by Bob Russell, ©2022

Logo of the Republican Party, Wikimedia Commons, CC by SA 4.0

(Dec. 25, 2022) — I was just watching the December 15, 2022 edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” in which he revealed how the very corrupt RNC spent the $200 million conservatives donated for the 2022 midterm elections.  It is no secret that the money was not used to get republicans elected.  Carlson revealed that most of the money was spent on lavish travel on private planes, $60,000 on clothing, $300,000 on floral arrangements and much more on Broadway shows and nfl tickets.  It has become very clear in the last 20 years that the gop establishment would rather be in the minority so they can help the devildemocommiecrats while whining that they can’t control the agenda because they are in the minority.  The hideous TRAITOR mitch mcconnell refused to help any candidate endorsed by President Trump in the recent sham election.  Tucker referred to rnc chair ronna mcdaniel as ronna romney mcdaniel, a reference to her being related to longtime Judas republican mitty the poo- poo romney.  It fits because she is the same kind of TRAITOR as mitty has always been.

Tucker also pointed out that while devildemocommiecrats were spending money on campaign ads, the gop was spending money on lavish living for those handling the money.  Tucker then had on country music star John Rich, who has been a generous donor to the rnc, for an interview.  Rich said he would not send them another cent until there was new leadership that really cares about the nation and We the People.  Rich is the one who used the term “Judas republicans” and it fits like a glove, so that is the way I will refer to them from now on.  I never called them RINOs, preferring to just refer to them as TRAITORS, but I like the “Judas” tag, as it fits.  I have not ever sent any money to the party.  IF I donate it goes straight to a candidate I believe I can trust.  Sadly, the last one I helped, including campaigning for him, was markwayne mullin, who turned out to be a Judas republican only interested in gaining prestige, wealth, and power.

Judas Iscariot sold Jesus to the Pharisees for 30 pieces of silver but the rnc betrays conservatives using money donated by those they betray.  Tucker also pointed out that while the rnc lied, saying they were fighting for Trump, their lawyers were telling his people to sit down and shut up because they were hurting the party.  I knew they weren’t fighting for Trump during the 2020 campaign because of the way the establishment constantly badmouthed him and anyone who supported him.

The gop establishment hates Trump because he cannot be bribed nor intimidated into bowing to their globalist agenda and fear him because if he exposed the TREASON of the devildemocommiecrats the gop establishment’s role would also be exposed.  The gop establishment hides behind blather and bleats while conspiring with the devildemocommiecrats to destroy America and bring their new world order global dictatorship into control.  We the People essentially have NO representation in government, there being very few true conservatives in congress, and those there are kept well away from positions of power by the TRAITORS mcconnell and mccarthy.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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  1. Fine article, Bob Russell; a “public service announcement”, actually.

    And let’s not forget another REPUBLICON, holier-than-thou “JUDAS BRUTUS J6[66] PENCE”, who boasts reaching across the isle to the DEMOCRIMINALS with blind deity piety! >>>

    “Nonsense Pence” and the RNC beg me for donations almost daily, but this year I donated nothing to them and let my RNC “membership” lapse…and proud of it.

    I remain a “proud deplorable” TRUMP REPUBLICAN nowadays and avoid any dithering dunce like RNC’s Cheney, Romney, Judas Brutus J6[66] Pence, Collins, et al.

  2. From Bob Russell:
    “The gop establishment hates Trump because he cannot be bribed nor intimidated into bowing to their globalist agenda and fear him because if he exposed the TREASON of the devildemocommiecrats the gop establishment’s role would also be exposed.”

    I completely agree with the quote above and the entire article. Here is something I have repeated countless times since 2009:

    “Both parties refusal to do anything to stop Barack Hussein Obama from being sworn-in effectively gave America’s government and her military to her enemies at the highest level of America’s government.” The combination of Obama’s race protection and, once sworn-in, ineligibility protection, is so-far impenetrable.
    Both parties fear being exposed as having allowed and still covering for The Obama Fraud which is indeed, treason. All Congress will do now is continue to protect Obama to protect themselves and whatever happens to America is secondary to their safety, personal freedom and lucrative job. “Uniparty” has never been more appropriate…………..

    Again Bob Russell, excellent article.
    Bob 68……

  3. I quit donating to anything RNC. I ended up on mailing lists for everyone running for State or Federal office. I also knew they did not help my district and haven’t for years. Once on “WINRED ‘s” list it is really difficult to get off. The RNC needs to get a handle on this because no one will donate with this kind of representation.