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(Aug. 30, 2022) — RELEVANT FACTS:  I visited my local district FBI office on December 10, 2014.  I had a “Sheriff’s Kit” which contained a DVD and a booklet prepared by the Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff’s Office “Cold Case Posse” describing alleged criminal activity (including a forged Hawaiian birth certificate released for public viewing by the White House in April 2011) committed by then-President Barack HUSSEIN Obama (elected president in November 2008 and then re-elected in November 2012).  I was allowed entry into the district office, where I sat in the waiting area with an unnamed male counter-terrorism agent (why “counter-terrorism?”) and spoke to him for about one-half hour.  I told him I was convinced that Obama had committed or conspired to commit criminal acts, some of them to fabricate an identity as an American citizen qualified to run for and become elected president.  I told him about the contents of the Sheriff’s Kit, which was an accumulation of facts and evidence compiled by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff’s Office Cold Case Posse, and Commander Mike Zullo, which had been investigated and cataloged in response to request(s) from a local Tea Party group and other constituents.  The FBI agent listened to what I had to say but did not comment and did not take the Sheriff’s Kit I offered to him.                                         

Roughly one week later on December 16, 2014, I returned to the district office.  I was told that the agent to whom I had spoken a week earlier was not in the public corruption unit and therefore no one had any answers for me.  However, one of the security officers at the gate informed me that according to the FBI, my complaint (accusations of possible crimes committed by the sitting president) was of NO INTEREST to them and that, in fact, I would have “A BETTER CHANCE OF TALKING TO THE POPE” (than to FBI Director James Comey in Washington, DC)! 

After another week passed, I mailed a Sheriff’s Kit and some writings of my own to the Special Agent in Charge of the district office.  No response has ever been received from her or anyone else there.

It also is a fact, and a very frustrating one indeed, that I have been sending emails for years, likely since 2007, concerning my belief that our presidency for all intents and purposes was STOLEN by Barack Obama and other conspirators, not the least of whom, I learned later, was our own Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  Among the attempted contacts I was making to report this information were Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz, the U.S. Department of Justice and the Inspector General’s DOJ Hotline.  It is advertised on the DOJ (and FBI?) website that citizens are encouraged to report suspected federal crimes to the hotline. 

Finally, after an increasing number of emails from me and one or two phone calls, I received a typewritten letter by postal mail (unsigned!).  It should be noted that around this time, I also sent identical materials to the U.S. House Judiciary Committee (ATTN:  Chairperson U.S. Rep. Bob Goodlatte).  The unsigned letter from the DOJ was dated March 23, 2015.  There never has been an on-topic response from any committee or any one individual in Congress. The DOJ’s letter, however, did contain a response.  It read, “The Investigations Division of the Office of the Inspector General has thoroughly reviewed the materials and concluded that the issues raised do not warrant an investigation by this office.”  They said they considered the matter closed and did not wish to hear anything further from me.  They requested I sign their anonymous (unsigned) letter and return it to them (which I did, fully aware that they likely wanted a handwriting exemplar of mine and/or to put me “on notice”).                             

Now, and for the last seven years, every time I send the USDOJ OIG Hotline emails over the internet, their Microsoft postmaster responds, “Your message couldn’t be delivered to the recipient because you DON’T HAVE PERMISSION (my emphasis) to send it.”  Say what!  Since when do citizens need your PERMISSION to send their opinions to you, even if some of those opinions do not conform with your own and are in some unusual or fictitious way threatening to you?  I additionally would like to note that in my particular case, I do NOT have or own any weapons and do NOT threaten anyone, unless writing what I believe to be the TRUTH with a pen or keyboard is something which one might construe as being threatening! 

Before I go on to other matters, I want the reader to know that I also have had personal contact with the Secret Service (and one of their bomb-sniffing dogs!).  In that incident (at a barricade on the street outside where President Obama was staying), all was well that ended well.  I also have been to the offices of one of my former U.S. Senators and former U.S. Representatives.  

Furthermore, even though I am a registered Independent voter, I have communicated on rare occasions with former President Donald Trump and/or staff.  To this day, he is the ONLY “politician” and elected federal government official who has ever bothered to write to me and share some of our mutual concerns (i.e., “drain the swamp”).  I want to make it clear that, in my opinion, President Trump accomplished some great achievements for our country, despite the fact that he was under constant “attack” by the opposition party and what some, including me, call the “Deep State.” 

Many of us, particularly those of you who are in the FBI or CIA, should be very familiar with anti-American bad actors.  I feel obliged to name some of them, but for now, I’ll keep my “name-calling” to a minimum:  Michael Hayden, Leon Panetta, John Brennan (Obama’s “fixer” and quite possibly the biggest conspirator of them all), James Comey, Christopher Wray, Nancy Pelosi, George Soros, John G. Roberts Jr, the Bushes, the Clintons, the Biden “Crime Family,” and Barack and Michelle/Michael Obama.  In my honest opinion, these people and many others like them are TRAITORS.  Some have committed TREASON.  Just so you will know, President Obama himself was convicted of various felonies including SEDITION and ELECTION FRAUD by means of using a forged official government document (the so-called Hawaiian “birth certificate”) in two separate citizens’ jury trials:  Atlah Ministeries CIA-Columbia University trial in New York City in May 2010, and Ocala, Florida, in September 2013 (in fact, Obama was sentenced in absentia in the Ocala, Florida citizens’ trial to ten years in prison).  

By now, you are probably asking, “So what?” and “How come you (the author) haven’t been put in jail yet?”  PREPARE YOURSELVES FOR SOME ANSWERS!  But, first of all, I want everyone to know that I see a definite correlation between the ideologies and actual deeds which Obama, sometimes covertly, put into place in our country while he was in power, and the eerily similar (if not identical) things which are continuing to happen in our country today.  All of this societal upheaval, moral decay, deviant sexual beliefs and behaviors, racism where relatively little existed before, and hate and violence grew out of the public’s blind worship of Obama and disregard of Obama’s announced intention to “transform” America.  Obama gave birth to our country’s societal ills, and he is the one person who is most responsible for its continuing decline.  What I am about to tell you next also will be unpopular (if not considered by some to be traitorous) with many Americans.  Barack HUSSEIN Obama was NOT our country’s first African-American (Black) president.  He and his Deep State backers want you to believe this for political reasons (note, too, that the complicit CIA was searching for someone exactly like Obama to be a Manchurian Candidate).  Take a look at the following website,

In addition to all of that, Obama was NOT CONSTITUTIONALLY ELIGIBLE to run for or become elected president (see Article II, Section 1, Clause 5).  Without going into detail, suffice it to say that Obama was a citizen of three different countries (British Kenya, Indonesia, and possibly the United States, assuming that at some point he filled out the paperwork to become a naturalized citizen, which is NOT the same thing and does not rise to the same high level of natural born citizen). 

Just a couple more observations of mine on this subject:  If Obama was, as he claims, born in Hawaii, then WHY DID HE AND/OR HIS CONSPIRATORS FIND IT NECESSARY TO FORGE HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE?  Another peculiarity (if not an actual violation of law) is why did DNCC Chair Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party omit the traditional wording, describing compliance with constitutional eligibility, in candidate Obama’s Certification of Nomination forms, which then were delivered to the various states’ Secretaries of State for placement on the 2008 general election ballots?  A very applicable and expertly researched website concerning this is

One other matter is the question I always will ask: Why did Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. knowingly swear into office a CONSTITUTIONALLY INELIGIBLE OBAMA THREE TIMES (one of those times was not in public, and it is said that a Koran was used instead of the Holy Bible).  And, lest we forget, the media’s Fourth Estate duty to be a government watchdog on behalf of the people was never fulfilled in the Obama years or afterwards; therefore, no one can seriously doubt their culpability.

So, in closing, why haven’t I been arrested and put in jail yet?  The answer seems fairly obvious to me.  I have a habit of telling the truth, and, to the best of my knowledge, all of the above is true. I believe the government senses this and realizes that I (and certain others) have committed no criminal offenses by writing about these things. I also do not believe that my largely unsuccessful attempts to report a crime or crimes connected to Barack Obama is even remotely the same as “filing a false police report.”

As I recall, someone recently testified before Congress that “no one is above the law” and that presidents can be held accountable.  I am quick to add that there is no statute of limitations for the crime of treason. Why isn’t accountability being sought? Our country’s future arguably depends on awareness and acceptance of the truth, and then holding those responsible for high crimes accountable.

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  1. In that list of people you should include Obama’s key advisor, Valerie Jarrett. She is a Iranian born and citizen of Iran. She has been one of Obama’s key advisors (and maybe an Iranian controller) for many decades. From what I heard, she currently still lives with the Obama family in their walled home in Washington DC near to the White House. Yes, it is very unusual and interesting that the Obama family and crew never left Washington DC after Obama finished his usurpation of office in the White House. So, it is no wonder that the Obama puppet Biden is making overtures to Iran about removing the sanctions and other deals, including re-instating the nuclear deal. Iran has a back door into Biden’s brain via Obama and his key advisor, Valerie Jarrett. Obama has more legs of foreign influence on him since birth and otherwise that a centipede. Letting a person with foreign influence on them by birth is exactly why the founders and framers put the “natural born Citizen” restriction into Article II Section 1 Clause 5 of our U.S. Constitution as to who could be the President and Commander in Chief after the founding generations was gone. Obama is not a “natural born Citizen” of the United States to constitutional standards. They wanted a person with unity of citizenship and sole allegiance to the United States at and by birth. Obama has neither. See this website for more about Obama’s foreign influences since birth and thus him not being constitutionally eligible to be the President and Commander in Chief:

    1. William Rawle, who was President Washington’s pick to be the US Attorney for Pennsylvania wrote down the definition of a natural born citizen in 1825

      “Therefore every person born within the United States, its territories or districts, whether the parents are citizens or aliens, is a natural born citizen in the sense of the Constitution, and entitled to all the rights and privileges appertaining to that capacity.”

      1. So, per you and Mr. Rawle a person born in the USA to alien parents (parents who are still citizens of another country) and thus their children are born with multiple citizenship and thus allegiance requirements to more than one country, and thus under foreign influence by birth, would be eligible to be Commander in Chief of our military and President. John Jay who became the first Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court and Emer de Vattel would strongly disagree with you and Mr. Rawle. Other writers on natural born Citizen and its Natural Law origins and meaning and understanding by the founders and framers who agreed to put it into the U.S. Constitution as a protection against foreign influence by birth on the highest office disagree with Mr. Rawles later opinion on being a natural born Citizen to constitutional standards. See: and

        CDR Kerchner (Ret)

  2. We who have been with this from the very, very beginning have heard it all and I can hear Obozo laughing in the background. I knew we were in for a downward slide into the pits of hell from the moment I saw that lying Soros puppet. To this day, he is in the background engineering the demise of America. Sad that every single elected official sold the Country out by objecting to the electoral count in the January 2009 joint session of Congress. They did the same in 2021 with Biden. Is it no wonder the citizenry is beside themselves with the corruption?

    1. I certainly hope you are right. My fear is that the Philadelphia Hall Hitler speech would not have been delivered unless they have something up their sleeve for the November elections, assuming we have ever have one. Something is going on in the backfield that I’m certain.

  3. Has anyone explained why the paper document photographed by Savannah Guthrie has a round seal in the exact same place as the round seal visible in the LFBC PDF?

    1. Would you kindly post a link to a public domain image of each of the specific documents you referred to above so I can look at the exact same documents before proffering an explanation or not.

      Thank you.

      1. You can find the image of the paper document photographed by Savannah Guthrie here:

        You can find the PDF of Obama’s birth certificate here:

        The round seal on both can be seen by zooming in above the APR 25 2011 and immediately left of signature by V KL Lee. You can adjust the contrast to make them more apparent.

        The images Guthrie posted online are at a higher resolution than the PDF. The paper document Guthrie photographed cannot be Created by simply printing out the PDF but the PDF could be created by scanning the paper document that she photographed.

        1. Thank you Mr. Fremick.

          What can be seen in both images by zooming in above the “APR 25 2011” and immediately left of the signature by V[U] KL Lee is a double circle pattern of small clear/white dots with a few similar dots scattered within the bottom half of the double circle pattern. There is nothing to even remotely identify that double circle pattern as the official seal of any specific thing.

          Moreover, if you start at the bottom of that double circle pattern and follow it in a clockwise direction, you should be able to see it pass through: a) the bottom horizontal line, then; b) the “D” in Delayed, then; c) the horizontal line, then; d) the vertical line between “Reg.” and “21.”, then; e) the >, then; f) the horizontal line just to the left of the “V[U]” in the signature, and finally; g) the bottom horizontal line. However, you don’t see it pass through any of those even though it can be seen in-between all of those.

          It’s as if whomever embossed it managed to position it such that the double circle pattern aligned in perfect avoidance of everything already printed on the paper. Either that or the paper was already embossed before anything was printed on it, which would account for “a)” through “f)” above passing over the double circle pattern.

    2. In answer to Ray Fremick, a forgery is a forgery is a forgery. And, Guthrie needs to wise up! Or, maybe she’s just a good likeness of “Jane, you ignorant s__t ,” as Dan Akroyd used to say in skits on Saturday Night Live! Cheers everyone. Tom A.

      1. Assume for the moment there is a forger.

        According to you, the forger created a paper document with a round seal and also created a PDF with a round seal. And on both of these they put the round seal in the exact same place.

        Or they created a single document (photographed by Guthrie) and then used to create the PDF.

        Which makes more sense to you?

  4. Thank you Mr. Arnold! Your tenacity is remarkable! And, I’m grateful for it!
    I agree with you; Obama is guilty of treason. But, so are hundreds if not thousands, who facilitated his crimes! You named a few of the more notorious culprits. Remember what Mike Zullo said: “ It’s a well known secret in Washington DC that Obama was NOT born in our country”. A lot of people there and throughout our country know this; and did nothing!
    I have been wondering; what did Trump discover when he sent his private team of investigators to Hawaii to inquire after Obama’s birth certificate? To this day he hasn’t revealed the findings. Wouldn’t it be fascinating if this information is in the Mar-A-Lago files that were absconded by the FBI! I’m sure Trump has copies!
    In any case, keep up your good work, keep the pressure on. Our country needs more patriots like you! I remain hopeful that the scoundrel Obama and his minions soon will be held accountable for their heinous crimes! GOD bless you and GOD bless our country!

  5. Thanks Tom for all you have done and are doing, and for never giving-up.
    It appears Obama will never be gone after because doing so would quickly reveal that both political parties gave America’s government and her military to her enemies in 2009 when they allowed Obama, without objection, to be sworn-in as America’s putative president. The magnitude of the crimes committed on that day by all complicit in doing nothing to stop Obama is HUGE. This left both parties with no choice but to be part of the “forever” cover-up of The Obama Fraud or face the possibility of prison for, as a minimum, violating their sworn oath to protect the Constitution. The plan was for Hillary to be the much needed after Obama cover president, and her loss to Donald Trump was and still is a danger to reveal the truth about Barry. Removing Trump from office as quickly as possible was job number one for Congress, both parties and even though multiple attempts failed to remove President Trump they were able to remove him from office by stealing the 2020 election. Now they are desperately trying to insure Donald Trump is not president again. All complicit in The Obama Fraud are part of giving America’s government and her military to her enemies. Crimes against America’s government and her military do not get any bigger than The Obama Fraud………

  6. In the not-so-famous words of Barack HUSSEIN Obama (translated from Indonesian to Arabic to English and then to 3rd grade reading level for Joe and Kamala), “ALL WE HAVE TO DO NOW IS ‘FORGE’ AHEAD!” Yeah, that’s right. It is alleged that he said “FORGE” ahead! Or, being somewhat of a student of history, did Obama actually say something about George at Valley Forge? Oh well, just like about almost everything else today, we’ll never know the TRUTH!

  7. I agree with everything in this article and am appalled that nothing has been done about it but I know nothing will ever be done about it because the conspiracy of TREASON is so deep seated in both political parties and they refuse to prosecute any of their puppets!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Sharon, thank you for diligence in reporting and updating us. I have spoken of the author several times and came to the conclusion he is a patriot. It seems that the patriots are the only ones who are interested in this crime. This ongoing saga continues today mainly because what I call the opposition (media, corrupt government, our so called police agencies etc…) who are probably ordered to trash it. Let’s not forget this whole identity scandal is riddled with so many other things that would land anyone in jail for forgery examples are Obama having a Connecticut social security number although he never resided there, a proven forged draft registration card and many other circumstantial evidence that would convince a Court of a crime. The Sheriff’s kits are still available on my site. Thank you all.
    Mike Volin

    1. Thanks Mike. I haven’t heard from, or about, you in a long time. I always admired your efforts to get the word out (your radio show, website, and of course the Sheriffs Kits which you distributed to just about everyone on Capitol Hill). I’ll never forget (but I do forgive, if you will allow me) the words we had on one of my call-ins to your radio program when Mike Zullo and Carl Gallups were guests. I still don’t understand the “silence” of everyone for the last several years. I don’t mean silence toward me personally. I mean the silence about what was happening in our country. Obama and his thugs were strategizing and preparing their plan for the final takeover (“transformation”) and defeat of our republic. I’m afraid that it may be happening now while the “crickets” (not critics!) are all that we are hearing! God Bless, and you are right (and I thank you) to reach the conclusion that I am a patriot. I’m no Paul Revere, but I do try to do my part. Tom Arnold.

  9. Bring down Obama and the house of cards topples, just like the statues did.
    There are two political factions in the US today: the Democratic Socialists vs MAGA (sorry, the Republican Party went to the Dark Side).
    The Republican Party is now officially dead. The Republicans and the Democrats are now officially the ‘Deep State.’
    Or…to put it another way, it’s the Fascists vs the Constitutionalists.
    Either honor those who are in the Arlington National Cemetery or turn your back on them.

    Roving Reporter

    1. When the Republican party did nothing to try to stop The Obama Fraud they became as guilty as the Democrats for giving America’s government and her military to her enemies. They had to protect Obama because they allowed themselves to become complicit in The Obama Fraud, mostly due to fear of being called “racist” if they objected to Obama for any reason……….Yes, the Republican Party went to the dark side………..

  10. Thank you for having the courage to voice this. It has been my belief for a long time that Obama was “created” by the CIA. What a shame that our own government is complicit in this.