by Joseph DeMaio, ©2022

“…and seeing for the first time the lights of this capital city…it means those young Americans will find a city of hope in a land that is free…that another generation of Americans has protected and passed on lovingly, this place called America, this shining city on a hill…” Source: C-Span

(Jul. 25, 2022) — Most of your humble servant’s P&E offerings run for thousands of words.  Not this one.  Short and acidic: get rid of Democrats in positions of federal, state, county and municipal governmental authority.  School boards and mainstream media propaganda outlets too. Top to bottom. Vote them out; recall them; impeach them; fire them; prosecute them…, without exception. 

They have collaborated and conspired to destroy the “shining city on a hill” envisioned by President Reagan.  And like political ghouls not yet satiated or satisfied with their predations thus far, they are now intent on mutilating its corpse.

Get rid of them…, all of them.  Permanently.  They have forever forfeited any claim of right or competence to inform or govern a free people. 

Full stop.

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  1. This article is laconic, short and sweet and succinct. The Democrat Party has morphed into a treasonous, anti-American, destructive, unpatriotic, despicably immoral, ungodly den of iniquity. The end of the Democrat Party would be a welcome steppingstone to the restoration of our beloved nation as a God fearing, peace, liberty and freedom loving sanctuary of morality and high values. It is in God that we must trust. He will preserve the United States of America. All we must do is ask him to do so.

    “Our constitution was made only for a religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other”- John Adams

  2. Mr DeMaio, respectfully, how do you propose to do that? It is beginning to look like elections don’t work. Chief Justice Roberts has refused to make Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 work. And, of course, there’s the Deep State (CIA, FBI, NWO, and others) which might at any time for any reason be knocking on your front door. And, there is the seemingly endless and treasonously allowed invasion of undocumented immigrants. Also, NO ONE IN GOVERNMENT IS ALLOWED TO TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT HOW OUR COUNTRY GOT TO THIS PATHETIC POINT. How can our broken society and rampant public corruption ever be identified and vigorously dealt with and defeated unless the TRUTH is told and acted upon? Sorry to say, everyone, this won’t be happening anytime soon if ever in our lifetimes. A DOPE-SMOKING, SEXUALLY DEVIANT, COMMUNIST-MENTORED, ARAB AMERICAN, CIA AND DEEP STATE SPONSORED EVIL MAN (assuming he is a male homo-sapiens and not the anti-Christ himself) STARTED ALL OF THIS IN 2007 OR EARLIER AND NOW, WITH CO-CONSPIRATORS MANY OF THEM “FROM WITHIN,” HAS SUCCEEDED IN MAKING FOOLS AND LOSERS OF PRACTICALLY ALL OF US. Not telling the TRUTH did this!

    1. I agree, and thanks Tom Arnold,
      Letting Obama get away with usurping America’s presidency, which is what both parties, John Roberts and 98% of the media did in 2009, means they had to protect Obama to protect themselves…..forever. That job was supposed to be done after Obama by the planned and promised in 2008 after Obama cover president, Hillary Clinton. When Hillary was defeated by Donald Trump both parties panicked, fearing Obama’s proven nemesis, Donald Trump would reveal and act on The Obama Fraud. Allowing the fraud Obama to be America’s putative president and commander-in-chief was like signing over America after losing a war……but without the death and destruction of a conventional war.

      With control at the highest levels of America’s government Obama and Company could weaken America as much as possible and because Obama is both race, and once sworn-in ineligibility protected, he could do whatever he wanted without fear of any substantial action by either party. Still, both parties feared Trump and the truth about Barry and they kept President Trump busy with bogus impeachment attempts…which failed to remove Trump from office. That failure meant the next step was to steal the presidency from President Trump in the 2020 election, which they also did. Proving how much both parties fear another Trump presidency, attempts are now being made to do something, anything, to insure Donald Trump cannot be president again. If America is going to recover we need a landslide victory by Donald Trump and real Conservative Republicans in 2024……….This time it really will be the last….last chance……..if America cannot hold a fair election with one vote per qualified voter and the votes counted correctly our Constitutional Republic is over……..forever……..