by Tom Arnold, ©2022 

(Mar. 5, 2022) — The answer, my friends (and those others of you), is OBVIOUS!  Obama did NOT have a real authentic American (Hawaiian) birth certificate!  His real birth certificate, as many have reported (including even the publisher, Acton & Dystel, of an abbreviated biography of Obama), seems to be in KENYA, not HAWAII.  

Furthermore, when Obama directed his RICO-like Perkins Coie law firm co-conspirators to go to Hawaii and obtain the FORGED birth certificate (April 2011), he was running for re-election.  The so-called “birthers” (of which I was one, and still am) were raising serious doubts and objections to reelecting someone who, according to the US Constitution in Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5, was NOT a “natural born American citizen.”  Then future president Donald Trump was one who was dubious about Obama’s claims of being constitutionally eligible for the presidency.  Trump even offered Obama 5 million dollars, which, he, Obama, could give to charity(s) of his choice, if he would release his bona fides.  Obama, as you probably know, turned down the offer (could it have been because Obama had plenty of money anyway!). 

Remember what Obama told the media and the television audience (April 27, 2011, when he finally presented his “birth certificate” publicly):  “WE DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS KIND OF SILLINESS!”  Obama was an accomplished orator, but it was he who was “silly” this time, with such a pandering and juvenile remark.  

Lastly, the whole plan (of the CPUSA, DNC, NWO, Deep State, and CIA?) of Obama being a Manchurian Candidate (a person who is not loyal to, or who harms, his own country or political party because he is under the control or influence of another country or party), who would rally the Democrats to endless election victories and transform them into a radically progressive New World Order machine, depended on Obama’s reelection in 2011, followed in years to come by Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and other radical wanna-be heads of state.  Things, however, didn’t exactly work out that way, but Obama and his comrades made 45th President Donald Trump’s political life a nightmare (and still are doing so).  

So, click on the link below and read the entire sworn affidavit (punishable by law if perjury) and then tell me, and everyone else watching, why you persist in your false claim that Obama has shown us a real Hawaiian birth certificate (and other official government documents) and why you think that he should not be charged with treason. After all, he stole the US presidency and command of our Armed Forces and did it twice. 

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    1. OK, I met your challenge so how about answering mine:

      Please cite a single court ruling where someone born on US soil was ruled ineligible to be president or vice president based on their parents citizenship status?

  1. Obama’s Birth Certificate & Other Key Documents Such as His Draft Registration Card are Forged :

    Kenyan Gov Officials, African Newspapers, Obama 1991 Bio, Barry Obama, Obama Family Members, and other Accounts Reporting Obama is Kenyan Born:

    Papers Discussing Natural Born Citizen Meaning to Constitutional Standards:

    CDR Kerchner (Ret)

  2. Thanks for continually posting about Barry’s phoney bc & birth narrative. Please keep posting articles in this extremely important issue. Sadly POTUS 45 did not do anything about this crime & the provable crime is the forged bc. Too many want to distract from this by arguing about what is/isnt a natural born citizen. That is a distraction. The focus must be the crime of forgery, the rest will come out. Unfortunately too #45 did not strike down barrys (1st) EO of sealing his records.

    1. You’re right. If there was anything to this, how come President Trump did nothing about it?

      From 2016-2018, the GOP ran the government, both House and Senate, and President Trump was in command. Trump even spent years talking about this.

      Folks here say that Trump, Meadows and all the Congress members had info and Mike Volin’s Sheriff’s Kits. What happened?

      Wouldn’t that have been the time for Mike Zullo and Joe Arpaio to release their evidence? There was never a better time than right after Obama was out of office.

      And yet, Donald Trump said on September 16, 2016: “Obama was born in the United States. Period.” We know evil Demoncommiecrats wouldn’t have done anything, but what happened to our own President and team?

      Maybe President Trump was right? He had lots more info as President than we have.

  3. There’s no evidence that Obama’s birth certificate was forged, and there’s no evidence Obama conspired to forge anything.

    That Zullo was not prosecuted for perjury does not necessarily mean his affidavit was accurate. Regardless, the statue of limitations has passed, so Zullo will not be prosecuted over this affidavit.

    Officials from the State of Hawaii repeatedly certified and verified Obama was born there.

    It would be “silly” for anyone to forge a document identical to one that could be (and was) easily and legally obtained from Hawaii.

    1. Mr Sherman: You did read and digest the entire Affidavit of Mike Zullo, didn’t you? By the way, I am reminded that in 2007, the head elections clerk in Honolulu, Timothy Adams, swore under oath also in an affidavit that THERE WAS NO EXISTING OFFICIAL RECORD ANYWHERE IN HAWAII OF OBAMA’S BIRTH! And, of course, you are familiar by now with all of the stonewalling and subterfuge by the state of Hawaii and various of its officials (alive or dead) regarding Obama’s purported birth there! Even to this day. Tom Arnold.

      1. #19 in the Zullo affidavit is wrong. The first EO signed by Obama had nothing to do with his records being sealed.

        Much of the affidavit is speculation which is not what you put in a affidavit.

      2. I’ve read Zullo’s affidavit: he has no personal knowledge of Hawaii’s vital records.

        Adams’ affidavit wasn’t from 2007; Adams wasn’t the head elections clerk; and a worker in the elections department wouldn’t have any personal knowledge of Hawaii’s vital records.

        Hawaiian officials have publicly certified and verified Obama’s birth there; these public acts are the opposite of stonewalling and subterfuge.

        1. In 2000, the Democrat Party of Hawaii’s “Official Certification of Nomination” for Gore and Lieberman DID contain a certification statement saying they were eligible to serve as President and Vice-President “under provisions of the United States Constitution.” as required by Hawaii election law.

          In 2004, Democrat Party of Hawaii’s “Official Certification of Nomination” for Kerry and Edwards DID contain a certification statement saying they were eligible to serve as President and Vice-President “under provisions of the United States Constitution.” as required by Hawaii election law.

          In 2008, Hawaii Democrat Party’s “Official Certification of Nomination” for Obama and Biden DID NOT contain a certification statement saying they were eligible to serve as President and Vice-President “under provisions of the United States Constitution.” as required by Hawaii election law.

          There are no coincidences in politics.

    2. It was “silly” for Obama not to accept 5 million dollars for his favorite charity from Donald Trump by showing his authentic passport and school records. Obama did not because it would have blown his “cover”. Also, if Obama had shown his actual records and they proved he was not lying about pretty much everything he could have prevented Trump from ever running for president, ( or bothering Obama the usurper at all), by humiliating Trump when Obama showed his legitimate records and accepted 5 million dollars for his charity. Obama could have made himself a hero and Trump look like an idiot. Or, if Trump did not pay he would have humiliated himself and never been a thorn in Barry’s side again after reneging on the offer. The Obama media would never have stopped showing this over and over…..

      Instead, Obama chose to deprive his favorite charity of getting 5 million dollars in order to protect his fake identity and his lack of an authentic Hawaii birth certificate. Obama got himself a poorly forged Hawaii birth certificate later.

      The result of Obama ignoring Trump’s offer of 5 million was Donald Trump defeating the planned and promised in 2008 after Obama cover president Hillary Clinton in 2016, and that panicked both parties as they scrambled to hide the truth about Barry to protect themselves. The swearing-in of the illegitimate Obama in 2009 gave America’s government and her military to her enemies…….and weakened America as much as possible, just as it was intended to do…..

      1. Or: Obama concluded the offer wasn’t genuine and wouldn’t improve his chances for re-election, and chose not to engage.

        There’s no evidence Obama’s birth certificate was forged.

        1. All Obama had was show Trump the birth certificate he said he found inside some folded up papers. $5,000,000 for his favorite charities AND improves his re-election chances by making a fool of Trump..

          There’s plenty of evidence that Obama’s short form and long form birth certificates were forged. Of course, if you’re blind or unwilling to see…

    3. In arguendo, even IF Obama WAS born in the USA, he was not then and is not now a “Natural Born Citizen”. An NBC is one born IN the United States to parents who are BOTH U.S. Citizens themselves. Obama’s purported Father Barack Obama, Sr. never naturalized as a U.S. Citizen and was NOT legally married to Junior’s Mother, Stanley Dunham, in any event. Junior was born out of wedlock to an American Mother and a British Subject Father.

      1. Every court that considered Obama’s eligibility on the merits ruled he was a natural-born citizen because he was born in the United States.

        Obama’s parents weren’t relevant to his being a natural-born citizen.

        1. Both parents must be born or legal citizens as must the baby. The baby must be born on American soil or property. You are saying a DACA (unconstitutional) baby can be NBC. Not true.

        2. “Both parents must be born or legal citizens as must the baby,” has been contradicted by every court decision that considered this issue on the merits.

        3. Name ONE court that ruled on Obama’s eligibility “on the merits”. Go ahead. I will wait. Any court that would rule that Obama is an NBC would be grossly incorrect. Obama is NOT! Parentage weighs heavily in the formula for being an NBC. BOTH MUST be U.S. Citizens. In Minor v. Happersett the US Supreme Court by a 9-0 ruling defined an NBC as one born in the US to parents who are both US Citizens themselves. They further stated that there remained “doubt” as to whether those born in the US, without taking into consideration the parents citizenship, were NBCs. They further stated that there was NO DOUBT that those born in the US to parents who ARE both citizens ARE indeed NBCs.

        4. Mr. Laity, several judges did specifically rule on Obama’s eligibility. For example in Tisdale v Obama Judge John Gibney wrote:
          ” It is well settled that those born in the United States are considered natural born citizens.”

      1. That’s not how claims work: The person making the claim provides the evidence in support of the claim.

        This article claimed Obama’s birth certificate is forged, but presented no evidence of forgery.

        So the absence of evidence was noted.

        1. The fact that Obama’s BC is forged is a matter of public record. That said, mere birth in the US does NOT suffice in any event to make one an NBC. One must ALSO be born to parents who are BOTH US Citizens themselves. Obama’s Father was never naturalized as an American.

    4. Nobody in Hawaii certified or verified Obama’s birth there including the hospital he supposedly was born in. In fact a worker in there stated it was a well known fact there was no birth certificate and everyone knew it. Further, the phoney certificate he had made showed that his father was not a citizen but born in Kenya. That alone negated Obama’s right to become President of the US. You have to have both parents who are born in the in the US to be eligible to be potus. Just for the record, I suspect the question will come up at some point that two men or two women citizens will make a NBC. I hope that day never comes.

      1. Officials from the State of Hawaii repeatedly certified and verified Obama was born there. Privacy laws prevent hospitals from disclosing who their patients are.

        The word of an anonymous worker is hearsay.

        There’s no evidence Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery.

        Courts have ruled Obama was a natural-born citizen because he was born in the United States, which regard to his parents’ citizenship.

        1. The Supreme Court has never ruled that a person merely born in the US is a NBC. They are not. They are basic citizens but NOT NBCs. SCOTUS has ruled that an NBC IS one born IN the US to US Citizen parents. Also, any Judge who says that a person is an NBC merely because he/she was born in the US and not considering the citizenship of the parents (who must both be US Citizens) is patently wrong.

    5. The hospital where he was supposedly born was not a maternity hospital. It was a children’s hospital until about 4 yrs later. Told to me by a friend in Hawaii. The language on the fraud is different. The term African-American was not used until later. The term used then was Black or Negro. Closeups of the fraud were enlarged by a graphic designer usinf Adobe Acrobat and the enlarged version clearly shows roughness to to paper abrasion and ckearly shows clean digital pixels where the info was changed from an original paper copy from another person’s birth certificate.

        1. If you are so sure he was born in Hawaii, then how come Obama’s has a social security number issued from Connecticut when he never even lived here. His draft registration card is also fake. I even went to ss office here and inquired how a person not born in this state could have an ss #. I was told that at that time there was much fraud going on b/c it was not possible to have a number assigned from CT if not born here. This was way back when Orly Taitz first started talking about all this. She even came to CT as well and came up with zero. So quit the bs. We are all more informed than you.

        2. @Rosemary

          “If you are so sure he was born in Hawaii, then how come Obama’s has a social security number issued from Connecticut when he never even lived here. His draft registration card is also fake.”

          Social security numbers are not and have never been issued by states. At the time Barack Obama got his number they were issued according to the zip code of the area where the SS-5 form was submitted. However a simple data entry error could account for the number appearing to be associated with another area. For example, Dwight Eisenhower had a social security number geographically associated with California. Does that mean Ike used a fake social security number since he was born in Kansas?

          And no his draft registration card is not fake and the authenticity has has been attested by the director of the Selective Service.

          These are old debunked myths not worth wasting time over.