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(Mar. 11, 2023) — The following four videos may alarm you.  They may even scare some of you.  The subject matter is none other than BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, who STOLE the U.S. presidency (was constitutionally ineligible for the office and had a questionable identity and criminal background).  For all practical purposes, he was what we today might call UNDOCUMENTED.  He also may have been groomed by the CIA and others (most of them “from within”) to be what might be called a MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE (if you don’t know the exact meaning, I suggest you look it up).

You might remember that Obama announced he would “FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM” our country.  In my view, he has done just that!  Look around you, and you cannot help but see the destructive influence (some say EVIL) on our society and government instituted by Barack, Michelle/Michael and their Komrades.  We’re talking things like plans for a New World Order; socialism trending toward communism; weaponization of politics and the news media; “peaceful” demonstrations while in the background setting fires and committing acts of vandalism; harassment of and spying on innocent citizens; election irregularities and fraud; LBGTQ+; BLM; critical race theory; nonsensical “WOKE” philosophy and way of life; attacks on freedom of speech; gun ownership and other traditional rights of Americans; divisiveness and hate being introduced into practically all aspects of our society; morality and religion forsaken, and so on and so on ad infinitum.  How do you like it?  If this doesn’t scare you and your loved ones, then check out the four links in order below.  

Glenn Beck’s vision.  Good vs Evil (not what most of us think) is the reality of what is going on in our society today.  Similar to “The Matrix.”      

A massive and ominous-appearing “skyscraper” being built in south-side Chicago, reminiscent of Devil’s Tower in Wyoming.  Some say it signals DOMINATION AND EGO.   

A coincidence, or did someone stumble onto the real thing?

Entertainment or frightening?  “What’s my name?

Editor’s Note: The third reference is reproduced in its entirety from the original Yahoo! News article since it is at times inaccessible through standard means, resulting in the following message:

Screenshot taken at 7:28 a.m. EST, March 11, 2023

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  1. You are right Tom and all the people hired to stop this kind of madness refused to listen to us! I had 2 specific meetings with my Congressmen Michael Burgess about the illegal alien Obama/Soetoro and one face-to-face with Congressmen Louie Gohmert when he was with the Congressional Judiciary Committee and all for not. Also met with my Texas State Congressmen Tan Parker now Senator Parker twice with evidence of malfeasance and was told “this is a grass-roots thing” and not a State issue. I spoke with then-State Senator Jane Nelson now Texas Secretary of State, Every single effort to expose this corrupt regime was shut down by politicians who don’t give a tinker’s dam about the truth or the average citizen. I am talking about these people, Texas Congress, Texas Senate, Texas Denton County District Attorney, Texas Attorney Generals Greg Abbott and KenPaxton, Texas Secretary of State, Texas Election Commission who I testified to, the Texas Supreme Court, Congressman Michael Burgess, and Congressman Louie Gohmert. There are more contacts beyond the hundreds of phone calls, letters, faxes, emails, and petitions I’ve participated in like so many others.
    Get off the couch we are told, and do something we are told, many of us do but with so much cowardice and complacency from elected representatives nothing gets done and it’s infuriating. I refuse to stop and will continue to pursue the truth knowing that our government is corrupt and non-responsive. We will find a way.

  2. To access the four troubling or “scary” videos mentioned in my article and watch them in order (1 thru 4) for proper effect, type the following words on your computer search line and click (apparently, there is no need to preface these “links” with the usual https://www…stuff!).
    First video: Glenn Beck’s Vision
    Second video: skyscrapercenter building Obama presidential center
    Third: video: Actor plays the devil on History Channel story The Bible looks like
    Fourth video: Sympathy for the Devil What’s My Name sung by the Rolling Stones