by Sharon Rondeau

(Dec. 7, 2022) — During the first few minutes of Sen. Ron Johnson’s roundtable discussion on COVID-19 vaccines, the founder of the website openvaers, Liz Willner, spoke, providing statistics she discovered after studying the results of COVID vaccine reports submitted to the government site, VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System).

Each guest was given five minutes to make his or her presentation.

The next speaker, Atty. Aaron Siri, Lead Counsel for non-profit ICAN, gave a presentation on “V-Safe” data gathered from participants in during clinical trials for the COVID-19 vaccines. Such side effects as “headache” and “chills” are listed for a vaccine recipient to check off if applicable, Siri demonstrated, but not the more serious outcomes of pericarditis and myocarditis, among others.

Siri has been on the forefront of lawsuits aimed at obtaining V-Safe data, which have recently yielded considerable files from the government. “It took us a year and a half” to obtain release of the data, Siri said at 12:21 p.m. EST.

Seated on Johnson’s right is Dr. Peter McCullough, a leading voice since early 2021 calling for the COVID vaccines to be removed from circulation; and Dr. Ryan Cole, a pathologist who has reported observing an explosive increase in cancer and other medical complications in blood samples his lab has analyzed following vaccination.

Statistician and co-founder of Finance Technologies Edward Dowd spoke next, presenting data he compiled on rates of disability and death following the vaccines’ introduction to the public. Since 2021, more than 1 million working-age adults have left the U.S. workforce, Dowd reported, which he speculated might account for employee shortages across the country.

Seated next to Dowd, “Insurance Research Analyst” Josh Stirling spoke next, stating that “people in the UK who took the vaccine” have a significantly higher “mortality rate” than their non-vaccinated counterparts.

“What we’re concluding…the best statistics we have…there’s going to be 145% higher mortality…that ends up being something like 600,000 excess deaths…” Stirling said at 12:30.

At 12:31, Johnson called on Lt. Col. Dr. Teresa Long, who described herself as “a military whistleblower” as a result of the DMED data she studied, finding there was a significant increase in military members’ reports of illnesses and new conditions after COVID vaccination.

At 12:33, Johnson called upon Cole after providing Cole’s brief bio.

Cole began by asking, “What’s a virus?” which he said causes “the common cold.” COVID’s “unique characteristic,” he said, is that it is “species-specific” to humans.

The virus, he said, “is a little ball” with “spikes” which is “a little bit different,” “made of two parts.” “That little special area of the protein…” causes the virus to “get pulled into your cell,” he said.

“A unique aspect of this coronavirus is that spike protein gets into circulation,” he said, and can “trigger a lot of clotting.”

“It can go to the brain; it can go to the heart,” he added.

The virus HIV also has a spike protein, Cole said, and no vaccine has been successfully developed to combat it. He invoked retiring NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci’s pursuit of an HIV vaccine in the 1980s, comparing it to the coronavirus.

“Where are we now? Omicron,” Cole said at 12:39. “…we’re at that point where it keeps mutating ahead.”

Dr. Harvey Risch, MD, PhD, was the next speaker on the topic of risk of mortality from COVID-19 infection.

When Johnson asked about the statistics for “standard flu season,” Risch responded, “It’s about the same” as that which his chart showed.

Johnson then introduced Dr. Paul Marik and Dr. Pierre Kory, who in 2020 co-founded the COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance.

Kory, seated to McCullough’s left, described the early days of the pandemic in which public health officials recommended “Tylenol” and very little other early treatment.

Kory invoked “Vitamin D” and other “repurposed drugs” which he said could have saved “many hundreds of thousands” of lives.

“We knew in March 2020,” Marik said, that a number of “early interventions,” if adopted, would have saved “hundreds of thousands of lives.” “We would have abolished this pandemic…it’s a moral, ethical outrage we were not allowed to treat patients…that’s why we are where we are today,” Marik said.

Physicians in hospitals “were not allowed” to use repurposed drugs for COVID, Johnson said, to which Marik responded that the FDA, CDC and NIH “do not want you to use a repurposed drug” because it competes with “Big Pharma.”

The use of Vitamin C, hydroxychloroquine and other existing drugs in sick patients was forbidden him, Marik recounted at Johnson’s prompting, with the much more expensive Remdesivir favored but which Marik said is “toxic and ineffective.”

Kory resumed speaking, stating that “an immense amount” of misrepresentation exists in medical publications so as to drive profits to the major pharmaceutical companies.

Johnson introduced McCullough as one of the most persecuted physicians since the beginning of the pandemic. McCullough lost two professorships and two editorships at leading medical publications after advocating for early treatment, even before the vaccines became available.

“Since the vaccines have been introduced…we have amassed 750,000 deaths plus, and the hospitalizations run 10 to 1,” McCullough said at 12:56. New infections are “increasingly mild,” McCullough said, then asked Trump DHHS adviser Dr. Paul Alexander, PhD, if “mass vaccination” has increased hospitalizations and deaths.

Alexander answered in the affirmative, stating that the “vaccine rollout will keep variants emerging, one after the next…” which “could become more lethal.”

“You do not load your weapon while the enemy is on the battlefield,” Alexander said at 12:59. “These vaccines will not work; they are failing,” he said.

Pointing to a chart set up behind him, Johnson pointed out that the “pandemic” has not tapered off, hypothesizing that it might have had the vaccines not been heavily promoted to the public, a point with which Alexander agreed.

The next speaker was Dr. Robert Malone, a key inventor of the mRNA technology used by Pfizer and Moderna to make the COVID vaccines.

Johnson asked Malone “the original intention” of the invention/discovery, to which he gave the background as he said he understands it.

The mRNA remains in a person’s system for longer than originally thought, Malone said, and “much longer than the pharmaceutical industry” claimed.

Dr. Janci Lindsay, PhD, a forensic toxicologist, was the next speaker but not shown on camera. She spoke about the potential damage to the human reproductive system by “gene therapy,” stating that experts have urged such “study.” “It is absolutely irresponsible to continue any of these shots…I am demanding now that this be investigated,” Lindsay said.

Johnson then called upon David Wiseman, PhD, MRPharmS, who said “cancer studies” were not conducted during clinical trials for the COVID vaccines.

“They changed the definition of a ‘vaccine,'” Johnson responded, calling upon Cole to expound.

“This is a grand experiment….” Cole said, in the CDC’s introduction of the mRNA shots as “vaccines.” Malone was then asked directly if the technology amounts to a “vaccine” or “gene therapy,” to which Malone responded it was designed as the latter.

“Their only hope was to reduce the risks of severe disease,” McCullough concluded, recounting that the shots do not prevent infection or transmission.

“How do these vaccines work?” McCullough directed to Wiseman, reading from Wiseman’s bio, revealing he is a research scientist.

When meeting the human immune system, Wiseman said, the “spike protein” invokes the destruction of the spike protein cells. At 1:23, Wiseman asked Malone to expound on the body’s response to the spike protein.

The vaccine “mimics a natural infection in a way, but it only produces a small part of the virus,” Malone said.

“Natural immunity produces a broad-based response” as opposed to the vaccines, Malone said in response to Johnson’s question.

Alexander jumped in, stating that “natural exposure” produces a “robust, bullet-proof, lifelong” response to viral exposure.

Johnson then called upon Dr. David Gortler, a former senior adviser to the FDA commissioner on drug safety and policy. Gortler said he is “disheartened to see what’s going on with these vaccines, or gene therapy…I can’t believe that the FDA, where I worked as a career medical officer…I don’t understand why other people aren’t speaking out…”

Gortler was fired from his job, he said, early in the “pandemic,” and his position not immediately filled. He said there is no “vaccine label” and that it “should be updated” about safety and efficacy as well as “myocarditis.”

“I don’t understand how we can still be giving these vaccines in good conscience,” Gortler said at 1:33, including the “bivalent vaccines, which have their own safety issues.”

Johnson called upon Del Bigtree, medical journalist and founder of The Highwire, to play a video he produced from various news clips, including when Joe Biden claimed a person to be immune to the virus if vaccinated.

“They were making those statements on the news” without actually knowing whether transmission would be halted through vaccination, Bigtree said at a break in the montage.

The UK government, he said, is now “trying to get its money back” from its vaccine expenditures, reportedly claiming fraud on the part of the manufacturers.

The US government’s health agencies have “refused” to engage in any discussions on vaccine safety, efficacy, or the government’s chosen approach to the virus, Johnson recounted.

He then called upon McCullough to explain the “safety” aspects of the vaccines when they were first introduced. The CDC and FDA, who “sponsored” the rollout, “commissioned no safety report,” he said, “and there was no attempt for risk mitigation.”

“There was no guidance given to doctors if somebody has a reaction to the first shot: should they have the second shot?” McCullough said. “Plunging into a program…that was only tested in animals” has “never been done in the history of our country,” McCullough said.

“Probably some of the most egregious studies are in the reproductive area,” Wiseman responded to McCullough’s asking of a question. The impact on pregnant women was not studied, Wiseman said.

McCullough asked Gortler if the FDA needs to define “safe and effective,” to which Gortler gave a history of the FDA and its “labeling” practices. Drugs “had to have efficacy,” he said. “The historical standard…goes back to 1938; that’s how important the safety of a drug is.”

“The best way to establish safety is by long-term studies,” Gortler concluded.

“How do they bypass that?” Johnson asked, to which Gortler responded by stating that people are “99.9% the same” genetically but that “a diverse population” will have different reactions to the same drugs.

“Safety always comes first,” McCullough said, including “allergies.” Despite “allergic reactions,” McCullough said, the military continues to “mandate” the COVID vaccines. A Data Safety Monitoring Board should have been established at the outset, he said, and “having periodic meetings.”

There is no “release testing” being done by the FDA, Gortler said, to discover the ingredients in drugs. As for the COVID vaccines, he said, “I encourage my pharmacy colleagues” to research the matter without relying on “the mainstream media.”

Johnson asked Malone to discuss the ingredients of the vaccine products. “They’re being manufactured at many, many sites all over the world…my response would be to the agency…would be to ask for the data demonstrating that the lots are consistent, because the data from ‘How Bad is my Batch’…there’s some reason why some lots are associated with many more deaths and much more disease than others.”

“My response might be, Senator,” Malone said to Johnson,” is to ask, “Where is the data?”

Gortler, who earlier said he founded an “analytical pharmacy,” opined that the FDA should make public the elements contained in all drugs.

“How could these products actually cause vaccine injury?” Johnson introduced the final segment of the conference. He called upon Brianne Dressen, who took part in the U.S. AstraZeneca clinical trial and suffered what appears to be a “neuropathy” which she said will progress “until I’m in a care home.”

“The FDA knows” about her and others’ side effects, Dressen said, and encouraged the vaccine-injured not to succumb further to the pharmaceutical companies.

Former orthopedic surgeon Dr. Joel Wallskog then spoke, describing the transverse myelitis with which he was diagnosed after one dose of the Moderna shot and as a result of which he is now “permanently disabled.”

He founded an organization to help the vaccine-injured, Wallskog said, consisting of the establishing of supportive networks to include counselors and medical providers. “You are on your own,” he said, if claiming a COVID-19 vaccine injury. “You may be shunned by family and friends, because you are the objective evidence…” of the vaccines’ risks, he said.

“If they use the simple term, ‘safe and effective,'” Wallskog advised the injured of medical providers, seek care elsewhere.

In a blog post today, Malone provided a draft agenda and link to the full broadcast posted on Rumble.

Dr. Kirk Milhoan, MD, PhD, seated next to Long, spoke about cardiovascular health or lack thereof, with the question, “Can the vaccine cause myocarditis…?”

He said the “current public health plan” is promoting the intake of a substance which causes damage to the heart, Milhoan emphasized, quoting two research papers and a study from Thailand which “demonstrated myocardio injury” of young males. “One in 40 people having their heart inflamed after vaccination is very concerning…” he said.

Even what might be termed a “mild case,” Milhoan said a child “in the ICU” with myocarditis is serious.

“I am passionate for the health of our children,” he said, his voice breaking, at 2:23, and for those with whom he served in the Air Force. “My opinion is that we should not mandate harm.”

Johnson called upon Dr. Renata Moon, MD, speaking about pediatric myocarditis. “There’s clearly been a massive increase” since 2021, she said.

She discussed the insert in the vaccine products which she said is “blank,” which Gortler affirmed as “intentionally blank.”

“That’s what’s passing as ‘informed consent,'” Johnson interjected.

“We’re seeing an uptick in myocarditis…something is extremely wrong…” Moon said.

Dr. James Thorp, MD, an obstetrician, spoke next, describing a “massive increase” in menstrual irregularities, “infertility, miscarriage, fetal death and fetal malformation.”

Compared to the influenza vaccine, Thorp said, recent observations are “catastrophic.”

He asked why American medical/obstetrical organizations “are pushing this lethal vaccine in risking the future of all humanity.”

Johnson asked Long the effects she has seen in “the finest among us,” to which she enumerated a myriad of medical problems.

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