by Bob Russell, ©2023

(Apr. 14, 2023) — I thought the covid scamdemic was over but it isn’t.  Television is full of ads telling medicare recipients they can get 8 “free” covid test kits per month.  When they say “free” they mean scarce medicare funds are being given to big pharma companies for test kits that cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each.  Big pharma will get billions and the political ruling class will get their millions in kickbacks while medicare goes bankrupt even faster now that politicians have a way to waste the money faster and put much of it into their pockets.

Medicare was sold to citizens as funds going into a “lock box” to be used when we got old and needed more medical care, but less than five years after it started the crooked lyndon johnson converted the “lock box” into a general fund that could be used as politicians saw fit, meaning they could steal and/or squander it at their pleasure.  Johnson was one of the most corrupt, greedy, and racist people to ever infest the federal government, every bit as corrupt as hitlery and joe dementia.  I have seen stories of test kits showing false positive results at about an 85% rate, meaning people will see the results and panic themselves into unwise and dangerous steps out of fear.  I WILL NOT contribute to the scam and panic by ordering any of those phony home test kits.

I find it ironic and interesting that politicians are always howling about social security and medicare going bankrupt but the welfare system for deadbeats and illegal aliens is never in danger. The corrupt political ruling class uses medicare and social security fear as a weapon against the elderly population and welfare to buy the votes of illegal aliens and people who would rather take handouts from corrupt politicians than work to support themselves. Unfortunately, most of these people are not smart enough to understand that the handouts are a trap designed to enslave them.

The saddest thing about greedy lazy people is that they are so busy counting their “freebies” that like fish they don’t see the hook inside the bait and once hooked they have no escape.  Too many people live under the false security that what has happened in Russia, Germany, China, Venezuela, and countless other countries can’t happen here because this is the USA and the Constitution protects us, but they don’t see that the Constitution has been totally ignored by the very corrupt political ruling class, their just-as-corrupt bureaucrats, and also their just-as- corrupt Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists. 

We the People are in a very bad position with outright communist-style tyranny knocking at the door with battering rams in hand to knock doors down and storm into homes with automatic weapons, true “assault weapons of war” to use against any who refuse to bow to the tyranny.  Those inviting this don’t understand that bowing won’t save them from today’s tyrants any more than bowing saved those in the last century.  Once liberty is gone in America it is gone everywhere because there won’t be an America to save the world from despotism as there has been in the past.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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