by Jim Willhoft, ©2022

(Nov. 1, 2022) — It’s that time of year: my mailbox is overflowing with political flyers. Here are some questions regarding those flyers:

Every flyer says the candidate will cut taxes.

Are there any candidates who say they will raise taxes?

Each flyer says how much the incumbent has achieved.

Why was I not aware of these achievements before receiving the flyer?

Each flyer speaks about the candidates’ party.

Why do I receive no flyers from the American Party?

Each candidate says the other guy is the devil incarnate.

Does that mean two devils are running for the same position?

If so, then better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know.

That’s what elections are boiling down to…the lesser of two evils.

Why aren’t flyers printed on Charmin T/P?  Kill two birds with one stone.


Why do Connecticut flyers make no mention of the fact that CT is virtually last in the nation as to “Tax Freedom Day” or “Tax Onus Day” or any metric as to Politics/Economics?

The 10 lowest-ranked, or worst, states in this year’s Index are:

41. Alabama

42. Rhode Island

43. Hawaii

44. Vermont

45. Minnesota

46. Maryland

47. Connecticut

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