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San Francisco homeless encampment, 2020 (Wikimedia Commons, Christopher Michel, CC BY 2.0)

(Dec. 3, 2022) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. I asked for this time to deliver a sermon that I think is something America desperately needs at this time in her adolescence. The USA hasn’t been around as long as, say, Egypt or Greece, but the Constitution has been the hope of all peoples for time immemorial. The desire for each of us to be treated as we would treat others; that we all live on a level playing field and that Lady Justice’s scales are level for all is a dream come true, at least for those of us who can think for ourselves and don’t need to be told what to think. But our young country, this experiment of people governing themselves, is at a crossroads. One fork leads to salvation while the other leads to desperation, and that’s the theme of today’s sermon: ‘Desperate Times Call for Desperate Solutions.’

“For those who have the hymnal handy, please turn to page 187 and sing along with our most excellent choir.”

Bringing In the Sheaves” (3:01)

‘Thank you. There are quite a few of our fellow citizens who we have trusted to follow their Oath to the Constitution and are failing most miserably. Not only are they shooting themselves in the foot, but they are shooting their prodigy as well. These people are selfish beyond description with an equal measure of greed. Jesus said to turn the other cheek, but He didn’t mean to take it for two straight years; He didn’t mean to act stupid and take the abuse and the corruption and the lies day after day. At some point, at some time we have to say enough is enough and not take it anymore.

“Now if I spelled it out for you the DOJ would make up some lame excuse that Biden did not steal the election, that the CCP had no role whatsoever in the outcome of the 2020 election and that the cost of a barrel of oil has no impact on inflation, but they’d be lying, again. It’s a real simple equation: the price for a barrel of crude translates directly to what you pay for diesel or gas at the pump which in turn translates directly to what we all pay for food at the grocery store.

“There’s absolutely no rational reason why the United States can’t be an energy exporter just as there’s no rational reason why Schumer and McConnell should not be locked up for the rest of their worthless lives and Garland and Wray fired (impeached) immediately. They lied to us, and they are still lying to us, but they are not the only ones. It’s supposed to be a government by the people, for the people, but the people governing us aren’t from us; they are divorced from us and have no fidelity to us. Those who govern us don’t care about us and we shouldn’t care about them. It’s like a marriage: without trust, there is nothing.

“It is not mentally healthy to think dark thoughts of your enemy, of people who are deliberately doing you and your country harm, but neither is it healthy to ignore what’s happening. To wish Biden good cheer and long life doesn’t make a lick of sense when he’s doing everything he can to make our lives as miserable as possible, notwithstanding the Chinese COVID/lockdown nonsense.

“Now we all know that the VAXXED have some sort of strange long fibrous things growing in their blood vessels which are the cause of the strokes and deaths, but that should be no concern of ours. Oh, I know we have a degree of empathy, but save it for the children, the ones who had no say in the ‘Clot Shot.’ Those who got vaxxed for their job… Look, I’m a good conveyor of the Golden Rule, but if the employees had to get vaxxed, so, too, should the bosses and if they didn’t, get them vaxxed and boosted to date; fair enough?

“I think this is a good time for another hymn. Please turn to page 314 and sing along.”

 “O Holy Night” (2:12).

“Please be seated. We are being bombarded from all directions on how to think, from movies and songs to books and television. And speaking of television, those commercials aren’t selling the product as much as pushing an agenda of ‘wokeness,’ the lies of the Left, of the anti-Constitutionalists who are making this country into a Third World nation faster than a speeding bullet.

“At one time we thought that FOX was pro-MAGA, but now we know better. And this new station, RAV, is reminding us that they really don’t talk the talk if we would just listen and pay attention: South Carolina didn’t put Biden ‘over the top’ to win the 2020 election; voting fraud did.

“We hear about supporting our ‘men and women in blue,’ not remembering that not one of those officers of the court ever served in the military. You may say, ‘So what?’ Well, I say that following an illegal order is a crime and being ordered to stand in the hallway of a public school while children are being slaughtered at point-blank range in a classroom not 30 feet away is a crime. Guns don’t kill people; people kill people, and standing around doing nothing is actually doing quite a lot: not doing the job of protecting the community.

“Do you think Joe Biden is protecting the United States? Do you think that leaving all that military equipment in Afghanistan was done other than not on purpose? Do you think that thousands and thousands of Muslims crossing our borders is not welcoming them?

“So, here’s the deal: it is quite a few steps beyond obvious what the Left is doing: they are making the USA into an impotent country that has no identity other than being the brunt of jokes. Our Joint Chiefs of Staff are as corrupt as many of our judges; most of our politicians are as worthless as the audience of ‘The View’; and some of the only ones who ‘get it’ are locked up in the Washington, DC gulag. If one were to ask any one of the Jan. 6 detainees if they would have prepared differently at the time of their arrest, I think they would reply in the affirmative.

“Which brings us to the point of this sermon: Rules are only as good as the people who agree to abide by them.  During the beginning stages of WWII, the English didn’t know if Germany would abide by the Geneva Convention’s abolishing the use of mustard gas. When Germany switched from bombing the English aerodromes to bombing cities, the English were fearful of chemical weapon attacks but, as it turned out, they needed to be.

“Of course, not everyone was so accommodating; Dr. Mengele is a good example. Another example of so-called civilized people misbehaving is when asked why he dropped the atom bombs on Japan, President Harry Truman replied, ‘Because of the way they treated their prisoners.’

“And that brings us full-circle: the Democrats do not follow the rules of ‘How to Govern with Honesty.’ Instead, they lie, cheat, and even eliminate their opponents and, in order to win, we must do the same. Our last honest election was sometime before Barry Soetoro (aka Obama) came on the scene, back in Chicago, and even way before then.

“It has been said by some ‘not to sink to their level,’ but those who say such a meaningless phrase have never been in a firefight, never had a knife at their throat and never had to fight for their lives. There is no such thing as a ‘place’ in war: either you win, or you don’t. There used to be a statue of General Robert E. Lee, but some very stupid and shortsighted people toppled it and now, when you look where it used to be, there is nothing, and that’s what losing looks like: nothing.

“To the victor go the spoils and rewriting the past is the first order of business: ‘Election Denier,’ WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE, and ‘Jan. 6 Insurrectionists’ are but three examples. Yes, I’ll grant you that there were insurrectionists, but they are Mike Pence and all the rest of the anti-Constitutionalists still running amok in the Swamp; we all know who they are.

“I’m not going to name every person who preaches, ‘Get out and vote’ when the fact of the matter is that we have a corrupt government which runs corrupt elections. We can’t expect honest election results using the same dishonest people election after election. We can’t applaud the winners of fraudulent elections, people such as Biden, Hochul, Whitmer, and Hobbs; all we can do is treat such dishonest people as the thieves they are.

“For us to win, the MAGA political philosophy must take hold to be meaningful and productive. We must get down to the Left’s level and use their tactics to beat them, for if we don’t, we might as well wave the white flag, which is what the ‘Glorified Patriots’ are doing: talking the talk, but walking the walk requires being armed with the expertise and willingness to fight for our freedoms.

“Will Kevin McCarthy end up as worthless and despicable as the person he replaces? Where to start? Get a Secretary of Defense who knows which way the bullet goes out of the gun; same with the Joint Chiefs. Bring back the Draft, and if the recruits don’t understand the Constitution, teach them until they get it right. Incarcerate all who partook in toppling statues and fraudulent ‘elections’; replace each and every member of the court with a Veteran; all teachers and professors must also be armed Veterans. Put illegals under the same justice system we have: execute child molesters, rapists, and murderers.

“And while I’m on my soap box, let me remind you that Hillary is as bad as it gets, that every utterance is a lie, just like every story in Time Magazine, NPR and The New York Times. To get this crippling inflation under control, we must open the Keystone Pipeline and get this country back to energy dominance yet at the same time end the devastating practice of strip-mining.

“Now one last item I’d like to address: TV commercials. It’s about this sick woke’ agenda. It’s not my agenda and I know it’s not yours. They have these 30-some-second commercials of women kissing women and men kissing men for all the world to see, that our kids are exposed to on just about every station; it’s inescapable. The TV executives who allow these commercials deserve to be tarred and feathered. I’d quit my job before I’d sink to being a shill for the Left. Are we going to deport the Muslims; are we going to deport the illegal immigrants; are we going to put the lawbreakers in jail, the Biden Crime Syndicate and all those ‘mules’ who stuffed the ballot boxes with fake ballots?  Thank you for listening, and now please join in our last hymn.”

Joy to the World” (2:09)

Rook Dunkin     

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