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(Apr. 5, 2023) — I’m just a simple country lawyer. My credentials:

1. I’m a member of the California Bar [toughest in the country].

2. I took an additional Bar Exam to become a Certified Criminal Law Specialist.  Only 2% of the members of the Bar earned that title.

3. I tried approximately 85 jury trials, including many, many murders, and I was counsel on capital cases.

4. I was a Bureau Chief of the Los Angeles County Public Defender’s Office, where I supervised 400 lawyers.

5. I trained lawyers on how to try cases, including death penalty cases.

6. I taught Criminal & Constitutional Law as an adjunct professor at UCLA for 32 years [Paralegal Classes].

7. I am a graduate of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Academy, the toughest in the country. Although I was the oldest recruit [68], my drill instructor said I was his best student.

8. I taught Criminal & Constitutional Law at that Academy.

9. I am a retired Reserve Police Sergeant.

Here are the motions I would make on behalf of Trump at the pretrial motion hearing:

1. Motion to disqualify the judge for demonstrated bias.

2. Motion to Dismiss for lack of evidence of Mens Rea.

3. Motion to Dismiss for lack of jurisdiction, usurping federal law.

4. Bootstrapping 34 counts out of a few transactions.

5. Change of Venue since Manhattan voted for Trump by only 5%.

6. Motion to Dismiss on grounds that D.A. Bragg committed Malicious Prosecution & Prosecutorial Misconduct.

7. Motion to Dismiss on grounds of violation of the Fourteenth Amendment, Due Process Clause, Equal Protection of the Law & Unequal Application of the Law.

8. Motion to Dismiss on grounds that D.A. Bragg used federal funds to investigate Trump.

9. Motion to Dismiss for violation of Statute of Limitations.

10. Motion to Dismiss on grounds that D.A. Bragg ran for office promising to “get Trump.”

11. D.A. Bragg has reduced more felonies to misdemeanors than any of his predecessors, but he charged Trump with a felony.

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