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by Tom Arnold, ©2022

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, public domain

(Nov. 24, 2022) — Wants Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to resign or be impeached due to his inept handling of the unimpeded and massive influx/invasion of illegal immigrants across our country’s southern border and throughout the United States (involving smuggling deadly drugs, child trafficking, huge profits accruing to Mexican Cartels, etc).

Doesn’t McCarthy know who the real culprit is?  THAT WOULD BE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN, WOULDN’T IT?  Despite courts ordering Biden to proceed shall-we-say CONSTITUTIONALLY AND LAWFULLY, he hasn’t always done so.

On the other hand, what has been happening includes the embarrassing, disastrous, and arguably treasonous end to the Afghanistan War and Biden’s traitorous efforts to take down our constitutional democratic republic and remake it (an old strategy of Barack Obama).  It is apparent that this involves economic insolvency, increased violence in the streets, lawbreakers not being held accountable, woke nonsense, LGBTQ, Critical Race Theory, “re-imagining” American history and rewriting it, weakening our military, confusing and brainwashing our school children, the rest of the world having a good laugh at us, and much, much more!

So, Rep Kevin McCarthy, HAVE YOU LEARNED WHERE THE BUCK STOPS?  What, may I ask, would your motives or reasons be if you haven’t?  Hmm!

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  1. Kevin,
    what is going on? we elected you and the Gops to do your job.
    You can call the indictments on Trump off by taking the money away. and impeachment of the Ag and the FBI leader.

    if you want to the keep house you do it. and to take the 2 impeachments off Trump you said you were looking to do that, you know he didn’t do anything wrong it was a set, so do it! I am sick of the broken promises. Be more like Trump….

  2. I won’t endorse Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House.


    1. Because we are where we are today, criminally upside down, under Kevin McCarthy’s passive-complicit watch.
    2. Kevin McCarthy seems to have a monopoly on natural stupidity, while his Line-up Crime Boss predatory predecessor, “Nanny” Pelosi, seems to have a monopoly on criminal insider trading inside Congress as an apparent in-House “insider traitor”:



    Take note and follow the money graft-graph of criminal “Nanny” Pelosi herein, whose wealth began to climb some 5-fold right after 08-28-08 = payoff for forging the DNC candIDate nomination papers of another smiley-faced criminal, fake candIDate Barry Obama-Soetoro, along with Democriminals Joe “Big Guy” Biden and Hillary “RICO” Clinton’s complicity, so “Nanny” Pelosi could personally enrich herself like an “always open” political whore and nothing more (note also “Nanny” Pelosi’s graft-graph dipped hugely after Trump became President in 2016; why?):

    Only the willfully ignorant reality-blinded/propagandized mind slaves amongst us adamantly refuse to sense this criminal-reality of 08-28-08 in spite of their five naked natural-reality senses (sight-sound-smell-taste-touch) naturally sensing otherwise!

    Are YOU awake or a woke?