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(Apr. 21, 2022) — “Sibelius: Mazurka, Op 81, No. 1” (2:37)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. Our first guest is a retired agent from an unnamed agency in our nation’s capital and her name is…”

“No names.”

“Then let’s say it’s Miss ‘K’?”

“’Miss K’ will do. I was what they call a ‘First Greeter’ whose job was to ‘reinforce a sense of accommodating’ whenever a request was being made. It was the first step of the ‘DD’ tactic, which stands for ‘deny and delay.’

“So, you had no expectations whatsoever to do what was asked?”

“Never, and the ‘laptop from hell’ is just one example. It’s the most talked-about but just one of thousands of complaints brought to us, with evidence, mind you, about the 2020 election fraud, and each one was accepted with the same lie: “Thank you, we’ll get right on it.’ We’d do a ‘D&D’: delay and deny.”

 “What about TruetheVote; any comments on them?”

“They were the worst. They kept bugging us; they kept showing us irrefutable evidence, but we led them on and didn’t do a darn thing about any of it.”

“What about Dinesh D’Souza’s movie, 2000 Mules?’”

“All true, every clip of it, and we sat on that information for over a year, so don’t ever say that the FBI doesn’t do a darn thing.”

“Wouldn’t think of it. Let’s get our breath back while we take a break.”

Rocky Racoon” (3:40)

“And we’re back with Sally, the wife of one of our senators.”


“Wife of one of our representatives. Welcome to ‘Pulse.’ the most-watched information show in its time slot. So, any pet peeves you’d like to air?”

“You bet; why, just last night, right there at the dinner table, my ten-year-old asked his father that if we have all this proof – the ‘irrefutable evidence’ — that the election was a fraud, how come President Trump doesn’t live in the White House? How come this demented lying cheat, Biden, is acting as president?”

“Well, how did he answer?”

“My husband said because the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the DOJ are nothing but cowards and the Dems and RINOs are taking bribes from China, Biden stays put. He also mentioned Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi as being part of the problem, along with a host of others.”

“What did your son say?”

“He asked if his father was going to introduce a bill to get Trump back where we need him, back as our real president. His father answered he’s working on it and hopes he doesn’t get ‘Clintonned.’ And then my son asked me what that meant, what was a ‘Clintonned’?

“And what did you say?”

“I said, ‘Remember when the Chicago mob wanted to make someone disappear, they would find his body in the trunk of a car at the airport?’ He got the message.”

“And with that we’ll call it a night. Two honorable mentions: Tina Peters and Hung Cao. Thank you for watching, and for those who can’t find us on TV, thanks for reading: Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

Layla” (2:45)

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