by Bob Russell, ©2022

(Sep. 22, 2022) — I am watching the Monday, Sept. 12, 2022 episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight wherein Carlson is highlighting the actions of the federal government, raiding and arresting supporters of President Trump.  The tyrants are making threats against anyone who questions the legitimacy of the 2020 elections, using the protestations as an excuse to harass and arrest anyone who opposes the biden regime.  Heels-up harris, in an interview on NBC on Sept. 11, accused the Jan. 6 protestors of being as dangerous as, or more dangerous than, the 9/11 attackers who killed nearly 3,000 citizens.  After six years of devildemocommiecrats claiming the 2016 election that they lost was illegitimate, harris stated in this interview that refusing to accept the 2020 election as legitimate is a “threat to democracy.”

Why is it perfectly fine for the left to claim that elections they lose are “illegitimate,” but for patriots to decry an election that was very obviously rigged is an “act of domestic terrorism” and “a threat to democracy”?  Dementia claimed in a recent speech that MAGA republicans are trying to “destroy American democracy.”  A woman named Lisa Gallagher, an open supporter of President Trump, was accosted at her house by armed FBI agents who demanded she produce proof she did not participate in the Jan. 6, 2021 protest against the illegitimate results of the 2020 election.  Mike Lindell, also an ardent supporter of President Trump, was recently stopped by FBI agents who seized his phone.  This is Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Communist East Germany-type of intimidation.  These actions are unconstitutional, as was the raid on Mar-A-Lago, but the Constitution is irrelevant to the devildemocommiecrat party. 

In the Sept. 1, 2022 speech dementia called on establishment republicans, devildemocommiecrats and independents to fight the attempt by MAGA republicans to “destroy our democracy.”   I am a registered Independent because I am so disgusted by the gop establishment that I don’t want to be linked with them.  I am what could be called a MAGA Independent.  President Trump left me disappointed because so many of his cabinet, and his selection for VP, turned out to be establishment hacks intent on foiling his attempts to drain the swamp, but I will vote for him if he runs in 2024, as will millions of other patriots.

It is distressing to see American citizens treated as enemies of the state simply for standing up for liberty and the rule of law in this nation.  Joe dementia, bowing to the orders of his puppeteers, is turning America into a totalitarian state.  Everything dementia says is a lie.  America used to have a two-party system of politics but in the last three decades has become a single-party state with no opposition beyond blather and bleat from the gop establishment.  The RNC, mitch mcconnell, kevin mccarthy and their minions whine but do nothing to oppose the iron fist being imposed on We the People by the devildemocommiecrats.  The last time devildemocommiecrats had any opposition was when Ronald Reagan was president and Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House of Representatives.  Both bushes and gop establishment hacks in both chambers of congress since the Reagan/Gingrich days have been globalists owned by the cabal of globalist marxist billionaires headed by Nazi war criminal george soros. 

Sadly, too many Americans listen to the Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists and believe the nonsense they hear because there aren’t any fake news propagandists who will tell the truth and the left has a virtual monopoly on information with the help of fellow leftist big-tech oligarchs who suppress any conservative opinions on social media.  There are a few networks willing to tell the truth.  One America News Network is doing a fine job telling the truth but they have very limited access on cable systems controlled by new world order corporations.  NewsMax and FOX News are somewhat fair but have a tendency to cower away from the hard-hitting stories.  Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Greg Gutfeld, and Mark Levin are very credible sources of truth on FOX, but much of the FOX coverage is tilted towards not providing too big of an opposition to the lamestream media.

The use of federal agents to intimidate citizens into compliance with tyranny is the stuff of totalitarian regimes that slaughtered tens of millions of their own citizens in the 20th century, and joe dementia and the devildemocommiecrat party, with the help of the Pravda/Goebbels fake news propaganda machine and big-tech oligarchs, are rapidly moving down the same path.  I see a war for independence coming, pushed by the satanic left in America.  Dementia once said that to oppose his regime citizens would need F-15 fighter planes and nuclear missiles to have even the remotest chance to succeed.  I take that as a threat to use nuclear weapons against citizens who refuse to bow to totalitarianism in America.  Well, he can nuke me or murder me by some other means but I WILL NOT bow to his satanic tyranny under any circumstances.  I am old and disabled so won’t be much opposition due to my disabilities but will do my best to thwart tyranny.

Tyrants need enemies to thrive, and every despot in the 20th century eventually turned on his supporters after the original opposition had been destroyed, so those “going along to get along” will find themselves in the crosshairs once people like me have been killed or incarcerated in the FEMA concentration camps.  Stalin slaughtered the Bolsheviks who brought the communist party into power in Russia; Hitler used the newly-formed SS to slaughter the SA, the Brownshirts, that brought him to power; Mao slaughtered the “People’s Army” that brought him to power; Castro slaughtered the rebel forces that brought him to power, with his top Lieutenant, Che Guevera, barely escaping to South America as the purge started. Other lesser-known despots did the same in smaller movements throughout the world.  Look out, all you who vote for devildemocommiecrats, because they will come after you once we patriots you despise have been eradicated.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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  1. That’s it, isn’t it? Those who oppose MAGA are eventually shooting themselves in the foot or, more likely, in the back of the head, maybe with two shots and they’ll call it suicide.
    My brother is one of those; watches Fake News and believes it, too.
    I used to try and reason with him but gave up.
    2,000 Mules? Why, that’s been debunked.
    Orange Man bad, the heck with the facts.
    Excellent editorial; thank you for writing it.

    Professor ‘Trash the masks’ Zorkophsky