr. 15, 2023) — On Thursday, Canadian oncologist Dr. William Makis, a copious writer and outspoken critic of COVID-19 mRNA “vaccines,” was interviewed by Children’s Health Defense (CHD) about his observations of sudden deaths and incapacitations highlighted daily on his Substack.

The non-profit CHD was founded by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. with the goal of improving the health and well-being of children and empowering parents with the freedom to make medical choices for their children without government interference or mandates.

Kennedy recently announced he will seek the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination and will officially launch his campaign Wednesday in Boston. As a result, he is currently “on leave” from his position at CHD.

Interviewer Michael Nevradakis, PhD, a regular contributor to CHD, began by asking Makis about his background, which includes his birth in communist Czechoslovakia and immigration to Canada, where he received his medical training, specifically at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec.

Nevradakis acknowledged reports of “pilots dying on the flight deck” and “seemingly fit and healthy athletes just dropping dead” which Makis has featured on Substack, Twitter and other social-media platforms.

“But what is the story behind the story?” he asked Makis, as well as what prompted him to “speak out” against the protocols imposed by the Canadian government and others in response to the “pandemic.”

Makis said that in 2020, he “could tell right away that the fear [of COVID-19] was overblown.” At first he believed the pandemic response would “blow over,” he said, but after the vaccines and “boosters” were rolled out, Makis said, he observed that their widespread administration in Israel was unsuccessful in containing the virus.

“Israel became the number one country in the world for COVID infections,” Makis observed, after which he became vocal, in “about mid-2021.”

On Twitter, he said, he objected to the proposed administration of vaccines to children ages 5-11 “due to safety issues,” after which he was banned from the platform until “February of this year.”

Nevradakis asked Makis to explain “what is going on” specifically with pilots becoming incapacitated in the cockpit.

“Since the rollout of the vaccines, we have seen cardiac issues in any group of employees where these vaccines were mandated,” Makis replied. He said he first observed Canadian physicians who died during sleep or shortly after taking a booster shot. After that, he said, he saw a similar “pattern” of professionals in other fields such as law enforcement and firefighters.

As many as “one in 30” individuals who took the vaccine might have unknowingly developed “myocarditis,” Makis said, based on “one or two studies,” as opposed to the “1 in 5,000 or 1 in 10,000” health officials have stated.

“I noticed that there had been some pilot incapacitations in the past two years, but for some reason in the last couple of months, these incidents seem to be skyrocketing,” he observed. “There have been seven pilot incapacitations in the past month; there’ve been three pilot deaths that I’m aware of, young pilot deaths…; it’s happening to flight attendants as well…and of course, passengers.”

In-flight deaths as well as the incapacitation of bus drivers are “increasing,” Makis said, despite a plummet in demand for COVID-19 vaccines.

“Near misses” involving narrowly-avoided, potentially catastrophic accidents of drivers or pilots losing control of their vehicles are also a serious concern for “civilians,” including “a bus full of kids which may crash…,” Makis said.

The interview spans just over an hour.

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