by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 2, 2022) — On Wednesday afternoon, this writer received an email notification containing an audio message from Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of, who along with colleague Gregg Phillips was imprisoned Monday after refusing to provide the name of an individual the two claim was working with the FBI as an “informant” in an investigation of election-data storage.

At a hearing in Houston Monday morning, Judge Kenneth Hoyt upheld his contempt order against TTV at the request of Konnech, Inc., the company TTV has accused of storing the personal information of thousands of U.S. poll workers on servers in China and having a connection to the Chinese Communist Party.

Konnech has denied the allegations and in September filed suit against TTV, hence the court proceedings. Several weeks later on October 4, Konnech CEO Eugene Wu was arrested by order of Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon, who wrote in a press release:

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón announced today that an executive with a Michigan-based company responsible for the software used in managing Los Angeles County election poll workers has been arrested as part of an investigation into the possible theft of personal identifying information of those workers…

Earlier today, Konnech Corporation Chief Executive Officer Eugene Yu was taken into custody on suspicion of theft of personal identifying information by investigators from the District Attorney’s Office Bureau of Investigation with assistance from the Meridian Township Police Department in Michigan. In addition, hard drives and other digital evidence were seized by LADA investigators.

The first 30 seconds of Engelbrecht’s message are available to the public, while the rest is contained behind TTV’s paywall.

“We are both OK,” Engelbrecht is heard to say, “but this was not on my bucket list.”

She also revealed that she and Phillips have appealed their imprisonment to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

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  1. This is 3rd world style punishment of political opposition, the same tactics used by the Nazis, other fascist dictators, and communists!!!!! Those calling Trump and his supporters Nazis and fascists are the ones using fascist methods to retain power!!!!!!!!!!

  2. We can hear you, Catherine and Gregg! We can hear you! The rest of America hears you! And the people who imprisoned you will hear from all of us soon!

  3. Englebrecht and Phillips honor the field of Journalism with their investigative work and their brave stand for the right of a Free Press to conduct its investigative work freely within any society which values freedom; and Englebrecht and Phillips will surely be honored for their investigative work that is representative of the highest calling of America’s traditional Fourth Estate even if that salutary extension of gratitude by a grateful nation should have to wait until January of 2025 when, God willing, Donald Trump is sworn-in once again as the legal sitting president of the United States of America.
    May God bless America, and thanks be to God for brave Americans like Catherine Englebrecht and Gregg Phillips who stand against the tyranny of our domestic enemy, the Liberal-Fascist Progressive-Socialist Left, and against our foreign enemy, the Communist Chinese.–Chris Farrell