by Sarah Earlene Shere, Hosanna Heralds, ©2023

TheDigitalArtist, Pixabay, License

(Jan. 13, 2023) — Break not the circle of the beasts within the fairy hall,
But stand in shadows, hold your breath, and listen to their drawl.

With gentle stroke they bob their heads and swish their massive tails,
The gold which lines their palace walls reflecting in their scales.

One lifts its voice above the rest and calls for a repeat,
Thus goes the carol which they sing, with melody that’s sweet.

In foreign forked tongue they bring a song around a shell,
A prophecy of new life blessed whose attainment time will tell.

A shake, a crack, a rumble soft, the embryo awakes,
And comes to life amidst the carol which the dragon makes.

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