by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 4, 2022) — At approximately 6:30 PM EDT, this writer received a notification from stating that Fox News’s Tucker Carlson will interview a spokesman for the organization to discuss the jailing of founder Catherine Engelbrecht and Board member Gregg Phillips on Monday morning by U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas Judge Kenneth Hoyt.

Carlson’s show airs at 8:00 p.m. EDT Monday through Friday.

Hoyt’s order was given late last month after Phillips and Engelbrecht refused to reveal the name of a witness present at the time information was conveyed to them allegedly indicating that a company whose election-related software is used in more than a dozen states had stored confidential information about U.S. poll workers on servers in China.

Konnech, Inc. denies the claim and in September filed suit for defamation against TruetheVote, later moving Hoyt to hold the two in contempt.

Konnech’s CEO, Eugene Wu, was arrested October 4 as part of an investigation by the Los Angeles district attorney’s office regarding Konnech’s handling of “personal identifying information” of county poll workers.

Hoyt has claimed Wu’s arrest is a separate matter from Konnech’s lawsuit against TTV.

In an audio message from prison on Wednesday, Engelbrecht indicated she and Phillips appealed Hoyt’s order to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

A statement on TTV’s website calls for “the immediate release of founder Catherine Engelbrecht and contractor Gregg Phillips, who were jailed for contempt October 31st for refusing to deliver to Konnech the name of the third party who was present at a presentation of evidence of Konnech’s wrongdoing.”

“This evidence was initially provided to the Federal Bureau of Investigations in Q1 of 2021,” the statement continues. “In Q3 2022 information was provided to the LA District Attorney’s office in their investigation of Konnech, which resulted in the arrest of CEO Eugene Yu. True the Vote attorneys are expediting an appeal seeking to have Engelbrecht and Phillips released.”

More information is available at TTV’s “” site (subscription required).

Update, November 5, 2022: The broadcast of Friday night’s show can be viewed here, with the relevant segment beginning at 28:57.

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