by Tom Arnold, ©2023 

Alvin L. Bragg was elected Manhattan district attorney in November 2021 (Manhattan DA website)

(Mar. 22, 2023) — First of all, Mr Bragg, I think I should tell you what my credentials are.  I realize that they are nowhere near yours.  However, your credentials (including achievements and contributions to our society) are NOWHERE NEAR THOSE OF 45th PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP!  

I am a military veteran, a retired law enforcement and criminal court officer, a graduate of an SEC university with a post-graduate certificate in Law Enforcement Education, an Independent-registered voter, a 79-year old grandfather, and a law-abiding, tax-paying, patriotic American citizen.  It is okay to say “patriotic,” isn’t it?  What I am NOT is a racist white supremacist terrorist.  I also am NOT a practitioner of wokeism or Marxist critical race theory.  

I am writing to you, Mr. Bragg, because I think you are only a day or two away from making a COMPLETE FOOL of yourself, especially in your capacity as a chief prosecutor, whose office (Manhattan DA’s Office) purports on its website, “ONE STANDARD OF JUSTICE FOR ALL.”  Didn’t I say, “making a complete fool of yourself”?  You bet I did.  And, there are others (who are much more important and powerful than either of us) who are contending that you, sir, ought to be LOCKED UP.  Wouldn’t their reason be something akin to you ABUSING THE POWER OF YOUR OFFICE?  You know, the office that supposedly has “one standard of justice for all.”

I am not a lawyer, but it doesn’t take a lawyer to see when someone who is out of favor with the state (the state in power) is being PERSECUTED INSTEAD OF PROSECUTED!  As I recall, there also is a troublesome little thing called the statute of limitations.  I guess, though, you can get around it by redefining the crime (or should I say alleged crime).  Maybe, too, this is one of those situations where you try to find a chargeable crime (like the proverbial ham sandwich?) to fit a particular person even when no sufficient evidence of wrongdoing exists.  But, after all, we are talking about the radically liberal Left’s most hated and feared enemy, Donald Trump!  In a case such as this, ANYTHING GOES!  

Now, after practically a combined eight years as a civilian and president (June 2015 to March 2023) during which there have been non-stop civil and criminal investigations and two impeachments (acquitted on both) of Donald Trump, our 45th president has announced that he wants to serve his country again for four more years.  Mr. Bragg, do you see anything extraordinary about this?  I do.  

In closing, I strongly feel that you, Mr. Bragg, are doing a grave injustice to our country.  Your motivation is POLITICAL.  When I compare the presidencies of the last four chief executives of our country (Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, the usurper Barack Obama, and crime family patriarch Joe Biden) to the presidency of Donald Trump, I fail to see the reason for your animus.  There is no doubt that you HATE Donald Trump.  YOU, SIR, IN MY FIRST AMENDMENT-PROTECTED OPINION, ARE NOT AN ETHICAL, IMPARTIAL, OR PROFESSIONAL PUBLIC SERVANT.  IF YOU ARE BEHOLDEN TO THE PEOPLE THAT I THINK YOU ARE, TOGETHER WITH WHAT YOU OBVIOUSLY ARE ATTEMPTING TO DO TO FORMER PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP, THEN YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS A THREAT TO OUR REPUBLIC.  

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