by Joseph DeMaio, ©2022

Rep. Hank Johnson (from website)

(Jul. 31, 2022) – Apparently taking a cue from the transparently “soft bribery” proposal recently floated by Seton Hall assistant law dean Brian Sheppard, the Democrats now seek an alternative way to alter – ahem…, unconstitutionally – the composition of the Supreme Court.

Specifically, despite the Constitution’s Article 3, § 1 grant of lifetime tenure to Supreme Court Justices conditioned only upon their “good behavior” – not their age or seniority – Representative Hank (“Guam may capsize!”) Johnson (D-GA) has introduced the comically-labeled “Supreme Court Tenure Establishment and Retirement Modernization Act of 2022.”

Really?  The stupidity of the proposal is exposed and dismantled by constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley here.  Rather than regurgitate the Turley dissection of the proposed legislation, faithful P&E readers are encouraged to savor Turley’s analysis on his website.

The proposed bill – having a score of minus 42 on the likelihood scale of becoming law – is being floated by Congressman Johnson purportedly to restore “balance and legitimacy” on the Court. Translation: it is a naked attempt to drive the composition of the Court to the left via an attempted end-around-run on the Constitution.  And with Jerrold (“no neck”) Nadler (D-NY) joining Johnson as a co-sponsor, the legitimacy of the bill is only further undermined.  Unsurprisingly, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) – another of the intellectual luminaries of the Congress – is spearheading the proposal in the Senate. 

Dumb bill, Hank… right up there with your concerns over the potential for Guam to capsize if more Marines were to be stationed there.  Recall, faithful P&E readers, this is the same stellar intellect claiming to represent the people of Georgia’s 4th congressional district bordering Atlanta.  He is the genius who, with a straight face, expressed alarm in a House Armed Services Committee hearing in 2010 that the island of Guam might capsize and tip over if more Marines were stationed there.

As the Goofball at 1600 would note: “Not joking…, end of quote…, repeat the line….”   Johnson’s proposal again underscores the reality discussed here: Democrats should never again be allowed within two light years’ proximity to governmental authority, not only because of their hatred for America, but because they are simply too stupid to claim any right or competence to govern a free people.

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