by Kat Stansell, American Policy Center, ©2022

(Nov. 1, 2022) — When the Speaker of the US House of Representatives is filmed expressing childish hate-filled venom, it tells us all we need to know. This is exactly what is underlying the entire mess we find ourselves in today. Mindless hatred for our nation and the majority of the people in it is the modus operandi of Washington DC. It directs and controls everything.

A video of Nancy Pelosi taken inside the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, has been released by CNN. It shows the Speaker of the House quite clearly saying that she “hopes he (Trump) will” come inside so she can “punch him out”. She says she “will go to jail” for it, but that the personal satisfaction from having been able to perform that infantile act will have been “worth it”.

The above is the link to a Twitter feed, showing Pelosi and her rant. If it’s already been taken down, well, THAT’s DC in 2022, also.

If your third grader had said what the Speaker did, you’d have scolded him for being childish. Welcome to DC in 2022. Spoiled brats, with massive dark funding along with our billions of taxpayer dollars, are in charge. And they are dangerous because their perverted and violent ways are real, and all aimed at us. Their goal is to take down America.

Forget the ridiculous, laughable imagery of the little bag of alcohol soaked bones trying to swing at a man with the commanding stature of Donald Trump. Yes, it was one of the lapdog media who released the film. CNN. Wish I could make that into something hopeful, but I very much doubt it. Maybe they just wanted a good laugh at her expense.

What Pelosi’s infantile outburst shows very clearly is the Junta’s pure hatred for us, directed at a man who did so much to improve our lives. They hated Donald Trump before he was elected the first time, because they already knew that he would stand in the way of their plans to destroy the American Constitutional Republic.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. They will do everything in their power to prevent his return. Even an arrest with completely false charges may come soon, to attempt to prevent him from running again. That is what usually happens following a coup; the former leader is jailed. While I’ve waited daily for this shoe to drop, I pray that this will not happen here in America. Yet, the 2020 coup has followed the course of what happens in most banana republics when the legitimate government is overthrown. After the coup, then the Purge (Jan. 6 arrests), so who can really know what insanity is to follow?

Pelosi’s rant is just another bit of transparency of the Left. She makes it abundantly clear that they feel a vile and intense hatred toward us. Every one of their actions to date has shown that they are trying to bring the American Republic to its end.

From the ‘Resident, Biden’s first EO shutting off our oil supplies, to his murderous ineptitude in Afghanistan, to the destruction of our food chain, to the depletion of our strategic oil reserves, to the use of the Scamdemic for control, to the billions of our hard-earned dollars thrown at the Fascist regime in Ukraine, we know that the destruction of the Constitutional Republic is the goal. New acts against us are being rolled out so fast that it is impossible to keep a list of them up to date.

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  1. Body language of a spoiled child scolding a super-male authority:

    Body language of the making of a spoiled privileged brat from a Baltimore ethnic neighborhood crime family (D’Alesandro):

    Body language of an unbridled lack of congressional decorum by a “candy store temper tantrum” brat:

    The Pelosi-Biden-Hillary-Obama-Roberts “Legacy of Lunacy” Coup of 08-28-08:

    One’s natural observed behavior over time is a direct reflection of one’s natural invisible thinking within the private bedrooms of one’s mind. – JD Mooers

    It is my belief that if Nancy Pelosi’s mom (born in Italy) never got naturalized as a U.S. citizen by the time of Nancy’s birth, then Nancy, like Barry Obama-Soetoro, could never be a John Jay “natural born Citizen”. If true, both Nancy and Barry naturally grew up harboring this resentment of social inferiority, and have spent their entire adult lives vengefully covering up this private childhood humiliation.

    Did Nancy’s mother ever become a U.S. citizen before Nancy’s birth?

    Superior-like show-off behaviors in adulthood are often a cover-up for private humiliations in childhood. – JD Mooers

    Midterms 2022: Nancy, “show-off always shown-up in show-down”!- old fortune cookie saying

  2. The socialist herd is in panic, thus they are more dangerous than usual. This also incites them to more violence than is their usual wont. Prepare yourselves.

  3. Annddd the CIA is all in on this!!!
    NOO BODY has been taken into account on all these food processing plants being BURNT to the ground. Then you have the cattle companies being FORCED to shoot up thier milk cows and beef cattle with the MRNA “vaccine”. GUESS what happens! 20% of those cattle and cows DROP DEAD within 48 HOURS.
    Blame TRUMP all you want, YOU HAVE NO PROOF that he has ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS!!!!!!!!!!!