by Tom Arnold, ©2022

Rep. Kevin McCarthy

(Sep. 1, 2022) — I’m so tired of hearing, “Biden did this” and “Biden did that!” Does anyone really believe that Joe Biden is running our country and “doing” anything cognitively at all? Apparently, Kevin McCarthy is convinced of the legitimacy and real-time control of America by Joe Biden! He kept repeating it over and over in his Republican “response.” In other words, the bad actors and Deep State traitors behind the scenes (most of all treasonist Barack HUSSEIN Obama) are, to the best of Rep. McCarthy’s knowledge, not there to tell Biden what to do or what would be best (or WORST!) for our country. At least, it sounds as if that is what McCarthy is telling us. Sorry, Rep. McCarthy, I don’t buy into your opinion about Joe Biden personally doing any of the important tasks of a real duly-elected president. So, I recommend that you, Rep. McCarthy, figure out what’s actually going on in the Oval Office (assuming you already don’t know and are satisfied with your ignorance). If you do happen to stumble upon what’s happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, then for God’s sake and the sake of the United States of America and the world in which we live, tell the American public THE TRUTH. Stop with the politically-correct garbage!

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  1. mccarthy is one of the deep state gop establishment TRAITORS conspiring with devildemocommiecrats to disolve the USA and “fundamentally transform” it into a 3rd world toilet puppet state of the new world order global dictatorship!!!!! IF the gop takes control of the house in January nothing will change except which TRAITOR holds the gavel to rule over We the People!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mr. Arnold;
    I agree with you; Biden can’t run a nylon (my age is showing)! Also, I believe Obama isn’t running anything either. Actual college papers attributed to him (syntax,etc.) are on par with your average “hoodie”. I suspect that some of the traitors behind the Biden curtain are a familiar group of Obama puppeteers: Jarrett, Brenner, Holder, Pelosi, the Clintons, Axelrod, etc. Clapper is not on my list. He qualifies as a moron!
    McCarthy is a Deep State denizen. He has consistently proven his true colors. Unless Trump takes him to the woodshed I would not trust him, along with McConnel and all the other Rhinos! These idiots are invested only in their self interests; to hell with everyone else, including their children, grandchildren, our people and our country!
    So Mr. Arnold, keep the pressure on! Thanks!

  3. It’s like the other common saying/excuse: “The White House did this,” or “The White House did that!” What a convenient way for someone who needs a “way out” of having to take responsibility for things they say about others. I wouldn’t be surprised to find this tactic in Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals! Thank you everyone for your support of some of my odd (?) opinions. And, as always, thank you, Sharon. Tom A.