by Joseph DeMaio, ©2022

(Nov. 20, 2022) — No time like the present to revisit what your humble servant advocated over a year ago here.  In the 14 months since that advice was given, the case for impeaching, convicting and booting the Goof from office has only intensified.   

The next general election is scheduled for November 5, 2024.  Translation: the Republic and its lawful voters have slightly less than 24 months to prepare for what could be the “make-or-break” general election since 1789.  To paraphrase Brandon the Goof: “Not joking…, not hyperbole.”

In this regard, and as discussed here, one of the first steps that should be taken in January 2023 is the filing of a resolution in the House of Representatives calling for the impeachment of Brandon the Goof, also occasionally known on the street as “the Big Guy” or Joseph Robinette Biden. 

The basis for the resolution should be, at minimum, his abject and defiant failure to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed…” as required under Art. 2, § 3 of the Constitution.  A secondary basis could be his adhering to the nation’s enemies by giving them “aid and comfort” in the form of billions of dollars in military equipment and a functioning military air base in Afghanistan under Art. 3, § 3, Cl. 1.

The Goof has himself admitted that if the Democrats lost the House (mercifully, they did), the chances of him being impeached were significantly elevated.  While GOP members of the House had filed fourteen (yes, Virginia…, 14) resolutions seeking the impeachment of him or members of his regime, only nine specifically targeted him.

Plainly, the Wretch of San Crapcisco – soon-to-be ousted from her position as Speaker of the House – resisted allowing any of those GOP resolutions to even come up for a floor vote.  But with a new “sheriff in town,” whether it finally be now-Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy, firebrand Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene or someone else – a final vote and power transfer will not take place until January, 2023 – impeachment proceedings should begin on “day one.”

The Bible teaches: “Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord.”  Romans 12:19.  While some might argue that the filing of a bill of impeachment against the Goof by the GOP in purported retaliation for the Democrats’ impeachments against President Trump would violate scripture, such is a bogus claim.  The fact is that even if a GOP impeachment bill could be deemed to be an act of “righteous retribution” – as cogently and effectively discussed here, the true goal of impeachment is not limited to punishment for past acts or omissions alone.    

Instead, it is an act additionally intended to protect and preserve the Republic from future and additional harms which could be perpetrated by the official who has been impeached and convicted.  This is why Art. 1, § 3, Cl. 7 of the Constitution also provides that if the Senate convicts on a House referral of a bill of impeachment, the person convicted is not only removed from office, but is also thereafter “disqualified to hold and enjoy any Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States.” 

It is because of the Goofball’s unadulterated incompetence, arrogance, defiance and plain old stupidity that he should be impeached and removed from office.  Through his acts and omissions over only the past 23 months, he has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt – far more than beyond a reasonable doubt – that he places the interests and security of the Republic and its citizens at the bottom of his list of priorities.  His motto seems to be “Make America Weak Again.”

Worse, he has kowtowed to the “progressive” – a more accurate term would be “regressive” – elements of his political party – ahem…, the Democrats – on issues of illegal immigration, energy independence, healthcare, fiscal policy, inflation, debt “forgiveness” and national security.  So pronounced is his shift in priorities that it can now be posited that he has replaced China as the most dangerous enemy facing the survival of the Republic. 

The nation should not be burdened with another 24 months of his incompetence and enmity for the country and its citizens.  Who knows what additional calamities are now lurking in his brain…, or the brains of his marionette-masters?  

More unconstitutional executive orders, for example, banning outright not only guns, but also any “weapons” such as bows and arrows or slingshots?  How about ordering Navy ships to begin transporting illegal aliens from across the world straightaway to the Port of Galveston?  How about approving a Chinese military base in North Dakota when the “farming” enterprise fails and the land has to be “repurposed?” 

These hypothetical examples are just that: hypotheticals.  But based on the Goof’s past performances, your humble servant trusts him about as far as he can shot put a locomotive…, which is to say: not at all.   

Because the Senate remains –  barely – in the clutches of the Democrats, thanks in no small part to a “majority” of the somewhat less-than Nobel laureate voters in Pennsylvania, the potential for a conviction on a House bill of impeachment is less than assured.  However, if “righteous retribution” is to have any meaning, the GOP must be prepared to first “fight fire with fire” and not empty rhetoric.   Moreover, the only way to ensure absolute defeat is to abandon any attempt at the outset.

With exponentially weaker bases for their two failed attempts to impeach President Trump, the Democrats nonetheless proceeded with their attempt to cripple him.  They failed.  Then they tried – this time successfully – to install into the presidency the worst excuse for a chief executive since 1789.  Millions still believe that the 2020 election was fatally compromised by fraud…, but that is another issue for another time.

Accordingly, the present question is this: will the GOP, now in control of the House, discover the backbone to actually impeach the Goof who, some might contend, presents a “clear and present danger” to the Republic’s very survival?  The Democrats knew going into the House impeachments of President Trump that they would fail in the Senate, yet they proceeded with vigor.  

This time, impeachment proceedings could lead to a trial in the Senate, where a two-thirds vote “of the Members present” is required for a conviction.

It would be really interesting to see how many Senators up for re-election in 2024 would be willing to explain, against the clear evidence of the Goof’s acts and omissions as embodied in the House impeachment, why they either (a) absented themselves when a vote to convict was taken or (b) why, on the other hand, they showed up and voted to acquit.

Now that would constitute genuine popcorn time.

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  1. MAGNA CARTA Noblemen successfully decreed that no one, including their king, is above the law.

    MAGA CARTA Trump decrees that no one, including our U.S. Government and its “Gaffe-A-Minute” Joke Biden, is above the law.

    Only Donald Trump has sufficient WILLPOWER to lower the hammer-gavel on Washington, DCeit’s because no one else in our entire U.S. Government has previously shown sufficient WILLPOWER to end the intentional pro-criminal national lawlessness of Coupsters Pelosi+Biden+Hillary+Obama and their “fundamental transformation” of “Decline by Design 08-28-08- TODAY”: >>>

  2. The senators who in 2020 did not vote to convict and remove the impeached sitting president suffered no serious consequences in the 2022 elections.