by Joseph DeMaio, ©2022 

(Mar. 2, 2022) — Essentially all you need to know about the Goofball-in-Chief’s nomination of a replacement for retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer – one Ketanji Brown Jackson – is that her selection is enthusiastically supported by a leftist “dark-money” organization, Arabella Advisors, and its affiliated outfit, the Sixteen Thirty Fund.

Jackson may possess the minimum legal credentials to qualify her for a seat on the nation’s highest court, although there are no requirements set out in the Constitution regarding even being a citizen, a lawyer or having attended a law school.  Indeed, Justice James F. Byrnes (1941-1942), was not even a high school graduate.  President Roosevelt nominated him and the Senate approved him for the position on the same day…, a shining example of a thorough vetting by the Senate. 

But I digress. 

Among the major donors to Araballa Advisors is one George Soros, uber-financier of defund-the-police movements, the election of non-prosecution prosecutors and the promotion of leftist movements dedicated to the demise and destruction of the foundational principles upon which the Republic rests.  Need anything more be said?

Let us be candid: anyone who still harbors the fevered fantasy that the Supreme Court is a wholly “impartial” and “independent” third branch of government is indulging in a controlled substance.  This might also explain why even the Goofball’s press flak, Jen Psaki, can’t even spell the nominee’s name correctly.

In nominating her, the Goof assured everyone that she would be fair and impartial and would not “put her thumb on the scale of justice.”  On the other hand, recalling that she is favored by Arabella Advisors, the Sixteen Thirty Fund and its donors like George Soros, along with “moderate” members of Congress like Senator Bernie Sanders, this might explain why the Goof was instructed to say nothing…, nothing…, about the placement of a fist on the scale of justice. 

The Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearings on the nomination will be interesting, to say the least, as suggested here and here.

At the end of the day, it is not altogether unlikely that Jackson will be confirmed and elevated to the Supreme Court bench to replace the “voluntarily retiring” Breyer.  And if she is confirmed and takes a seat on the Court, it will also be interesting to see how she gets along with Justice Clarence Thomas.  Popcorn time.

But if you expect rulings or positions from her to be more moderate or consistent with the phrase chiseled in all capital letters into the marble over the Court’s entrance – “EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW” – do not forget the identities of those who support her. 

And remember who nominated her…, or repeated what “they told me to say.”   

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