February 8, 2022

Dear Editor,

“Don’t overlook old people, for here is experience and wisdom for our asking. Here also is a group to which we should give kindness and affection” are the words of 19th century-born Nobel Peace Prize Recipient, Dr John R. Mott.

So, much thanks to N. Warren (“Seniors need diet of love”, HS, 8/2) for berating woke-folk-like Dietitians Australia’s… elderly being held like “prisoners” attack upon our – mostly well-managed/caring! – aged-care providers! And also, to Stuart Davie (“Keep it in the family”, HS,8/2) for reminding so many of us of a time when children, and grandchildren, really,  considered their elderly family members true “family-members” (as my brother and my dear, so – now in poor health herself – selfless, sister Jan, did with our then, poor-in-health elderly parents) instead of shunting them off to old people’s homes (which, to be fair, are mostly very well-run and caring, but still don’t have the grand and great grand-kiddies buzzing around doing lots of things for, and/or being cuddled by, and snuggled into Nan and Pa who are whispering/telling stories to joyfully wide-eyed littlies while sitting upon their family’s old folks’ aging knees)!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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