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(Feb. 5, 2023) — See, it’s not just about Confederate flags and monuments. 

Minnesota’s state flag is under attack. 

From a Fox affiliate, in the Twin Cities:

“For more than six decades, a royal blue flag with a gold fringe has represented Minnesota, but there are state lawmakers who feel it’s time for a change. ’The Minnesota message must be timeless, it must use traditional colors and symbols, and it must be unifying,’ ” said Sen. Mary Kunesh, DFL-New Brighton.

Minnesota’s state flag was adopted by the 1957 legislature. There’s an effort at the state Capitol to redesign the flag and state seal.

A proposal, which was discussed Thursday [February 2] in a Senate committee, would create a redesign commission. Kunesh, the bill’s author, said the seal currently depicts a white settler taking possession of the land while a Native American rides on a horse in the background.  “We are supposed to be proud of our state symbol, and it’s hard to be proud of a seal that seems to say our indigenous people are not wanted in their own state,” Kunesh said.

[Should Minnesota adopt a new state flag? Some lawmakers think so, by Rose Schmidt, FOX 9 KMSP, February 2, 2023]

I don’t know.  Looking at the Minnesota flag,  it looks to me like the Indian is just riding past on his horse.  

The North American Vexillological Association, a group made up of flag enthusiasts and scholars, ranked Minnesota’s flag as one of the top ten worst among the U.S. and Canada in 2001.

Who cares, if Minnesotans like it?

The association said the best flags follow these five principles: keep it simple, use meaningful symbolism, use two-three basic colors, no lettering or seals, be distinctive, and be related.

During the hearing, Sen. Steve Drazkowski, R-Mazeppa, offered his own design, but it was quickly shot down in committee.

“If you take a look at it, it depicts the north star—the North Star State, which Minnesota is,” he said.

Similar bills introduced over the years have failed to pass. A point of contention Thursday centered around who should get to weigh in what the flag looks like.

The redesign group would have lawmakers from both parties, stakeholders, residents and a member of each of the following minority group councils: the Council for Minnesotans of African Heritage, Minnesota Council on Latino Affairs, Council on Asian-Pacific Minnesotans, Dakota community and Ojibwe community.

Republicans questioned whether that would accurately represent the state’s makeup.

“(That) leaves about 83 percent of our population that’s not being represented on this board specifically. We’d have nobody from the German community, the Irish community. We have pretty big Polish caucus here – no one from the Polish community,” said Sen. John Jasinski, R-Faribault.

Read the rest here.

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  1. “The flag is the embodiment, not of sentiment, but of history.” -Woodrow Wilson

    Will MN’s latest flagging effort result in sure erasure of MN settlers themselves, like my distant settler-relative, Hazen Mooers?

    Seems Minnesota is fundamentally transforming into “The Land of 10,000 Flakes” with this latest “cancer culture” goofyness!

    If MN’s flag is eventually redesigned backwards with emotional sentiment subordinating real history, why not consider a blue running stickman figure with the word’s “MINNESOTA RUNS ON CRIME”, in an emotional reverence to its illegal U.S. Representative, Ilhan Omar, as allowed by MN’s SOS Steve Simon and attorney-criminals AG Ellison, Judge Sullivan, Assist. AG Hartshorn and Ilhan’s own defense attorney-criminal, Charles Nauen?

  2. Ya Shure, Ya Betcha!
    Born in Minnisoda (short coke) and don’t care what else they do to bureaucratic symbols by bureaucratic bunglers.
    Moved out in 1963. Beautiful scenery; but, leave it to liberal loon demoncrats for destroying any desire to want to move back.
    I was once Democrat when Democrats did not hate We The People.

    If you don’t think the Indians are running the political affairs of Minnesota, try bargaining with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) or being allowed to participate in any new MDNR laws or even receiving the minutes of their meetings. If you even look Caucasian, you will not be allowed to participate.

    God Bless Mike Lindell for not being drummed out of Minnesota, yet.