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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2022

(Sep. 26, 2022) — Your humble servant has on numerous prior occasions – thus far without much tangible result – warned of the potential for a second civil war.  The intentional destruction by Democrats, progressives, and intellectual hypocrites of the foundational principles upon which the Republic was founded – and which until recently had facilitated its rise to becoming the most powerful, benevolent and prosperous nation in world history – now threatens to reduce it to a shadow of its former self.  And soon, even the structure which casts the shadow may disappear.  Such is the goal of the radical progressives now controlling the Democrat Party.

This intentional destruction, of course, has been led by Marxists, socialists, fascists, “globalists” and, naturally, the radical judges and politicians of the Democrat Party and their enabling apparatchiks and sycophants in the mainstream media.  Ignore their lies to the contrary.

Indeed, an argument can be made that we are already in the opening phase of another civil war, but without live ammunition… yet.  Words have become the weapon of choice for these termites.   With lunatic Democrats like Hillary Clinton likening Americans who supported and continue to support President Trump to the Nazis of World War II Germany, while simultaneously ignoring the forces of the FBI as they terrorize pro-life conservatives and their families in the identical style of the Nazi SS storm troopers in the lead-up to World War II merely underscores, once again, the bottomless hypocrisy of Clinton and all of the venomous reptiles and insects congregating around her.

Shops and synagogues were destroyed by the Nazi Party, Hitler Youth and some German citizens during Kristallnacht, Nov. 9-10, 1938 (Wikimedia Commons, German Federal Archive)

Yes, Virginia, it was Hitler’s “National Socialists” – the Nazis, – who destroyed their opposition’s homes and businesses in November 1938 on Kristallnacht, not unlike the riots of Minneapolis, Portland and Kenosha by Antifa and BLM thugs here.  The Nazi supporters of Hitler were the leftist progressive bad guys and Clinton’s lame attempts to compare Trump supporters to them is as deceitful as it is stupid.  Then again, no one ever accused her of being bright.  Cunning, yes…, but smart…, no.

And the weaponry of words is not confined to the feeble mind of the BleachBit Bimbo.  With the military now focusing more on “inclusive” pronouns than on protection of the Republic, if an external war were to break out, our survival looks even bleaker.

The Air Force Academy, for example, instead of hardening cadets for potential defense of the Republic is indoctrinating them to avoid using terms like “mom” and “dad.”  They are specifically encouraged to use more gender-neutral terms.  One can see it now: as an F-35 closes in on a Chinese J-31 over the Taiwan Strait, our pilot will be constrained to radio his adversary and ask, in Mandarin: “What pronouns do you prefer?”

The actual training materials suggest the use of “person-centered” language. Problematically, this “woke” gender transfixion ignores – stupidly and dangerously – that the word “person” includes the term “son,” i.e., the male offspring of a “mom” and a “dad.”

Oh, the humanity! Naturally, we breathlessly await announcement of the court martial of the Air Force Academy leadership “individual” who committed that unforgivable crime in preparing the indoctrination materials.

Scores of other examples could be cited, but to what end?  Unless and until radical progressives, Marxism sympathizers and, in particular, Democrats holding elected positions of governmental power and authority – including with regard to fair elections – are removed from office, little if any course correction will take place.  And the linguistic warfare will continue and grow more menacing.

Accordingly, if you think that no national course correction is needed; that fully half of your fellow Americans are Nazis; that the country is on the right course; and that the 2020 general election was “the most secure in the history of the nation,” – ahem…, no, it decidedly was not – vote Democrat in November…, and take pride in your contribution to even more disintegration of the Republic.

Gen. George Washington crossing the Delaware River on Christmas Day 1776 by Emanuel Leutze (public domain)

On the other hand, if you think that Brandon the Goof is an incompetent menace; if you think the Democrats have forfeited forever any claim of right or competence to govern a free people; and if you seek to meet Benjamin Franklin’s challenge to keep and preserve the Republic which the Founders created, vote GOP in November.

You will feel better about yourself and your kids and their kids will thank you for it long after you have left the scene.  Your humble servant channeled the Founders before submitting this post, and they concurred.

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