by Tom Arnold, ©2023  

(Feb. 4, 2023) — Judging from our country’s controversial elections and the dubious backgrounds and lack of constitutional eligibility of certain nominees for president (and vice president), with others waiting in line hoping that a precedent will be established, I have concluded the following.

Abiding by our laws and constitution is becoming a thing of the past!  No doubt our Founding Fathers were brave and extraordinarily wise men, but it was impossible for them to envision what our republic and society would be 236 years later.  To their credit, they did make it possible for changes to occur in our laws and constitution.

How, though, could the Founding Fathers possibly have foreseen today’s rampant public corruption, Deep State activities and New World Order plans, woke ideology and behaviors, partisan weaponizing of political parties, etc, etc?  How could they have known about the advent of today’s so-called “leaders” such as Barack HUSSEIN Obama, who have done nothing to remedy any of these problems and, in fact, have played a large part in causing and perpetuating them?  Obama did say that he would “transform” our country, did he not!

So, future Komrades, permit me to recommend (tongue-in-cheek?) some new laws and changes in our constitution to reflect this current madness.  Here goes.

     1.  Since neither the Supreme Court nor anybody else is willing to take a position on, or define, “natural born American citizen,” which is one of the requirements in our constitution for someone to run for or become elected to the presidency (and vice presidency), then I suggest that ANYONE FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD WITH OR WITHOUT A VALID “BIRTH CERTIFICATE” OR OTHER IDENTIFYING DOCUMENTS CAN BECOME THE U. S. PRESIDENT.  But, wait a minute, hasn’t that already happened, and isn’t it already in the process of becoming a legal precedent?

     2.  Let’s defund and disband all police departments and replace them with social workers and community organizers!  Revise our laws and weaken the punishments for violating them.  We must understand that theft from stores, burglaries of homes, vandalism, arson, etc. are just another way for African-American citizens to obtain “REPARATIONS!”  For the slavery of their ancestors which ended 150 years ago?

     3.  Messrs Biden and Obama: “TEAR DOWN THAT WALL!”  Hire Elon Musk to build high-speed underground railroads (no pun intended) and overpasses connecting Mexico and the United States at our southern border.  Immigrants ride free.  Surrender all weapons and dangerous drugs when boarding for safekeeping.  These items will be released back to you upon arrival at your destination.

     4.  Declare all government documents and communications to be classified “top secret” and give them to Hillary Clinton so that no one will ever see them again.  If asked about them, Hillary’s response is expected to be, “What difference does it make?”  Note that public sentiment to “Lock Her Up” will no longer be tolerated at Trump rallies.  Maybe our government will deem these outbursts “Hate Crimes!”   

     5.  It shall be unlawful for the “First Lady of the United States” to be a man!  If the constitutionality of this matter ever comes before the Supreme Court, Associate Justice Ketanji “I’m Not a Biologist” Brown Jackson must recuse herself!   

     6.  No congressperson nor any other high-ranking federal government official shall ever retire or leave office without first becoming a millionaire.  Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, and Maxine Waters can show you how this is done.  It is noted that the wealth of Joe Biden is debatable, because Hunter Biden claims to have made 90% of the family’s dirty money.  As for “poorer” government officials (if there are any!) becoming millionaires, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, Jr. could divvy up his BILLION-dollar slush fund for them!

     7.  “Peaceful” protests are to be permitted anytime, anywhere, and about anything.  No “permits” are required.  CNN will provide news coverage.  Kyle Rittenhouse and associates are prohibited from being in attendance.  “Peaceful” protestors may take over and seal off a portion of the city or municipality where the protest is taking place.  These enclaves of activists may establish their own form of government.  The enclave’s “city fathers” may petition the governments in the surrounding areas for necessities, including weapons for “protection,” paraphernalia and narcotics to establish “safe injection sites,” and food and shelter comparable to those in adjoining areas.  If the necessities are not received, the protestors may “peacefully” seize them.

     8.  The Federal Reserve is to be authorized and mandated by law to print money “out of thin air” without need for it to be audited or counted.  A trillion here, a trillion there!  Who cares?  The national debt now exceeds $31 trillion!  Let’s see if the ‘Fed” and our government can achieve $40 trillion.  Whereas, we who are citizens of the United States are expected to budget our money and PAY TAXES to underwrite and sustain this financial fiasco!  I seem to remember something in American history (unless it has been “cancelled”) called the “Boston Tea Party.”   

     9.  Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army General Mark Milley should be praised for his astute testimony two years ago before Congress that, “I WANT TO UNDERSTAND WHITE RAGE!”  Please feel free, General Milley, to indoctrinate our troops about “white rage” and “critical race theory.”  Also, educate them about LGBTQ+ matters.  You can see for yourself how the teachers of our children are doing this in public schools.  I do have a question, though.  Should a person who is homosexual or transgender ever be allowed to be Commander-in-Chief of our country’s armed forces, i.e., president?  I guess that the proper, most woke answer would be, “Why not?”  Everything else of that nature is becoming acceptable throughout our society today.  Maybe you, General Milley, can put on more of those “drag queen” shows for the troops!  Wouldn’t that help our soldiers become more culturally diverse and better prepared to go into battle together?

    10.  In our changing society, lying by politicians and government officials should be expected.  In fact, it almost seems to be a requirement for the job these days.  It takes a special skill which over time will become pathological.  So, since for all practical purposes we are already there, I say, “Go big, or go home!”  Lie your a__es off!  Don’t worry about the example that you will be setting for your constituents and our young people.  Express your dishonesty without fear of repercussion.  The FBI and CIA are experts at this!  However, as a warning to you, their agents can lie to you, but they don’t approve of you lying to them!  Ironically, one of the CIA’s mottoes which is inscribed on the walls of the entrance to the original headquarters building is, “AND YE SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH, AND THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE.”

Finally, in all seriousness, my future Komrades, the TRUTH (not the CIA) is the vehicle which must be achieved and borne above all others to help save our constitutional republic.      

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