by Joseph DeMaio, ©2022

(Sep. 1, 2022) — Say what you will about Mitch McConnell’s less than spectacular tenure as Senate Minority Leader.  When he was the Majority Leader, he saved the nation – literally – from the cataclysm of a Supreme Court Justice [sic] Merrick Garland.  And your humble servant apologizes for previously characterizing him as “Attorney Corporal,” as that is one rank too high: he is Attorney Private Garland, the lowest designation.

As Newt Gingrich recently noted, Merrick Garland is leading “the most corrupt Justice Department in American history.” After enduring the likes of Obama’s Eric (“Fast and Furious”) Holder and Loretta (“Bill-and-I-just-chatted-about-golf-and-grandchildren”) Lynch, Gingrich’s assessment says a lot.

Garland has so sullied, corrupted and undermined the mission statement of the Department of Justice, i.e., to “uphold the rule of law, to keep our country safe, and to protect civil rights,” it is difficult if not impossible to arrive at a conclusion other than the one advanced by Gingrich.  Private Garland has morphed the Department of Justice into a creature which could have been envied – perhaps even emulated – by Adolph Hitler and Heinrich Himmler, who headed up the Nazi SS, or Schutzstaffel.      

Think about it: under Garland, parents defending the education of their children have been characterized as domestic terrorists, with him lying about the labeling; at the instruction of Brandon the Goof, illegal aliens, including documented terrorists, have been invited and ushered into the nation to be transported to the interior in flagrant and direct violation of federal immigration laws, while DOJ lawyers who claim they are “just following orders” litigate against state governors to allow the invasion to continue; a former President has his Florida home ransacked in a raid – personally approved by Garland and known to be in motion by the Goof – based on purported claims that “eyes only” classified nuclear secrets were illegally hidden there.

Now comes the cherry on top: Garland has issued a memo warning DOJ employees that they are prohibited from communicating with members of Congress, including “Senators, Representatives, congressional committees or congressional staff without advance coordination, consultation and approval of the [DOJ] Office of Legislative Affairs.” 

This edict comes, of course, after numerous DOJ and FBI employees have become “whistleblowers” to alert the public, the Congress and the world to the corrupt and illegal practices of the woefully misnamed “Department of Justice” under the “leadership” of Garland.  Attorney Private Garland gives new meaning to the term “obstruction of justice” and would likely not recognize “justice” if it bit him on his … elbow.

Garland cites in defense of this protocol DOJ Manual § 1-8.200 relating to communications received from the identified sources.  Significantly, however, that provision does not on its face apply to sua sponte whistleblower communications directed to members of Congress.  Stated otherwise, a whistleblower exposure of corruption, violation of law or moral rot originating with DOJ employees with first-hand knowledge of the facts and who has finally determined that, political party aside, “enough is enough” and that the rot chewing through the upper echelons of the department must be exposed and stopped, is protected.

The best antidote for that rot – including that which originates in Attorney Private Garland’s office in Washington, D.C. – lies in the provisions of the same “procedures” manual he cites in his memo: § 1-8.800 entitled  “Whistleblower protections.”  Under those protocols, DOJ and FBI whistleblowers are shielded from retaliatory or punitive sanctions arising as a result of their exposure of “a violation of any law, rule or regulation,” or an “abuse of authority” or “any other whistleblower protection,” even when communicated to members of Congress.

This being the case, the first step is exposing the nature of the rot…, and documenting it.  But the second step is equally, if not even more important: visiting accountability and, yes, retribution upon those responsible for the rot.  Lacking the second step, completion of the first step will be meaningless and will simply invite more of the same. 

Your humble servant discussed the importance of whistleblowers here, but it bears repetition in the case of Private Garland’s metastasizing of the DOJ.  If ever there were a seminal point in time for whistleblowers in the bowels of the DOJ as well as the nether recesses of the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and other “3-letter agencies” – as well as buried in the law firms, lobbying tar-pits and non-governmental organizations (“NGO’s”) which control the Goof’s every thought, every speech and every slander of fellow-Americans – to come forward, it is now. 

They need to act.  Yesterday.  Because as noted here, there may be no “tomorrow” as we have known it, since the shining city on the hill is in danger of being destroyed by the likes of the Goof and Attorney Private Garland. 

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