by Professor Zorkophsky, ©2022

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (Wikimedia Commons, CC by SA 4.0 International)

(Aug. 19, 2022) — WARNING: ACHTUNG! Do not proceed if:

1.  You cried when Hillary lost.

2.  You believed in Russian Collusion.

3.  You still believe in the ‘Russian Collusion Hoax.’

4.  You cried when Liz Cheney lost.

5.  You can’t remember when the USA was energy-dominant.

6.  You care more about an illegal immigrant then you do about a homeless Veteran.

7.  You believe in boosters.

8.  You used the word ‘inclusive’ in the last 30 days.

9.  You used the word ‘binary’ in the last 60 days.

10. You watched CNN in the last 3 months.

11.  You watched ‘The View’ in the last 5 years.

12.  You vote Democratic because your parents did.

13.  You vote Democrat because your parents didn’t.

14.  You think it is normal for Murkowski to get more than one vote.

15.  You don’t have a clue who Jack Posobiec is.

16.  You believe in the 9.1% *inflation number.

17.  You believe that the high price of gas is Trump’s fault.

18.  You watch ‘Morning Joe’ and believe the BS.

19.  You believe that IRS agents need to be armed.

20.  You fail to understand that the exit from Afghanistan wasn’t the proper way to retreat and call it a day.

21.  You have worn a mask while driving alone in your car.

22.  You support the mandate that children be masked.

23.  You believe CNN is not fake news.

24.  You believe that ANTIFA isn’t Fascist.

25.  You believe that BLM cares about Blacks.

26.  You believe that BLM cares about anything.

27.   You believe that the Constitution is ‘outdated.’

28.   You believe in toppling statues.

“The fallen Christopher Columbus statue outside the Minnesota State Capitol after a group led by American Indian Movement members tore it down in St. Paul, Minnesota, on June 10, 2020”, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0

29.   You cheered when the statue of Christopher Columbus was toppled.

30.   You have a suspicion that Gretchen Whitmer may be a normal human being.

31.    You think that Kathy Hochul is normal.

32.    You think that Gavin Newsom has always been normal.

33.    You believe in ‘Sanctuary Cities.’

34.    You think the murder rate in Chicago is acceptable.

35.    You think that the murder rate in St. Louis is okay.

36.    You think that the murder rate in NYC is ‘getting better.’

37.    You don’t know that the Democratic Party is not the Communist Party.

38.    You believe that Muslims will assimilate.

39.    You believe that the Holocaust never happened.

40.    You believe that Muslims are persecuted.

41.     You believe that there is an animal called a ‘moderate Muslim.’

42.     You believe that the raid on Mar-a-Lago was legal.

43.     You believe that the FBI could not use a phone to call Roger Stone to meet at the courthouse.

44.     You believe that NGOs are operating not for money.

45.     You think that ‘human trafficking’ doesn’t happen on our southern border.

46.     You don’t remember what the massive nationwide truck convoy protest was all about.

47.     You think that the 2020 election was honest.

48.     You think that Mike Pence acted appropriately.

49.     You believe the CDC.

50.     You believe that a ‘vaccine’ vaccinates.

NIAID Director Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, public domain

51.      You believe that Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx are honorable people.

52.     You believe that Bill Gates has a clue what’s going on.

53.     You believe that electric cars are the answer.

54.     You believe that solar power is the answer.

55.     You believe that wind turbines don’t kill thousands of birds.

56.     You believe that a county employee works 8 hrs./day.

57.     You believe that guns are the problem.

58.     You believe we need more ‘SAFE ZONE’ signs at schools.

59.     You don’t care about all the deadly communicable diseases.

60.     You never gave a passing thought about tuberculosis.

61.      You don’t care about Ebola or Marburg.

62.      You don’t care about typhus or whooping cough.

63.      You don’t remember the ‘Occupy Movement’ and you didn’t care anyway.

64.      You watched the cops standing on the corner when Baltimore burned.

65.      You watched the cops standing on the corner when Ferguson, MO burned.

66.      You watched the cops standing on the corner when Portland, OR burned.

67.      You haven’t a clue what an illegal order looks like.

68.      You haven’t a clue what an illegal order even is.

69.      You believe in ‘wokeness.’

70.      You believe that voter ID is ‘voter suppression.’

71.       You believe whatever the DA says.

72.      You believe whatever the AG says.

73.      You believe that Biden is the president.

74.      You believe that Chief Justice John Roberts did not swear in Barry Soetoro (aka Obama) on the Quran.

75.      You believe that the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ is a benevolent enterprise.

76.      You believe the European Union is a good thing.

77.      You think Turkey in NATO is a good thing.

78.      You think women aboard a Navy ship is great idea.

79.      You think that women as front-line troops are a good idea.

80.      You support the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

81.       You believe that the National Guard should go out unarmed after a hurricane to restore order.

82.      You believe in Roe v. Wade.

83.      You don’t believe in God.

84.      You haven’t let Jesus in your life.

85.      You believe in ‘Orange Man Bad.’

86.      You think you know what the headstones in our national cemeteries stand for.

87.      You can’t see the difference between blue cities and red ones.

88.     You can’t understand that AG Eric Holder was the most divisive and corrupt AG ever.

89.     You believe the prisoners in GITMO should be set free rather than executed.

90.     You believe in abolishing the Pledge of Allegiance.

91.      You believe in outlawing school prayer.

92.      You believe in abolishing nativity scenes, anywhere.

93.      You believe in outlawing ‘Passion Plays’ in schools.

94.      You think that coddling our enemies makes us stronger.

95.      You believe that Christians are the enemy.

96.      You believe in every lie attributed to Trump, when, in fact, he may very well be our Republic’s last hope.

97.      You believe in what is totally destructive for our Republic.

98.     You believe that the Chinese students in America are not in the Chinese Army.

99.     You believe that the DOJ follows the law.

100.   You think that the USA will last forever when, in fact, it is just about gone forever.

Bottom line? Biden lost and because he lost, we all lost; people who voted for Obama lost; people who voted for Hillary lost; people who voted for Biden-Harris lost; and people who didn’t vote but could’ve voted lost; and everyone who had a hand in election fraud lost; you lost and I lost; your cat lost; your dog lost; Ukrainians lost, and Americans lost.

And every minute that goes by with Mitch McConnell in Washington, our kids and their kids lost.

Every animal in the zoo lost and every offspring of every animal lost.

All the freshwater lakes and streams lost, and all the fish lost. The Ohio and the Mississippi Rivers lost.

The whole world lost; now go back up to the top and read it again.

[*9.1%: Went shopping the other day with a receipt that was a year old and duplicated it. Got back and figured the REAL inflation number is a little over 21% (and no, I didn’t fill up my tank).]  

Professor ‘Trash the Masks’ Zorkophsky

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  1. Number 103: you actually believe Bubba Clinton meeting the honorable AG Loretta Lynch on an airport tarmac, while his wife Hildabeast was under investigation; and that all they talked about was their grandkids!

  2. Dear Professor ‘Trash the Masks’ Zorkophsky,

    Despite your warning, I read your editorial (above).
    Per your instruction, I went back up to the top and read it again.
    Thank you, Professor ‘Wise One’ Zorkophsky.

    102. You believe humans can prevent global climate change by switching from fossil fuel energy to solar and wind energy.

  3. Splendid, Professor! As for me, I believe (NOT) that Barack HUSSEIN Obama was a constitutionally eligible Natural Born American Citizen. I also believe (NOT) that he was never chosen, groomed, and financed by our CIA and Deep State to be a Manchurian Candidate fictitiously known for eight years afterwards as our country’s president. And, lastly, I believe (NOT) that our Congress, DOJ, judiciary, other federal agencies, political parties, and national news organizations were completely ignorant of these TRUTHS! Tom Arnold.