by Chief New Leaf, ©2023

(Apr. 12, 2023) — “Forked tongue,” Indian-speak for “white man lie,” in this case Joe Biden and his totally corrupt gangster administration, meaning the whole forked government.

Once a month I shop at a Big Box retailer and save my receipts. The other day I brought a year-old receipt with me and duplicated the items. The difference in the total price was 23%.

Gas was less than $2 a gallon and now it’s OVER $3.

This government has to go. Abolish the Department of Homeland Security, along with the FBI and the DOJ, as of yesterday.

The biggest enemy the United States today is its very own government.

Buy guns and ammo. Better to have a gun and not need it than to go around unarmed and defenseless, as Ted Nugent says.

We American Indians signed treaties with the Constitution and we’re not going to take their trashing everyone’s Constitution.

And stop all this nonsense about trans-mentally impaired people, and that includes the BLM and ANTIFA mentally-challenged individuals.

Fair Warning.

Chief New Leaf

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