by Sharon Rondeau

(Dec. 10, 2022) — Children’s Health Defense (CHD) is broadcasting a live presentation on the world’s response to the COVID-19 “pandemic” by promoting, to the exclusion of early treatment and other endeavors, new “vaccines” incorporating mRNA technology which an early inventor of the platform has described as “genetic therapy.”

The symposium was organized by Doctors4COVIDEthics and produced by Mike Robinson, UK Column & Orsolya Győrffy, CHD Europe/Doctors for COVID Ethics.

The livestream began at 11:00 a.m. EST and will continue for a total of 6.5 hours, Dr. Meryl Nass reported on her Substack.

As of 11:57, Nass is giving her presentation accompanied by slides.

“Vaccines” are difficult to regulate, she said, and the CDC and FDA do not readily publish the ingredients.

The FDA, Nass said at 11:59, “cannot be trusted.”

The Novavax “vaccine,” Nass said, while not containing the mRNA elements, also poses risks.

CHD’s Dr. Brian Hooker, PhD, is one of the moderators. The symposium consists of five segments and includes American, Canadian and European physicians, scientists, attorneys, journalists and entrepreneurs.

At 12:11, the livestream launched a recorded performance of the song, “Hands Off Our Children.”

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