by Sharon Rondeau

(Mar. 2, 2022) — On Wednesday morning, former law professor David Clements, a.k.a. “theprofessorsrecord” on Telegram, posted a video showing former CEO Patrick Byrne proposing the “solution” of a “coalition government” to include Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn (Ret) and which “does not include Donald Trump.”

“How about a coalition government that does not include Donald Trump but includes Michael Flynn?” Byrne asked. “I’ve not run this by Flynn; this is nothing he’s behind or has any…I think he would do this ’cause he would do something to save America…”

Last year Flynn and Byrne joined forces on “The America Project,” a 501(c)4 organization purporting to support “election integrity,” “freedom,” “parental rights,” and “medical freedom.”

Byrne went on to claim that a major portion of the federal government is “revolting” against the Biden/Harris regime and promoted Flynn as “just about the only guy on the Republican side that can be trusted by the people, because the people saw the entire Republican Party throw Donald Trump under the bus and do nothing for him…”

“The people need to have someone they accept and trust,” Byrne continued. “…suppose we have a system that Mike Flynn joins up in that group and two more people I’m going to name…”

He claimed Flynn speaks with Trump “every day.” “Donald Trump calls from the golf course, from Florida, from New Jersey, from wherever he is these days…”

“Could the Republicans hold their nose and live with that?” Byrne asked rhetorically. He suggested Trump plans to file “lawsuits” but did not identify the potential claims.

Shortly after the 2020 presidential election, Byrne claimed to know why Trump reportedly lost to Biden.

The “coalition super think tank,” Byrne said, could include Biden, Harris, Flynn, British-born economist Simon Johnson, a Spanish economist, some “intellectuals,” and Flynn.

Just before the video ends, Byrne theorized that his “offer” “might be attractive to the current administration.”

Last year, Flynn told Alex Jones that if Trump does not run for president in 2024, he himself would consider it.

In December 2020, Byrne claimed in an interview with Ann Vandersteel to know how the 2020 election “was hacked.”

Update, 10:35 p.m. EST: Clements has also posted Byrne’s video on his Rumble channel.

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  1. I really don’t think this can or will be done. True enough, though, our current two-party system of government sucks (at least for now)! Also, why Flynn but not Trump? Are you, Mr Byrne, trying to protect Barack Hussein Obama from being outed as the treasonous usurper that Trump has suggested in the past? Just wondering. Now, our country is suffering the consequences brought upon it by OBAMA. Lesser others involved include THE CIA (where are you these days, John Brennan!), George Bush (W or HW, either one or both will do), the Clintons (especially Hillary), The Biden RICO Crime Family, Kamala Harris (cackle, cackle!), John Roberts (one of the most powerful members of the Deep State), Nancy Pelosi, the inept self-centered members of both political parties, John Comey, the woke Joint Chiefs of Staff, etc, etc. They all should be (assuming no quid pro quos) afraid of Trump. Sorry, Mr Byrne, I’m rambling, but hopefully you understand what I am trying to say. Tom Arnold.

  2. Byrne’s proposal is promoting globalism New World Order Illuminati. Nations in Action interviewed the Illuminati’s consultant months back. The Consultant suggested allowing the global elitists to still operate but going forward they would be transparent with the public!? Byrne’s suggestion makes me want to vomit and so too the Consultant’s suggestion. We the People not just of America but of the entire world are fed up with these global predators who for power and greed create wars and send our children to fight and die and create pharmaceuticals that provide them great profits and maime and kill innocent people. They have no value in humanity. They strive for depopulation of the world. Their value is in themselves via power and greed. Do not fall for Byrnes’ deceit!

  3. [part 1]

    Hi Sharon,

    For a long time I’ve been reading the Telegram posts of Lin Wood, David Clement, Douglas Frank, TheAmericanReport of Mary Fanning, the fan channel of Liz Harrington, Patrick Byrne, and others.

    A couple of of week ago Lin Wood posted a short clip of Patrick Byrne threatening to take Wood’s Tomotley property away from him, he didn’t say how, and using many curse words with venom and anger.

    Wow I thought. He really hates Lin Wood.


    I thought, could it be because of what Wood and Clements have said about Gen. Flynn’s visit to a church at which he he asked the congregation to repeat the words of a prayer to the “legions” and the “7 rays of light” and which he said was a Roman Catholic prayer to the archangel Michael, although the prayer, which he read from the card which he said he has carried in his wallet for 30 years, does NOT mention the angel Michael and it does mention the “legions” and the “7 rays of light”?

    I thought, could it be because Wood and Clements have said publicly and in their Telegram posts that Gen. Flynn’s efforts to insinuate himself into the Republican party movement and running for president as a Republican after being a Democrat for 30 years?

  4. [part 2]

    I thought, could it be because Wood and Clements have posted that Gen. Flynn has been an intelligence community “spook” for 30 years who knows where the bodies are buried, so to speak, and being a “spook” what Flynn is really doing is conduction a “color revolution” type of action by going to rallies and speaking for $70,000 dollars per gig and “planting”, Wood’s and Clements’ assertion, planting a person in the audience who asks Gen. Flynn if he would consider running for president?

    I thought, could it be because Wood and Clements have both posted that Flynn and Bryne are “possiblly” 33 degree Masons? They say “possible”, because, they imply, they have info, although they have not said how they know that both may be Masons and agree with the Masonic “secret” agenda to infiltrate all governments of the world?

    I don’t know. At this point I just have questions about why Lin Wood and David Clements are being attacked by what they consider to be a coordinated effort to discredit both of them with “spook” like tactics.

    As Clements has written on his Telegram page, “spooks gonna spook” and “ex- professors gonna profess truth”.

  5. [part 3]

    Here is a post on Clements’ Telegram page “The Professor’s Record”, posted last week, followed with a post by Lin Wood about Gen. Flynn.

    The Professor’s Record
    ” ‘To maintain control, the Deep State/intelligence community seeks to infiltrate, co-opt, and distort all truth movements that will reveal the swamp creatures among us.’

    “Were spooks deployed to groom the Professor? Yes.
    “Were spooks deployed to infiltrate the audit channels? Yes.
    “Were spooks deployed to infiltrate the Maricopa audit? Yes.
    “Were spooks deployed to surround and infiltrate Lin Wood, FightBack, etc.? Yes.
    “Were spooks deployed to surround and infiltrate Mike Lindell? Yes.
    “Were spooks deployed to infiltrate the Cyber Symposium? Yes.

    “Paging Conan Hayes….
    “Paging Mary Fanning….
    “Paging Dennis Montgomery….
    “Paging Michael Flynn….

    “All means all.”

    Here is #5 from a different post:

    “(5) a new class of “heros” are promoted through propaganda at profit seeking tours, while the real truth-tellers are discarded along the way. Seeds are planted that imagines the persecuted intelligence spook, now turned conservative hero, as the next President of the United States.”


    The Professor’s Record – Forwarded from Lin Wood

    “I will put my 45 years as a lawyer fighting for TRUTH to achieve JUSTICE up against Mike Flynn’s 33 years as an intelligence spook any time and any place.

    “I did not declare “war” on Mike Flynn. I declared “war” on lies.

    “Mike Flynn is NOT a truth-giver. He works for the enemy. He is NOT who he has manufactured himself to be. He is a deceiver. The enemy within.

    “Every lie will be revealed.”


    A final question: Are Lin Wood and David Clements simply “spooked” or are real “spooks” after them to discredit them with a “color revolution” type of coordinated attack with disinformation and simple “spook” lies because they are directly over a target and getting close to the truth about the source(s) of the lies and disinformation.


    1. Hi Art. I believe Lin Wood an Professor Clements are the people whom we can trust to tell the truth, and to share questions that lead us to find the truth. Flynn is a trained spy and cannot be trusted and what his cronies did to Professor Clements at CPAC really shows their real dirty character.
      Do not trust the Byrne “coalition” suggestion with the false reason that the people are totally dissatisfied with O’Biden/O’Harris! This is a false narrative.
      Fixing 2020 is the real problem and to accept thieves stealing an election from the American People is unacceptable and no one should settle for anything less than arresting the thieves and holding them accountable for their evil doings. The Masons are doing Satan’s work. I have studied it deeply. It is God’s time to move not only America but the entire world towards His love and Word. When people truly understand Christianity, they will find it is the only spiritual way to joy, happiness, and eternal life. No other religion or belief does this. This is truth!

      1. Hi,

        For those who may have heard of Freemasons but are not impressed, there is a reason for the disdain that friends of the Messiah who is Jewish by birth have for Masonry this and Illuminati that and the rise of satanism and the occult in Hollywood movies and the music industry, here is a Youtube video with an interesting perspective from a former Mason, Altiyan Childs, the 2010 Australian X Factor winner, who exposes Freemasons and Satanism. The 5 hour and 17 minute video (I watched all of it over 5 days) has 37,562 views since May 9, 2021.

        I’m not and expert on Freemasonry and the occult, but what I learned is that winking, hand signs, putting the index finger to the lips, etc., are Masonic ways to communicate with other Masons.

        I was shocked by the big name and well known Hollywood “stars” who use the Masonic signs. The implication is that they are “stars” in Hollywood because they are inclined to Freemasonry and the occult religion that Freemasonry is, by design, secretly promoting, a secrecy that Childs explains in depth.

  6. What is a “coalition government” and how is that a constitutional solution?

    What exactly is being offered and why would that be found attractive to the current administration?

  7. Quote:
    “Byrne went on to claim that a major portion of the federal government is “revolting” against the Biden/Harris regime and promoted Flynn as “just about the only guy on the Republican side that can be trusted by the people, because the people saw the entire Republican Party throw Donald Trump under the bus and do nothing for him…”

    Trump is not the problem, the Republican party is. They are still trying to cover their bu**s from having been part of giving America’s government and her military to her enemies when they did/said nothing to stop Obama’s usurpation. The forever cover-up was put in danger when the planned and promised in 2008 after Obama cover of Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump.
    The 2020 election was stolen from President Trump because both parties fear Trump…and the truth……..Something IMO not hard to understand has been made hopelessly complicated as part of the so-far successful cover-up of by far the biggest criminal act against the Constitution in history……..the desired weakening of America in every way possible was accomplished by the fraud Obama and his puppet-masters………….

    1. You are correct Bob; Trump is not the problem, the Republican Party is and for the reasons you’ve often stated.

      IMHO the Republican Party proved itself the problem last Tuesday evening when, as illegitimate (P)resident Biden began his SOTU speech, not one of them stood up, ripped up their copy of his speech, dumped it on the floor and walked out.

      Adding insult to injury, during her GOP response speech, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds failed to call out Biden as the bone fide traitor he is for having given aid and comfort to the enemy, the very definition of treason, when he abandoned all that military equipment in Afghanistan knowing the Taliban would take control of it.

      Shame on you Republican Party. SHAME ON YOU!

      Perhaps Trump should form a new party, the America First Party.