by Joseph DeMaio, ©2022

Daniel Mota Dos Reis, accused of burglary of Arizona Democrat gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs’s campaign office, is an illegal alien (Screenshot: 12News

(Nov. 3, 2022) — The ongoing battle for who shall be the next governor in Arizona rages on between Trump-endorsed Kari Lake and Soros-supported Katie Hobbs.  Recently, the Phoenix campaign office of Katie Hobbs was broken into and several items were stolen. 

Almost immediately, Hobbs and her campaign blamed Lake and her campaign for being either directly behind the burglary or responsible for the purportedly toxic atmosphere generated by Lake’s “dangerous” rhetoric and “lies.”


It turns out that the burglar is an unemployed transient, one Daniel Mota Dos Reis.  Because he has a record of prior burglaries or attempted burglaries, a reasonable inference arises that the break-in had nothing to do with Lake or her campaign and was calculated only to steal items which might be sold by Dos Reis to get money.  The stolen items were a Nikon camera and an Apple keyboard and mouse.  Translation: no political motive was discovered.  The guy appears to be just a common thief.

Stunningly, it is now discovered that Dos Reis, originally from Luanda, Angola – an African country with one of the highest U.S. “visa overstay” rates in the world – and now possibly a Portuguese citizen, is here illegally. Worse yet, he has already been bonded out of jail before ICE agents even had a chance to issue an immigration “detainer.”

So now Dos Reis is out on the streets again, perhaps seeking a meeting with Hobbs to apologize… and perhaps even ask for a position on her nosediving campaign.  After all, do not losers attract losers?  One might also be tempted to ask: was Dos Reis bonded out of jail on his “own recognizance” or by persons who just wanted him to disappear from the headlines?  Will the Hobbs campaign refuse to press charges?   

So, here we have yet another illegal alien accused of committing a crime in this nation – one David DePape, the alleged attacker of Paul Pelosi, husband of the Wretch of San Crapcisco, being of additional note – and yet we are hectored daily that “the border is secure.” Respectfully, no, it is not. 

While Dos Reis and DePape may have originally come here legally, their continued unlawful presence merely underscores the need to aggressively enforce existing immigration laws.  That means deporting those aliens not lawfully here instead of tolerating them and allowing their continued depredations by releasing them from jail prior to giving ICE notice to secure detainers.

Thanks to the failure of the addled Goofball and his incompetent apparatchiks – including Word Salad Queen Harris and Alejandro (“Whip It”) Mayorkas – to enforce existing laws to protect even morons like Katie Hobbs and DUI inebriates like Paul Pelosi from crimes committed by those having no legal right to be here, we can only look forward to more of the same…, if Democrats are allowed governmental power.

The solution: vote every Democrat now possessed of federal, state, county or local governmental power out of office.  No exceptions.  None.  Ask Tulsi Gabbard.  And recall that November 8th is fast approaching.

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