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(May 18, 2022) — “O Mio Babbino Caro” (3:05)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. Today’s guest is a well-known sociologist who specializes in conducting IQ tests on patients that he reviews seen only on television. He has been ‘on call’ for the CIA, NSA and a few other ‘alphabet soup’ government agencies for the past 50 years and, according to some, has ‘hit the nail on the head every time.’ Welcome to ‘Pulse,’ the most-watched show in its time slot. Please state your name and give us an idea of what you do, starting with the word ‘patient.’ Do these people even know that they’re ‘patients’ in the first place?”

“They sure as heck do after they receive my bill. Don’t look so startled; it was just a joke. But I’ve thought about it. I actually did send a bill to Nikita Khrushchev, and he wrote back saying that he’ll give ‘the first nuke to me,’ which I thought was over the top. I mean, the guy couldn’t take a joke. Name is John; pleased to be here.”

“What in the heck did you say to him?”

Wrote; I wrote to him. All I said was he had an IQ of a barn rat living in Siberia and he went over the top. He said that Pavlov’s lab rats were smarter than any of our congressmen, which, incidentally, I agreed with.”

“Who was the last person you tested?”


“And that was?”

“This morning. I’m on a retainer to give daily reports to see if he slips any further.”

“And has he?”

“No, he’s been stable for the last year.”

“So, what’s his verdict?”

“He’s entirely off the scale. He no longer registers, he’s so far down. A year and a day ago he was equal to a log, but now, who knows?”

“Did you say a ‘log?’ What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means he’s really, really dumb, that’s what it means and, unbelievable as it seems, he even got dumber, which is why he doesn’t even register ‘as dumb as a log’ anymore.”


“You telling me.”

“No, I meant my job, being an interviewer with all kinds of people, is amazing of what they say. I mean, ‘log?’ Now if you had said something along the lines of, say, you tested Biden and determined he has an IQ of 51 a year ago and this morning he registered at 48, maybe I would have believed you. Excuse us while we take a short break.”

Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” (5:55)

“Okay, we’re back. You can answer now.”

“No wonder; that’s because you aren’t familiar with professional sociological terms. Ever hear the word ‘nuts’ in describing a crazy person? Sure you have, but did you know that the word ‘nuts’ is an accepted word used by professional and amateur psychiatrists every day?”

“There are amateur psychiatrists?”

“Look around; every cop has to be one, just like every bank teller.”

“You’re talking ‘profiling.’

“I’m talking about staying alive. You walk into a grocery store and some punk whips out a rifle. Do you, 1) hit the dirt or, 2) reach in your pocket and take out your gun and blow the creep away? Your choice.”

“We were talking about Biden.”

“We were talking about Biden being dumber than a log and, by extension, anybody who buys into the malarkey of destroying America is just as dumb, as Morning Joe and his viewers are. It takes a heck of a lot more effort to obtain freedom than to lose it, which is what we’re doing, losing our freedoms, with little to no effort. Just look how dumb Mitch McConnell is. McConnell and Biden are tied, by the way. We used to be an energy exporter, and look at us now, gas going through the roof. How much proof does anyone need, as if 2000 Mules weren’t enough?”

“That is so true. And then there’s the ‘Clot Shot.’

“As if it’s a mystery that people die after the shot. How stupid do they have to be? Get shot: die.”

“Well, get shot ‘then maybe die later,’ maybe while flying a plane, driving, or on the firing range, thanks to our – just as dumb – Secretary of Defense.”

“Don’t forget the Joint Chiefs of Staff.”

“That’s right: vote for the Dems and look forward to more ‘out of Afghanistan’ collapses; border collapse; economic collapse; moral collapse; deductive reasoning collapse; reasoning collapse and a ‘chance to do better collapse.’

“And that’ll do it for us, too. Well, it’s been nice, John; we thank you for being on the show, and with that we’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

[Note: the moral of this editorial? Think “country collapse” and you’ll be on the right page. Think Anarchy; think Argentina and Venezuela. Think buying oil from Venezuela. Think ruin. Think today and then imagine tomorrow with this Biden clown in the White House. Think being able to protect yourself, the people you care about and your property. Think being well- armed with plenty of water and ammo. Think positive by preparing for a rainy day and not having to worry about it.]

Nessun Dorma” (4:31)

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  1. From the USA being energy dominant; from being an energy exporter to acting as if we’re a Third World country is the ONE reason why there is inflation. High gas prices = high food prices. The ONE fix is to revert back to Trump’s economic policies ASAP.
    But that won’t happen, will it? Biden and the Dems are hell-bent on destroying our Republic before the Dems get kicked out of “The Swamp”.
    The unrest throughout the world is because Biden and his cohorts in crime are feckless. They haven’t the brains to understand that they could be more prosperous and safe under Trump’s programs than the mess that they themselves have and are continuing to create on a daily bases.
    Our enemy isn’t Russia; not China and not anyone or anything other than our own government who is not qualified either morally or by any other qualifications to be in charge of anything, including the military, anything to do with the law and conducting press conferences just to spread the “lie of the day”.
    The American Indian tribes have declared war on this administration for failure to keep the promise of keeping our country safe. Open borders and runaway inflation leaves us open to a takeover that does not put the Constitution as the law of the land.
    We have been in contact with “The Paratroopers” and expect to continue to spread the word, and those of you in the know understand what I’m talking about.
    We know that anyone who will follow illegal orders is the enemy; keep your powder dry and, as always, don’t forget the water.

    Chief New Leaf