December 31, 2022

From Australia’s “National Apology” website, “Sydney on Australia Day 2008, three weeks prior to the Apology”

Dear Editor,

Although I am genuinely very sorry for each and every evil inflicted upon and suffered by the First Australians, I was not sorry to see and hear “Sorry” said.

Equally, I am also very sorry for all those wonderful – white and black – people whose reputations have been forever besmirched because they were involved in the removal of so many aboriginal children (who did not have a “voice” to escape) from such disgustingly sorry and sad living conditions. I’m also very sorry that so many aboriginal people ( I know several!) who were saved from living a terribly sorry life are not finding their “voices” and speaking up to defend their saviours, black and white!

See video here

And finally, I’m bloody well not sorry to raise my voice when saying: “Far more good than bad was done for most members of the so-called ‘Stolen Generations’!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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