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April 25, 2022

Mr. Barack Hussein Obama:  

On April 22, 2022, a Washington Examiner news article by Paul Bedard titled “Obama:  Most ‘Consequential’ Decision was not Fighting ‘Birther’ Claims”) stated that you and some of your former and/or present staff regret that you did not stand up stronger to “birthers” and more aggressively oppose their so-called “conspiracy theories” about your place of birth and whether or not you were/are a Muslim.  Oh, really!  Personally, I (an unashamed “birther”) believe that getting into some kind of contentious political skirmish over your background would have absolutely been the wrong thing for you to do (then or now).  You wouldn’t have a chance of winning!  Why not?  Continue reading, and I think you will find out.

It is obvious to me that YOU, MR. OBAMA, HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE.  In fact, I am convinced that you HAVE A LOT TO HIDE!  Why have you chosen to conceal your bona fides from the American people who twice elected you president?  Wasn’t that the gist of your first Executive Order (#13489)?  I know that you will say that you were merely rescinding a previous, and more restrictive, order by President George W. Bush.  That, however, is up for debate, considering the countless efforts by you and your legal team to hide your personal records from the public, at no little cost to you (millions of dollars) for attorney fees! 

One related incident in particular that I will never forget was during the courts martial of undisputed Army hero Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, MD (flight surgeon).  In that case (December 2010), which ended in conviction and imprisonment for several months of Dr. Lakin in Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary, the presiding judge, Army Col. Denise Lind, actually DENIED A DEFENSE MOTION FOR DISCOVERY of any background information or qualifications of yours, Commander-in-Chief Obama, to issue orders because, as Judge Lind said, such material MIGHT BE “EMBARRASSING” to you!  No kidding!   

You, Mr. Obama, may think privately that you “put one over” on the American people and electorate.  You may even think that it was for our own good (that would be giving you a big benefit of the doubt)!  Actually, it is difficult for one to determine who brainwashed who!  Was it you who deceived the American citizenry, or were the citizens the ones who drove you to be what you were, and are?  Frankly, I am unable to give you a definitive answer to those questions.  I tend to believe, however, that YOU, SIR, WERE THE CONSEQUENCE TO AMERICA OF BOTH!  You purposefully deceived (as if brainwashed) the American people.  They idolized and worshiped you and, in the process, elicited from you certain things or favors they expected.  To complicate matters even more, it never ceases to amaze me how a dope-smoking, sexually perverted, academically average, communist-mentored, fancier of Karl Marx and Mao Tse-tung could have been identified and chosen at an early age, as I believe, by the CIA (and others) to become president of the United States at some future time, especially someone who had so many problems and character deficiencies.  WHAT WAS THE CIA THINKING?  I have to believe that your eventual “success,” Mr. Obama, was because of the connections of your family and fellow travelers with you and them.  Somehow, it appears by a quirk of nature or the devil himself, you were chosen, supported, and groomed by the CIA, the Deep State, fanciers of the New World Order, and the Democrat Party (do Nancy Pelosi and Claire McCaskill ring a bell?) to be a MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE AND NOMINEE FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.  

However, you were never constitutionally eligible (Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 requires a nominee for president to be a NATURAL BORN AMERICAN CITIZEN).  It doesn’t really matter if you were born in Hawaii (by the way, if you were, then why would you need a forged birth certificate?), Kenya, Indonesia, or anywhere else.  It is disqualifying that you were a citizen of three different countries (British Kenya, Indonesia, and the United States) and held multiple allegiances and world views (including as a Muslim who worshiped Islam).  Many, if not most, of us are well aware, too, that you or someone on your behalf committed a number of crimes, including the forgery of official government documents, apparently as a means of fabricating an identity as an American citizen who could run for high political office.  In reality, though, you were UNDOCUMENTED!  You have yet to prove otherwise.  

Without belaboring the facts any more (and there are hundreds of things which were NOT favorable to you becoming president, Mr. Obama), I will conclude my letter by recalling what I consider to be one of the most incriminating facts of all.  In a filmed debate for a U.S. Senate seat from Illinois in the fall of 2004, your opponent, Alan Keyes, stated, “You are not even a natural born citizen.”  You, Mr. Obama, replied, “That’s okay, I’m not running for president.  I am only running for Senate.”  NEED I SAY MORE?  I REALLY DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT YOU, MR. OBAMA, RE-LITIGATE YOUR UNDESERVED POSITION AS A QUALIFIED PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE AGAINST THE COUNTERVAILING OPINIONS AND FACTS OF “BIRTHERS” LIKE MYSELF AND OTHERS.  YOU WOULD CERTAINLY LOSE!  

Also, before closing, may I suggest that you cease interjecting yourself into today’s governmental and societal affairs.  You and your comrades have already done enough damage!  Is all of this nonsense what you meant by “transforming” our country?  You aren’t trying to compare and equate yourself with our wise and God-fearing Founding Fathers and their achievements, are you? 


Thomas W. Arnold lll

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      1. Not yet

        Gorsuch is the assigned associate Scotus justice assigned to manage the USCA 10th circuit judicial council including office of the circuit executive.

        I’ll let this blog know when any publicly non confidential Scotus response is publicly available

        1. Suffice to say every Obama appointed circuit and district judge has a complaint docket number assigned and awaiting scotus assigned justice for review. In this case 10th circuit judicial council.

  1. One time I was listening to radio talk show host Tom Bauerle and his co-host David Bellavia (Yes. That David Bellavia. The medal of Honor recipient).

    The show was on WBEN Radio in Buffalo, New York.

    The topic of the day was Obama’s eligibility to be President. Being anxious to talk about this I called the show. I told Bellavia that I was calling to talk about the topic of the day, Obama’s eligibility.

    Bellavia then asked me a question about “Do I believe that the 911 events were an inside job?” That question had nothing to do with the topic of the day which was Obama. I answered it anyway. I said “I am keeping an open mind on that”. It’s aways good to keep an open mind on things that are in dispute.

    Do you know what Bellavia said then?

    He told me that I could not come on the show and that he uses the question about 911 as a “Litmus test” to screen people. Imagine that. A MOH recipient not allowing me to comment on the topic of the day. Conditioning my being able to comment on whether or not I AGREE with him. He fought for American values? He didn’t demonstrate it that day.

  2. People may recall that while speaking about the Obama usurpation and fraud on C-Span I was promptly censored by C-Span and cut off. The comment I made showed up on the transcript of that particular episode as having been interrupted in midstream with the moderator asserting that Obama was eligible. I tell you. This is a hot potato issue that the powers that be want to stifle any way they can. That’s why “We the People” must never let this rest. It must be addressed properly. Our nation’s very existence is at stake. It’s a moral imperative.

      1. Barack Hussein Obama told his literary agent and had it published in his agent’s brochure in his biography therein for many, many years that he was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii. The bio was updated by Obama several times over about a 17 year period as Obama’s literary career and political career progressed and his statement of birth in Kenya statement stayed in until he decided to prepare to run for President. Then the born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii was that Obama presented to the world was scrubbed. See: https://www.scribd.com/document/93986071/Obama-s-Bio-in-1991-Literary-Agent-Promo-Booklet-States-Obama-Born-in-Kenya-Reported-at-Breitbart-17May2012 Of course the OBOTs and Obama’s defenders will say he never proof read it and corrected it himself and just try to blame it on error by others who are willing to lie and cover for the fraud Obama.

        There are more examples of Obama’s early life narrative and Obama himself declaring he was born in Kenya to various people per their first hand accounts at this link: https://www.scribd.com/lists/3248475/Kenyan-Gov-Officials-African-Newspapers-Obama-1991-Bio-Barry-Obama-Obama-Family-Mbrs-and-other-Accounts-Reporting-Obama-is-Kenyan-Born

        CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)

  3. My apologies to everyone. I posted a Comment or two a couple of hours ago that I thought was worthy of being called a “SMOKING GUN.” As I found out shortly afterwards, the LINK that I was using wouldn’t pull up the news articles to which I was referring- something about the “security,” or absence of it, on my computer! I am not a computer “geek” by any stretch of the imagination. All I can do now is refer you, the readers, to the Comment of “Nikita’s_UN_Shoe” posted 4-25-22 at 4:46 pm. Those links do work! And, the excellent material in them (including an article or two from The Post & Email) is still what I consider to be a SMOKING GUN. By the way, I was not trying to plagiarize anybody else’s work or commentary. I intended only to see if I could access the material myself, which unfortunately for reasons unknown to me I was not able to do. Anyway, this material, no matter from whom you receive it, is worthy of everyone’s full attention. It looks like Orly Taitz (whom I have met) filed some sort of legal action, to have the 2009 matter brought to the public’s attention or whatever, and Judge James Carter, who has dismissed all actions brought to him about Obama, would not hear the case and summarily dismissed it. Anyway, I still say that this material was and is something of a smoking gun, a real game-changer. Please don’t let my computer skills (or lack thereof) keep you from examining this matter thoroughly. I find it very worthy of our attention! Thanks everyone, Tom Arnold.

  4. Okay, everyone! Click on the Pinroot article and READ ALL OF IT, REFERENCES INCLUDED https://www.pinroot.wordpress.com/2009/10/20/ap-declares-obama-“kenyan-born”/
    Then, if you haven’t already done so, click on the reference near the top of the Pinroot article, titled The Post and Email. And, read it in its entirety, too.
    IF THESE ARE NOT PROVERBIAL “SMOKING GUNS,” THEN I DON’T KNOW WHAT WOULD BE. After fifteen years, the “investigation” may finally be over. Bring on the TREASON charges, and spare no one.
    Amen and May God Bless America and Help Us Save Our Country. Thomas W Arnold lll.

  5. From Bob68:
    Thank you Tom Arnold:

    One of the most involved protectors of Obama was/is Nancy Pelosi. Nancy has a very personal interest in protecting Obama, which means she has a special fear of Obama’s nemesis, Donald Trump. Nothing more important to Nancy than Nancy, and Hillary’s loss to the “birther” Donald Trump in 2016 was a huge glitch in the 16 year plan to weaken America in every way possible. Something as important to both parties as the installation of Obama was/is the cover-up of Obama’s usurpation. The very important after Obama cover presidency was promised to Hillary in 2008 in exchange for her dropping out of the 2008 Democrat Primary to insure an Obama win. It was time for the Soros funded, Brennan and the CIA created total fraud Barack Hussein Obama to be installed as America’s putative president and commander-in-chief of her military. When John Roberts swore-in Obama in 2009 as America’s putative president and commander-in-chief without objection from either party, an impenetrable shield was installed around “Obama”. Both parties had effectively given America’s government and her military to her enemies, a HUGE crime that had to be covered forever. Not to worry, Hillary would complete the final 8 years of the 16 year plan to destroy America from the inside as planned, and continue the cover-up of the Obama fraud.

    The “plan” fell apart in 2016 when Hillary, confident she would be elected in 2016 because she was vital as the after Obama cover, loss to Obama’s nemesis, Donald Trump.

    Original article by JB Williams on the involvement of Pelosi, including update:


    Follow-up article by JB Williams on Obama and Pelosi’s claimed “certification letter(s) on Obama;


    Both political parties protect Obama to protect themselves and the election Of Donald Trump proved that as both parties showed their fear of Trump, and kept him busy with fake charges of collusion with Russia and whatever else the main stream media repeatedly lied about regarding President Trump.

    Trump’s presidency did not drain the swamp, but it revealed the swamp more than ever before. The strength of the Uniparty was demonstrated by the “victory” of Joe Biden and his Obama picked, and like Obama ineligible vice-president, the eminently unlikeable Kamala Harris.

    The 16 year plan to destroy America from the inside has so far not been hurt by Hillary’s loss to Donald Trump, if anything it was been strengthened by proof that elections don’t matter when massive voter fraud is allowed to determine the “winner” and anyone who says otherwise an enemy of the state and of, “democracy”.

    How can America vote itself out of its downward spiral with no way insure the next election will not be stolen as blatantly as the last one?……….. Anyone?

    The Republicans also allowed and covered for The Obama Fraud, making them as guilty of giving America’s government and her military to her enemies by allowing and protecting the fraud Obama as the Democrats, so yes they fear Obama nemesis, Donald Trump, just not as quite as overtly………

      1. It also says his name is Barry Soetoro, his citizenship is Indonesian and his religion is Islam.

        So, where’s the evidence/proof he subsequently officially changed his name to Barack Hussein Obama, his citizenship to American and his religion to Christianity?

        1. The form is neither signed nor dated. How do you know it is even real?

          BTW, under US law he could not lose his US citizenship. So at most he might have had both nationalities. Per the Constitution there is no religious test for public office. Also I believe he has stated he became a Christian at some point after college.

          Punahou School yearbooks from the fifth grade on through high school show his name to be Barry Obama.

          Other than the Indonesia document, are there any other documents after he left Indonesia that lists his name as Soetoro?

        2. Thanks for acknowledging that the Indonesian school registration form is full of inaccurate information. Which is why no one should rely on it.

          But officials from the State of Hawaii have verified Obama was born there. And various state and federal officials have relied that vertification when concluding Obama was born in Hawaii.

        3. There isn’t any, but Megan Kelly of Fox News claimed “He’s a Christian, he’s a Christian”. It really irritates me there are so many
          arrogant liberals out there wit a big mouth and no facts. Bill Oreille said the bad social security Obama has he got from his dad who read about the state of Connecticut in a book somewhere and he sent a couple interns to Hawaii for the coup-de-gras. They confirmed Obama did indeed get birthed in Hawia! What a joke. Besides his dad wasn’t a US citizen and not qualified to be president but the fix was in and no one would listen. We know who they are too.

        4. The BC is forged. That means that Barack Hussein Muhammad Obama, Junior may not even BE his real name. There is a claim by some that he could be the son of SUBUD leader Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo and Stanley Dunham. Stanley Dunham ,purported Mother of “Barrack Obama” and who lived in Indonesia, WAS a member of SUBUD along with Lorretta Fuddy, the Hawaii official who “drowned” in a plane crash.

      2. That doesn’t help Obama. Birth in the U.S. is NOT sufficient to be President, even if his Mother was American. He needs TWO US Citizen parents AND birth IN the US to be eligible. As as matter of fact, birth in Hawaii to a British Father (if the BC is to be believed) makes Obama a Brit. The non-Vattel theorists amongst the readers of the P & E are always quoting British Law so they should then read the British Nationality Act. An Obama birth in Hawaii to a British father makes Obama a British Subject under the BNA.

        1. The non-Vattel theorists amongst the readers of the P & E are also always at least implying, if not actually stating, that the authors/framers of the U.S. Constitution chose the less restrictive of the two “natural born citizen” criteria/standards considered by them during the Constitutional Convention — British Common Law instead of Vattle’s more restrictive ‘Laws of Nations’.

          That flies in the face of the obvious intent of the U.S. Constitution’s authors/framers to, as John Jay said in his letter to George Washington on July 25, 1787: “Permit me to hint, whether it would not be wise & seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government, and to declare expressly that the Commander In Chief of the American Army shall not be given to, nor devolved on, any but a natural born Citizen.”

          The presidential qualifications clause was first proffered to the Constitution Convention members on August 22, 1787 and did not include the verbiage “natural born citizen”. On September 4, 1787 a revised version beginning with “No person except a natural born Citizen” was proffered. On September 7, 1787, the members agreed that “the President should be a natural-born citizen…”

          IMHO, the authors/framers of the U.S. Constitution were at least a bit more, and likely a lot more, learned and common sensical than the non-Vattel theorists amongst the readers of the P & E.

  6. Everyone can start with Obama’s stolen Connecticut social security number which he has used since he was twenty six.
    And then go to his fake political theater where allegedly the SEALs killed bin Laden. Except bin Laden died in the Tora Bora mountains on Dec. 16, 2001 related to his kidney disease. It was announced later that month in LeFigero (Paris) and the Pakistani Observer. The whole show was choreographed to lift his falling poll numbers in 2011.

        1. Yes, I corrected the record to say that the videos of all three debates between Keyes and Obama are still online and pointed out that the comment about the alleged offstage exchange is unverified and proof of nothing.

      1. Obama and Keyes had several debates but the transcripts and videos show that the “You are not even a natural born citizen” exchange never took place.

        The original AP article does not mention Kenya.

        1. I was mistaken when I said the video of the debate had disappeared: https://www.c-span.org/video/?184058-1/illinois-senate-debate

          and someone claimed Obama made the comment offstage, not during the debate: https://www.illinoisreview.com/illinoisreview/2008/12/in-2004-obama-supported-the-people-electing-us-senators-.html

          It is a given that anecdotal accounts are not proof.

          Keyes did, however, file an eligibility lawsuit against Obama in 2008: https://www.politico.com/news/stories/0411/53563_Page4.html

        2. Transcripts of the debates are still on Keyes’ website.




          The exchange does not appear in any of them.

          “someone claimed Obama made the comment offstage”

          And that it was caught on someone’s personal video recorder. This would mean the “exchange” was not witnessed by all the folks remembering that they watched it during the debate.

        3. “Keyes did, however, file an eligibility lawsuit against Obama in 2008“

          Keyes filed it under the two-citizen parent argument and Obama not born in the US.

          He never mentioned this debate 3xchange in his filings.

        4. Keyes’ lawsuit against Obama failed.

          A failed lawsuit isn’t evidence that someone claimed to see during a televised debate a comment that allegedly was made off stage.

  7. 100% right on target.
    Had I been elected president in 2012, I assure you that the defacto president Obama would be spending the remaining of his worthless existence down in GITMO with the rest of his ilk.

        1. Not one bit. Does it bother you that a putative president and usurper failed to release his documents and when they were examined ALL of them were forensically found to be fraudulent?
          What amazes me most about this, is that the Mr. Obama supporters use the nonexistent information excuse to substantiate a nonexistent qualification, but demand “birthers” provide non existent proof. Talk about having your cake and eating it too.

        2. Does it bother you, or anyone else reading this, that Obama could very easily have nipped ‘birthism’ in the bud simply by releasing his vital records so they could have been verified?