by Sharon Rondeau

(Jun. 21, 2022) — Former U.S. Army Capt. and recently-awarded Doctor of Military Ministry (DMM) Gary Mason II has just launched a website and released a book on his military career which The Post & Email covered in a series of 49 articles beginning in spring 2018.

Our conclusion of Mason’s story earlier this year featured his recounting of his dissertation “defense” to a panel of adjudicators. Titled, “A DIVINE SOLUTION: UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AS AN ANTIDOTE TO RACIAL DISCRIMINATION IN THE US ARMY,” the dissertation aims to assist military chaplains within their ministries to “counteract the effects of racism” by calling on “God’s unconditional love.”

Our interview additionally heralded the upcoming book, published by Palmetto Publishing and titled, “Persecuted to Love: A Soldier’s Story,” now available through booksellers around the world as well as on the website.

The press release for the book (screenshot above) can be read in its entirety here:

The book’s introduction summarizes Mason’s military journey, which was fraught with tension and retaliation once he exposed unaddressed instances of racism and sexism within his unit in Iraq. Due to circumstances which spiraled out of his control, Mason’s service ended after 15 years despite his intention to make the Army a career.

The introduction to the book begins:

Persecuted to Love is one soldier’s story of resilience and dependence on God. The persecution directed at Lieutenant Mason began when he reported what he thought was an isolated racist attack he endured at his cavalry unit in Iraq. When matters were not addressed, he uncovered an abusive culture in the Army that some would murder to cover up. Mason courageously fought to expose the truth while Army leaders fought to destroy his career. His pleas for protection and accountability were ignored by Congress, the White House, the Department of Justice and even the President himself. A man of faith, Mason prayed unceasingly amid character assassination and threats on his life. Unconditional love and reconciliation were the only answers to the attacks that ended in his forced early retirement.

Since leaving the military, Mason has sought to assist active and former military members who have been victims of sexual assault and other abuses, some of them never acknowledged by the Department of Defense.

Readers can also follow Mason’s journey on Instagram.

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