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by Neil Turner, ©2022

(Jul. 6, 2022) — As we all know deep down in our hearts, minds and souls, we have been lied to, cheated, cajoled and misinformed, with attacks against our bodies, minds and spirits by the criminal ghouls that surround us… soon to be exposed in national legal proceedings filed in March 2022 against Biden, Fauci, HHS and the CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services), etc., with hearings set to begin on Wednesday 6 July, 2022!

And if for some reason you do not suspect, know, or believe this, then watch and listen (the first ten minutes will blow you away) to this interview with Dr. David Martin, wherein you will learn, from the published records of so-called medical authorities such as the CDC, the NIH, Big Pharma and Dr. Anthony Fauci, etc. that:

· The so-called COVID-19 ‘plandemic’ is not about a so-called ‘virus’; it’s about forcibly injecting a spike protein biological weapon (developed by your ‘government’ over the last 20+ years);

· There is no disease called a Covid-19 ‘VIRUS’! (the ‘virus’ has never been seen/isolated/self-replicated);

· Fauci’s protocol of the ‘shot’ plus remdesivir in Africa had a 53% kill rate!

· ‘COVID-19’ is not a disease/virus; it is a set of clinical symptoms used to promote a campaign of terror … in order to get the people to accept the so-called ‘vaccine’ (which, by definition, it is NOT!).

· Vaccine manufacturers have been made legally exempt from liability for damages … except in the event of FRAUD … soon to be exposed – by their own admission and records. Once the FRAUD is established (they knew that the ‘blood-clot-shots’ were not ‘safe and effective’) … 100% of the LIABILITY flows back to Big Pharma;

· Each count of biological-terror damages comes with a $100 million penalty for Corporate Domestic Terrorism!  Organized Crime … on steroids!

Prepare yourself for a disturbing dose of the unmitigated TRUTH!

Editor’s Note: The lawsuit can be accessed here. Martin’s website chronicling the progress of that suit and other actions is here.

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  1. Is there any updates on the first day of court( July 6)? Thank you Dr.Martin for being so courageous and insistent in bringing the truth to light. I live in Charlottesville and am praying and sending you all the hope I can.

  2. My husband, a veteran, died of COVID 1/6/2022 without a will after receiving two vaccines from the veterans administration medical facility in Phoenix, Az.
    Now, Mortgage company refusing spousal ownership of our property, denying historically low interest rates and equity to keep our home…it goes deep…beyond the now and into our children’s future…because of COVID!

  3. Excellent chronological summary of the world-wide scheduled genocide of humanity. Recommend vast dissemination to all, regardless of which side of the ‘vaccination’ fence they exist.

    Make sure the hour+ long video weblink cited as “interview” in paragraph 2 is accessed. It is an alarm clock for all, even those with mediocre hearing.