January 13, 2023

Dear Editor,

The late Cardinal George Pell at one time commented that abortion (and particularly late abortion) is worse than child abuse. While child abuse is one of the worst crimes imaginable, Pell’s assessment should give us pause for thought.

For over 55 years my then-business took me into the pathology departments of countless hospitals of all sizes, pathology companies and state coronial services around Australia and abroad. I have seen dead adults (not just in medical facilities); fully grown, and infant cadavers, on various slabs/trolleys, dissecting tables; and in bits – in stainless steel sinks!

Let me – so very, very sadly! – tell you: those tiny little dead humans are but beautiful miniatures of the most healthy, virile, and beautiful adult humans we all see living the lives we are!

So to a very large extent, I agree with George Pell!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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