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(Dec. 30, 2022) — First, what is “Stay Informed” and who is behind it?  I’ve tried to find out by researching it on the internet.  So far, I’ve learned that there are hundreds (if not more) of related and unrelated websites and “tweets” which preface their content by those two words. President Trump sent out numerous “tweets” on and around the 1-6-2021 date which Twitter labeled with that warning.

As far as I can tell, “Stay Informed” looks and acts like a fairly recent trend or development in the world of communications (like a lot of other new things in our society these days!).  Anyway, I will be pointing out some of these websites and “tweets” with the label, “Stay Informed” in my narrative below.  One thing, though, which I tend to believe is that sites labeling content with these words espouse mostly liberal views and are trying to tell you what you should be thinking.  Hmm!  Sounds a bit like a disguised attempt at mind control.  Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels would be proud!  

My first exposure to this “Stay Informed” phenomenon occurred when reading a recent news article dated December 19, 2022, on the excellent “Post & Email” news and commentary website titled, “Trump Responds to Criminal Referrals.”

Essentially, the piece discussed the wrapping up on December 19 (after almost two full years!) of the nine-person House Select Committee appointed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA12) and chaired by Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS2).  As you know, the committee was formed to investigate the January 6, 2021, so-called “insurrection” at the U.S. Capitol and Trump’s disputing of the declared election results. 

At the conclusion of the committee’s work on December 19, it announced that criminal charges would be recommended and referred to the Department of Justice, and NBC reported, “This marks the first time in history that a congressional committee has recommended that the DOJ launch an investigation into a former American president.”  

All of this compels me to ask, “What about the multitude of investigations, civil and criminal, against Donald Trump, which have been conducted practically non-stop for the LAST SIX OR SEVEN YEARS?”  After the House Select Committee declared its decision, Trump responded on his TruthSocial account with, “The Fake charges made by the highly partisan Unselect Committee of January 6th have already been submitted, prosecuted, and tried in the form of Impeachment Hoax # 2. I WON convincingly.”

THESE ARE THE POINTS WHERE, TO ME, “STAY INFORMED” CAME INTO PLAY.  As shown when following the link in the “Post & Email” article, a number of Trump’s “tweets” were branded with, “Stay Informed” along with excerpts from “news” reports refuting Trump’s claims from The New York Times, NBC News, CBS News, ABC News, Reuters, Associated Press, Snopes and Twitter Moments (whatever that is).  Without detailing word-for-word each of the rebuttals, suffice it to say that almost all of them were similar in content and quite critical of Trump’s “tweets.”  Paraphrasing, “This claim about election fraud is disputed.  There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud.”  I have to ask where I have heard that before!  

 This, then, brings me to my opinion about the labeling of content with “Stay Informed.” Arguably, they have become commonplace and conceivably weaponized to influence, direct, and control the thinking of the American public.  This gives rise to another extremely important matter for our country.  If former President Donald Trump can be persecuted unmercifully non-stop for six or seven years, then what should be done about the following three individuals? Why shouldn’t they have their writings and comments on social media prefaced with the cautionary warning label, “Stay Informed”?  Moreover, why shouldn’t they be held accountable for what could be criminal acts?  

NANCY PELOSI.  In 2008, DNCC chairperson Pelosi signed Certificates of Nomination for Barack Obama and running-mate Joe Biden which were sent to 49 of the 50 states. Notably, the Certificates lacked any affirmation that either was “legally qualified” or “met the constitutional requirements” of the office sought.

However, in the case of Hawaii, Pelosi sent a Certificate stating, in accordance with Hawaii law, that Obama and Biden were “legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution.” However, that year the Democratic Party of Hawaii omitted the statutorily-required language from its nomination form.

Pelosi undoubtedly was aware of the personal background and constitutional eligibility problems of Obama.  She also must have known that Obama, for all intents and purposes, was a Manchurian Candidate who I believe was handpicked at an early age and groomed for the presidency by the CIA and others.  This, I can assure you, is NOT in the mission statement of The Agency (CIA) and likely is against the law and our U.S. Constitution.  These facts support the conclusion that ELECTION FRAUD (and possibly other crimes such as conspiracy, sedition, and treason) were involved and that Nancy Pelosi was one of the principal figures.  I suppose this matter would generate the watchdog-like warning to “Stay Informed,” but the watchdogs would be wrong!            

As for the Jan. 6 “insurrection,” Pelosi was the person in charge of security at the Capitol but declined then-U.S. Capitol Police Chief’s requests to position National Guard troops to quell any unrest. According to Gen. Keith Kellogg, now retired but there at the time, on January 3 Trump “asked the Def Dept to deploy NG troops’ into DC for J6 contingencies,” and then-White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany tweeted that Trump sent them after the breach occurred.

TaptheForwardAssist, Wikimedia Commons, CC by SA 4.0

Further, Kellogg reportedly wrote in his recent book, “OK for J6 Cmte to publicly release my full sworn testimony. Release Army Guard and DC Mayor J6 testimonies as well. Would be illuminating.”

BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.  My research shows that Obama was a citizen of, and had allegiance to, THREE DIFFERENT COUNTRIES (British Kenya, Indonesia, and possibly the United States) and he was not a “natural born Citizen” as required for the presidency by Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution.  He may have been a “naturalized American citizen,” but that is insufficient for one to be president.  Furthermore, Obama was a criminal (a person who commits crimes).  He possessed and used counterfeit “official” documents, including a FORGED HAWAIIAN “BIRTH CERTIFICATE” AND NUMEROUS SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS, in an attempt to fabricate an identity as an American citizen who would be qualified to run for high political offices including president. 

I believe Obama was a CIA confederate and Manchurian Candidate.  Before becoming president in January 2009, no thanks to U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., who wittingly and conspiratorially swore him in to office, Obama promised that he would “fundamentally transform” our country.  Look around you and see the results of his anti-American ideologies and behaviors.  Obama, for all practical purposes, STOLE THE U.S. PRESIDENCY AND COMMAND OF OUR COUNTRY’S ARMED FORCES.  Together with the serious crimes he committed while in office, these alleged crimes are, at minimum, evidence of election fraud, sedition, and treason.  Will this, and more, be contested and labeled with the warning “Stay Informed?” Has it been thus far?

Biden at the White House Correspondents Dinner, April 30, 2022 (Screenshot: MSNBC)

JOSEPH ROBINETTE BIDEN, JR.  In the less than two years during which Joe Biden has been president (compared to the six or seven years before, during, and after Donald Trump’s presidency, in which he, Trump, was unmercifully harassed, investigated, victimized, and twice impeached), President Biden has committed an almost unbelievable number of impeachable and/or criminally prosecutable acts.  Those acts include pay-for-play influence- peddling of our country’s name and reputation and the Biden family name by the “BIG GUY” and others; the incompetent and bungled pullout of Afghanistan, leaving behind Americans and allies, with 13 dead service members and $7 billion-worth of sophisticated military equipment taken over by Taliban forces; and arguably the most serious (from a national security standpoint) impeachable and criminal act of them all, his unconstitutional “invitation” to millions of unknown and undocumented immigrants to come illegally across (as in INVADE) our southern border, bringing with them smuggled deadly fentanyl, trafficked children, contagious diseases (during the time of a pandemic), and indebtedness and enrichment to “coyotes” and Mexican drug cartels. 

There is also an extremely high likelihood that Joe Biden is the central figure in “DISENFRANCHISING” those who voted for him by having someone else or others behind the scenes “calling the shots” and actually performing the duties of the presidency.  In other words, this was voting for someone, Biden, on the ballot, but electing someone or others whose name(s) were not on the ballot and who you may not even know! 

For President Biden, though, this is no excuse, because American political history tells us “WHERE THE BUCK STOPS!”  All of this unconstitutional and criminal behavior cannot be denied by using the artifice now known as “Stay Informed.”  

So, komrades, what do you think?  Is the use of “Stay Informed” actually an attempt at controlling unsuspecting readers’ minds?  As for the three individuals above, whose crimes are so serious and obvious that you cannot use “Stay Informed” trickery to cover them up, what do you propose doing about them?  

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