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by Mike Latham, ©2022

(Jul. 11, 2022) — By now, most are aware that the decisions regarding Covid that were made by lifelong bureaucrats, feckless politicians, and their lemming-led media were completely WRONG, deadly wrong! Maybe someday the guilty parties will be made to answer for what they’ve orchestrated, and the why; MAYBE.

Today, as a result of mounting and overwhelming evidence, the focus has shifted to the subject of their being potentially deadly, very, very, deadly. These shots are, in fact, experimental, in every sense of that definition.

Many facts have surfaced that raise serious, numerous, and unanswered questions; here are but a few:

  • When Dr. Fauci was questioned under oath by Sen. Rand Paul, he lied about the NIH’s funding of “Gain-of-Function” research at the Wuhan virology lab. It was later proven (incontrovertibly) that in fact the NIH, under Fauci’s leadership, had shunted funds to a proxy, and those funds ultimately wound up in the Wuhan lab. Why did Fauci do that and then find it necessary to lie about it under oath? WHY?
  • The bureaucratic team of medical professionals advising the administration, led by Drs. Fauci, Birx and Redfield, refused to enter into meaningful dialogue with the majority of medical professionals (practitioners and scientists) who disagreed with their plans, later
    proven to be totally irresponsible. Rather, Dr. Birx (primarily) was repeatedly dispatched around the country to spread the seeds of fear re Covid that grew very quickly into wild hysteria! WHY??
  • Today, in mid-July 2022, the Biden administration, Big Pharma, a complicit media and various other lemmings are encouraging the experimental and suspect mRNA to be injected into children ages 5 and under. However, science tells us that this age group is only .0008% likely to experience any serious health effect from the virus. So why would any rational person, an honest person, make such an irresponsible recommendation!? WHY?

If you want more on the subject, I strongly recommend that you click on this article. You’re likely to find it shocking, very shocking, but the truth will always come to the surface, ALWAYS, and yes, it is always best to be prepared.

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